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Question for WarrenGWonka
  • Hi Warren, Thanks for you input in my blog, where you commented about having super wet O. 
    I started to search for your comments at other threads, where you would mention your training to get super wet O, but the answer is not as elaborate as I had wished. And I didn't fully grasp your comment in my blog either - are you suggesting that I try to poop as I orgasm?
    Therefore, would you elaborate on how you train for your super wet O, in the most detailed manner as possible?
    Also, I am in awe of your success with Peridise.
    Many Thanks!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Just to be clear here and not confuse newbies it should be noted that by definition a Super-O is a non-ejaculatory orgasm. While it is possible that one's Anerosession may take on many forms from mild mini-O's through body quaking spasms and dry-O's, it is also possible to have episodes of HFWO's (Hands Free Wet Orgasms). These can be mild to intense in pleasure but they should not be considered as Super-O's.
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  • Yes, what I learned were superT's.  Actually it's slightly different than trying to poop.  It's more trying to push your prostate out through your perineum as you get to the inevitability point and start your orgasm and through your ejaculation.  The first few times I entirely lost the good feelings of the ejaculation, but it rewired and it gives e me about twenty seconds of heavy-duty full body and more O's as I ejaculate.  (Rarely actually ejaculating these days owing to lack of fluid.)  My consciousness blows out through my skull and splatters on the ceiling, dripping down the walls and flowing back to me.  

    The superO's I'm having now are different; instead of being explosive, my consciousness flows out, filling the room and  quietly flows back.  With the eupho last time, it just stayed out in the room and I was blissed out for hours, not counting nor caring about the O's.