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Novice needs advice
  • I just used the Helix for the first time and I'm not sure I'm doing it right.

    I have been practicing kegels and experimenting with non-ejaculatory orgasm for a while now.  I decided to try Aneros because of all the positive things I've read.  Here's my issue/question:

    It doesn't feel like the device is actually contacting my prostate.  I'm thinking maybe I'm not contracting anus hard enough.  How a hard do I squeeze?  

    Any input would be much appreciated.  Thanks!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    if your new to prostate massage its completely normal to not feel any contact with your prostate in the beginning.  In fact alot of people dont really feel "contact" but more of sensations and pleasure eminate from the area but that comes with time and practice.
  • nervenerve
    Posts: 19
    Here is what I find. after insertion tour body needs time to position it properly.
    Lying there quietly and focusing on my breathing, then after a time I feel like its moving up helped by gentle involuntary contractions. When it hits the right spot, you know.
    The shape of it is designed to help this process.
    Part of the beauty of this is that your body knows how to give you pleasure and all you have to do is help it along.
    I have long since stopped using hard contractions. If they happen it is pretty much involuntary
  • Interesting that you've been practicing with non-ejaculatory orgasms for a while without the Aneros.  That sort of puts you where I was about a month ago when I found Aneros.  I got peridise, with a Helix Syn shipped later.  I got the Peridise working by just inviting it to work on me, minimal acting on it.  When the Helox come, I used the same method.  Just inserted it, lay down, and pretty much just let whatever involuntary actions happen.  When I got the urge gave a couple of squeezes.  Aside from it popping out a couple af times, particularly when I rolled over, I just get a P-wave and go with it, belly muscles contracting, having a dry orgasm, and then shaking and spasming.  go into a blissed-out state where the orgasms just happened without my dealing with them at all.  I fell asleep the first couple of times and woke with a bit of a sore butt.  Get more involuntary thrusting action lying on my belly.   I got a Eupho Syn, and it's even more active, moving around rather than being a solid anchor like the Helix.  

    Everything I've read here suggests that trying to force things doesn't work.  I let it do me, and find myself howling at the moon with super-orgasms rolling in like I've never had in my 69 years.

  • Thanks for the input folks.
    Makes sense, the more relaxed and subtle approach has worked best for me in the past before aneros.  I think I was in an agitated and stressed state of mind when I tried it.  
    I'll keep trying!