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Newbie with a Helix classic
  • Hello all

    I've recently acquired a Helix classic. according to the site it was recommended as a good model to start out with. 

    I've had three sessions so far. The first couple sessions were about 2 hours long each. They felt good and I was relaxed enough to get involuntary spasms. It felt pretty good but did not come close to reaching any kind of O. The positions that felt best were on my side, laying on my stomach legs straight, and standing legs straight.

    My last session was quite lengthy. I was determined to reach satisfaction and the session went more than 4 hours. I tried several positions. As before on my stomach felt the best. I was able to squeeze my anal muscles from side to side and circular which offered very pleasurable sensations. Once the involuntary started I tried a variety of contractions and then a period of relaxation. When I was relaxing I could feel the building of something in my prostate. I tried to let it come but it just never seemed to come. I would then try more contractions moving from my groin to my sphincter then relax. Near the end I felt I was really close and tried some stronger contractions and more side to side squeezing. Still unable to finish.

    I'm hoping some of you can offer some advice.  What I should be doing when I'm relaxing with sphincter and ass muscles in auto spasm mode. Should I be concentrating on completely relaxing and let it just happen on it's own or should I continue with contractions? I'm thinking of possibly purchasing a Eupho syn or an MGX to change things up a bit during build up. Maybe a Maximus. Is that what's missing?

    Any advice or tips would be appreciated.

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Well.. if you haven`t already I`d try the opposite while relaxing. Push out gently, the helix will be sucked in by itself when you get turned on. So be sure to be or get turned on by whatever means you want.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    try not to force things so much.  Relax and enjoy the ride.  Trying to make things happen will usually end up in dud city.  More people find success by relaxing and enjoy all the new sensations and letting them build naturally as opposed to being set on a mission to force some kind of orgasm.  The prostate is not like the penis, you cant force an orgasm out of it.
  • Early on, I kept changing positions during a session. All that seemed to do was delay more intense sensations. Now, I get in one position where I can relax and get comfortable and stay there. The other thing which put me over the edge early on was some fantasizing as those sensations started to build. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  •  Thanks so  much for all the advice. I've had 3 more lengthy sessions since my post. I'm not sure if maybe I'm over doing it a bit. Each session was about 3-4 hours long. A few brakes in between.

    The last two I felt like I was really getting close. I felt a pleasant burning sensation that was building to something. Breathing exercises and some gentle contractions helped but I just couldn't make it over the top. Very frustrating! Had to stop as I was getting pretty sore. I'll take a few days off to recover.

    I just received the Progasm jr in the mail. I thought having something to change up might help. I've read several posts that switching up was the game changer for them. The Progasm jr looks much more aggressive and I think that's what I might need.  I have some time alone this weekend and will give it a go. I'll post my results on Sunday.

  • Well my wife is gone for the weekend so I took the opportunity to try out my new progasm jr. I've really been looking forward to possibly make my breakthrough that I've really been craving for.

    I had a nice hot shower and got in the mood with some erotic movies and just relaxing. I inserted the Progasm jr with plenty of Maximus lube. Right away my body started to react to the larger aggressive angle of the PJ. Involuntary contractions were crazy hard.  It felt absolutely amazing!! Problem is that my body was squeezing so hard against my prostate that it started to hurt a little bit. I let it go for a bit and then decided to change to my Helix. WOW!! My anal muscles went absolutely crazy!! It was just blowing my mind. I was trying hard to keep my breathing controlled but I was thrusting and shaking and squeezing almost uncontrollably. It was one of the most pleasurable experiences I've ever had in my life. I just let my body go and it was terrific!!

    I went for about an hour with the Helix and came so incredibly close to the top.....I was right there.....I just couldn't seem to reach the climax!! I don't think I could have gotten any closer without some kind of release.

     I decided to change back to the PJ to try a more progressive approach. Again my involuntary contractions were off the charts!! My whole body went stiff several times and my anal muscles had the death grip against my prostate. It felt amazing for about 10 min and then started to hurt again. So again I switched back to the Helix.

    I swapped back and forth like that for 3-4 hours. Absolutely amazing feelings!! As good as all the feelings were I never reached a point where I felt like I had a satisfying release. So I don't know if I actually had any kind of mini O or anal orgasm. Strangely I never really had any kind of erection during the entire session. In fact I had a very difficult time getting it up afterwards when I wanted to finish off with a regular orgasm. That seems to be the norm for all my sessions so far.

    I'll try again tonight and hopefully get my breakthrough. Any advice when I'm in that super excited state to give my body that extra push it needs? I've tried relaxing completely, I've tried the subtle squeezes, the breathing exercises.