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which new aneros.....?
  • So gonna buy a new one since i found an irish site that has them(except the rectum only ones, which i want). (So i have the helix and its annoyin p-tab. Had the progasm and hated it. If i want a dildo, ill buy 1. ). So what wud u suggest. Want a gr8er lenght than the helix. Also the p-tab. Would like a diff position for,the tab. Whatever u suggest
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,181
    well the eupho will give you more length, but it will have the same p tab as the helix.  If you dont like the p tab on the traditional devices then maybe you would like the syn models, they are less uncomfortable p tab wise.  So maybe the eupho syn?  I think the MGX is really good too, though again it has the fixed p tab.
  • Peridise. I just got the two piece set and it is hands down the best experience so far. I had the MGX and Pro JR. First.