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Issues with aneros (helix/ progasm jr) popping out during anal orgasm
  • Hi group, anyone ever have an issue with their Aneros popping out. This recently happened to me during a session. I was experiencing extreme anal contractions(almost leading to anal orgasms) and my aneros popped out twice, both models. I experienced the pushing sensations along with retracting through contractions, but they grew out of control causing it to pop out. If I try to hard to relax and keep it in place, the sensations fade away. Any suggestions on moving past this, or how to embrace it to further proceed to the super O?
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    If you're new at this, it's your anal muscles, they're weak. It's a fairly common problem, that with consistent work (which I'm sure you'll enjoy), you'll be able to keep it in during a full-blown orgasm.

    I had the same problem with my Helix when I first got it; when I was having sex with my wife, it would pop out during orgasm. It no longer does, but I still have that problem sometimes with my Maximus and most times with the Progasm, which, I think, are related to their larger size at the sphincter.
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    It'll get better with time. You may want to lookup kegals and follow a programme to strengthen your pc muscles. I have to great results. Used an app called Kegal camp
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Agree with the suggestions to strengthen your musculature via a good Kegel program.   Most women who have delivered a baby are well versed in these moves and can, hands-on, coach you to achieve quick results.   You'll attain more strength in both of your voluntary and involuntary muscle groups.   Try these exercises both un-inserted and with an Aneros toy in place.   Suggest an "exercise" toy other than the one you most prefer for pleasure and orgasm.

    I've found that the Helix seeks and maintains a fully inserted position but the Pro Jr. slightly resembles it's "big brother" and sometimes needs a small "scoop nudge" to settle or "lock" properly.   Since you are having ejection issues with both toys, it would seem that the issue isn't insertion.  

    Consider refining your prep routine to ensure that there are no "irritating solids" left over that might be triggering some involuntary peristalsis.  Likewise, a surplus of douche or pre-lube or use of a glycerin based lube might be triggering some involuntary peristalsis which can eject a toy.   

    Try a combination of a thick lube (Vaseline or Crisco) on the Aneros toy and both your inner and outer sphincters.  Then pre-lube (inject or insert) with a smaller quantity of your primary lube (Walnut Oil, Shea Butter, Natural Jelly, etc.)
  • Thanks folks, I am still kind of new, had an original aneros years ago, but just recently got back into it, so I'm sure my muscles need some strengthening. I also have an issue of it twisting from side to side and off my perenium. I think I am allowing the anal contractions to take over too agressively, and have to somehow harness it back towards the prostate.....I can feel it going crazy inside me, and I think it pushes too far out, then it seems like more muscle control is the situation. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying the relearning process....again, thanks for the tips