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Trim, shave, do nothing?
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 192
    Any other gents, trim, shave smooth or do nothing do the undercarriage? i just shaved smooth right now before showering, use a bodygroom pro. feeling a bit rashy so was probably a bit too excited or rushed. What method does everyone use, where do you shave/trim, any particular design? Would anyone agree it does make the old Johnson look bigger or longer? 23 here.
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 192
    I normally keep a trim sharp edged rectangle above the wanger, everything else front, perineum, n up the crack goes smooth. 
  • I tried to grow be a bush around the dick and ass but it just fett weird. Like someone was tickling me down there and not in a sexual way. So I stay smooth and clean, nothing but skin down there. I also like it shave clean so when the precum drops down and slides on my belly and around my groin like a slip n slide.
  • I go back and forth between smooth and a small patch of hair. Far prefer smooth, much more comfortable.
  • I have been a plucker for some ten years or so. No, it doesn't hurt if you do it right. I love the silky smoothness, the look and feel, the fact that the hair doesn't grow back for ten days or so and when it does it comes back soft and not as stubble. I use a combination of tweezers and a Braun silk-epil epilator. 
  • tshoptshop
    Posts: 3
    Any suggestion for ingrown hairs? I switched to tweezing just genitals, from waxing, because of ingrown pubic hairs.  However, even with the tweezing I have gotten occasional ingrown bumps.  Most recent one is on the dorsal shaft, which really sucks, and now I'm leaning towards frequent shaving instead.
  • I have fewer and fewer occurrences of ingrowns, probably because over time more and more of the roots have been pulled out during plucking, so I have fewer hairs to become ingrown.  I have found that periodically rubbing the area with a pumice stone removes the dead skin and reduces the occurrence of ingrowns. 

    Plucking may seem high maintenance, but the hairs do not grow back at the same rate as with shaving, so by plucking hairs as they appear I can maintain smoothness. If I am busy and fall behind, I use my epilator.  I find that applying a thin coat of talcum powder to the area beforehand reduces the chance of abrasion.  
  • Been shaving and trimming for years now, but have been considering getting waxed. Depending on how lazy or busy I get, all the trimming needed to keep it neat can get kind of tedious. Interested in waxing around the crack & anus, as I did not have a good result the few times I tried to shave there. But thanks to my Aneros habit, I'm all about the back door now and relish the idea of keeping it smooth. Found a local salon online that seems reputable offering "bottom wax" for men for $25. I haven't gotten up the nerve yet to go for it, so I have been researching home waxing kits online. I'll post back here with result when I try it.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @handsfree, that sounds like some kind of acrobatic miracle, waxing your own bum! LOL
  • I've used an epilator on mine, with good results.
  • So, I wanted to report back to the thread on my results with home waxing.  I picked up a Surgi-Wax kit for under $5 at a local beauty supply store, Ulta.  I applied the pre-wax oil provided with the kit which keeps the wax from sticking to skin while somehow letting it stick to the hairs.  Heating the wax took a little longer than recommended on the package, but it stayed in a liquid state which let me apply several passes.  With one foot up on the bathroom countertop, and a handheld mirror balanced on the counter, facing up to my rear, I was able to apply the wax to both sides and the perineum without getting too close to the anus or scrotum.  This was a hard wax kit, so no fabric strips are added.  Once applied, the wax dries for maybe 30 seconds to a minute, then you just give it a yank pulling in the opposite direction of the hair growth.  It wasn't really that big of a deal, didn't hurt anything like I imagined.  I did each leg side separately, and separate passes for the perineum and top of crack.  4 or 5 passes total. The whole process was way easier and more effective than I could have imagined.  Definitely worth the $5 and little bit of effort to have a smooth clean hole.
  • Has anyone used one of the laser lights and what were the results????
  • Balls shaved smooth, sometimes a short bush around dick, but currently completely smooth and loving it!
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 805
    I was doing a lot of grooming, before I achieved Aneros nirvana!

    Now, whatever grows...stays...except for hairs at the base of my cock and on the shaft...those hairs gotta go! So, away they go every time I shave in the morning, or every other morning!

  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    I'm "scaped" from my neck to my legs, out to my upper arms, except for my pec area. So, I'm a smoothy. Feels wonderful.

  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 192
    Shaved everything but kept a small rectangle above the python, backside went smooth too. I like the feel.
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    I love a nice shaved clean body boy but the upkeep can be very tedious. IS there like a nair spray or cream you can rub on those areas and get the hair off that way or a better razor or shaving cream. I use basic bic razors hoefully my bor's here can help me with that.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Have used our Bodygroom, and now the next generation version for over 7 years, and do both sides of the crack valley bottom and love the smoooth hole area. Completely shave perineum, scrotum and shaft and all around the penis base, leaving only two moustaches at the upper line of the pubes, split by shaving my treasure trail right up to my navel, for a "landing strip"!!

    My wive shaves completely and we both love the huge direct skin to skin contact!!!! We both get great electric energies orgasms running through us wherever we can get skin to skin connections, even as we are having glans to Gspot/prostate energies exchanging orgasms inside, as well ass finger/prostate/Gspot energies flows ecstatic in there too!!!! Shared dry full body mini to maxi (Super-Os!!!!) some Active Body, many Still Body and up and up into Above and Beyond spiritual orgasms. Skin to skin = One Body mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Likely to join master Wu in getting an epilator too, and becoming more diligent with plucking!! Always looking out for other techniques for ultra smooth skin permanently!

    Thanks newguy8 for another great topic and thread, as both this and the underwear topic/thread are key to our own sensuality development and openness to all the delights of our sensual possibilities. Our relaxed openness to full sensual expression is a key energies trigger and amplifier in the wonderful Aneros practice and way of living.

    all the best skintilating sensuality and energies sharing all


    as we rewire (and shave/wax/pluck etc smooth)
    we are all reconnected

  • I agree with artform that this is a great topic. Thanks to newguy8 for bringing it to our attention. I have been shaving my pubes ever since I was able to grow them from the age of twelve or so. That's too far back to remember for an old fart like me.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 748
    Hi, new guy here...

    I mostly am on the do nothing side.
    Would probably trim, shave, epilate or laser for a loving girl... But single right now. I now tend to shave armpits once in a while out of concerns of hygiene and smell (and also my most recent relation preferring it that way).

    I know and appreciate the pros of shaving (did I it full body a few times) but I wonder if the hairy way doesn't have its advantages... maybe not to receive pleasure but to give it mainly. And what about it's virility visual aspect ?

    I guess all it takes for me is to know the tastes of the girls I like.
    But still, wondering... Could it be enhancing subtle sensations ?

    In doubt, I keep hairy... Thus I can shave or not in an instant if needed. Ahahah !
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    I am a nudist at heart even though I no longer get to practice it much.
    From a early age about 15 I would sculpt y pubs and when I finally got my car licence and was able to goto the nudist beach I got to see a lot of nude people in real life.
    They all had different amounts of hair in all knids of places. Then one day a older than but still young lad walked by and he was hairless, I had a bit of a giggle  to my self as this was very different.
    It was not long and I was waxing and shaving everything off down there.
    In grown hairs were a real problem.
    I eventually bit the bullet and got lazer hair removal from my crack to my belly button at about age 22.
    I am now 40 and most of the hair stayed away but every few days I will shave and twice a year my wife will wax my crack.
    If you can afford it I would recommend it, but it is mostly permanent.
    I have not showed it to many girls so I dont know what reaction they would give but some girls say they like a bit of hair some girls like it smooth. It must look fine as lots of people on the nudist beach do it now. Some women say it looks pervy but you will find these are the woman that are conservativeand have the full affro going on down there.
    I think you will find it is very common now.
    I am not gay but I am pretty sure the gay guys like it smooth mostly from what I have seen on the beaches and from conversations.

    On the subject of underwear, it definitely makes it easier to wear skimpy bathers and underwear, looks and feels cleaner.

    It is so satisfying to be able to wear skimpy underwear or bathers with just enough material to cover your manhood but leave skin visible on each side of you crotch and not have nasty hairs hanging out.

    I would also go as far as saying that being smooth looks less aggressive too. If you are all hairy and beast like you tend to look more aggressive even though you might be a teddybear really! Its just the way you look.

    We waxed my legs once! Once never again the ingrowns were herendious.
    Women well hairless is the go every time. IMHO
  • I'm shaved completely from the waistline to the toes, and love the smooth feeling. Wouldn't have it any other way! (and I'm slowly working on denuding my chest and back, as well...)

    I hate having body hair!
  • As I said on an earlier post on April 1 (no, not an April fools day joke, although I sometimes feel like one) as it turned out most of my post didn't make it into print so I was surely the April fool then.
    I have be saving my pubes since they first began yo grow when I wax about 12 years old. Shaving to me, is an important part of my sexuality. I like to do it, am aroused doing it and like the feeling after of being smooth and hairless.
    Typically, I shave more frequently in the warmer months as often as daily while in winter I might not shave for six weeks or more. Like a bear after hibernation, in the spring one day as if I had woken from a deep sleep, I will look down at my penis while taking a piss and I feel how disgusting my thick public patch looks. I feel terrible about the thick, sprouting curls that almost cover my penis. The what follows is the start of my path towards being a smooth, hairless being.
    Initially I trim my pubes short and shave around the base of my penis, my scrotum and back over my perineum towards my anus. I then put on a nice pair of panties so that I might appreciate the feeling of my smooth skin being caressed by soft, silky material. I continue to do this for a few days until I become dissatisfied with the result. I then trim the sides of my pubic patch. I trim it narrower each day, I cannot resist doing it and I might then trim my chest hair short. I just love the feel of bare, hair unencumbered nipples to play with. As days go by I then shape and shave my chest hair. It is not long before I cannot resist the temptation and completely shave off my pubic hair up to my chest. Within days I find temptation irresistible and shave off my chest hair too. I am now well on the way to feeling that I am becoming an androgynous being and paradoxically the sexual tension wells up in my body and I think nothing all day except thoughts that are sexual in nature. In this fever, I turn my attention to shaving my back and buttocks and finally my legs. This is the crowning moment for me. During this time which may be for a period as long as two months I am consumed by sexual thoughts. I cannot think of much else that is not sexual. Every waking moment I am consumed by sexual thoughts. I begin to realise that my thoughts are taking me from the reality of life so in order to bring myself back to reality I masturbate several times, as soon as I can get an erection, I masturbate. after 3 or4 times the excitement begins to ebb and I gradually come down from my sexual high and I begin to return to the world and the reality of everyday life.
    Having now discovered the Aneros, I find that the combination of my Helix Syn, a smooth shaven body and wearing my panties to bed is a wonderful way to spend an evening.

    My sexual habits may change and evolve over the years but trimming and shaving will always be an exciting and comfortable part of life.
    I wonder if there are others out there that think as I do?