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  • okay so ive heard of Electo stimulation a little, ive been accidentally zapped before. and it does have an "arousing" quality to it, in small volts.. ive searched online and found some soft e stim probes for anal. i was woundering if anyone has used these before and if there safe. im 24 and healthy.  should i give it a try or just avoid it. and how would it stack with anero sessions.  
  • I did it for years.  It was very nice but not as fulfilling as my Aneros experiences.  Might go back and try again someday.  I was doing it with anal and penile e-stim but my focus was on my penile orgasms.  With my prostate awakened it might be better now.
  • E-stim can be fairly safe if done right and VERY dangerous if done wrong.  The best source for e-stim info on te web is  .  I strongly suggest you check out their Beginners Forum before trying any more experiments on your own.  Be safe, live long, and prosper!