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my 5 year journey...
  • hey everyone, ive been using aneros for aprox 5 years now... seems so long but its flown by. anyway im going to give a review of my time with aneros.  I started this journey like everyone elts. the hope of finding this mystical Super O. i tried everything. uber relaxation techniques, pre meditation, active meditation, edging, even waiting to cum for a week or 2!.. ive tried more but im not going to list everything. after 2 years i got really really frustrated and thought of giving up. but then i realized i really love it. i found my soulmate 3 years ago. when i was comfortable in telling her. she flipped out, she absolutely loves the idea of anal play.  we got more and more into the idea, she loves laying me on the bed giving me a nice back rub then finguring my ass till i cant take it anymore and bang her brains out. using aneros has opend me up to new ideas in anal play, i just orderd us a UR3 dildo and a love rider hipster harness, they look like booty shorts and are really cute, not all fetishie like all the other ones so she loves wearing it.  there is nothing hotter in the world than roll reversal, seeing her in control gets me so hot its nuts, plus she LOVES it, it gets her so turned on she has wild orgasms while fucking me.  I'm not gay i have no intention of doing it with a guy so im secure about that.  its even gotten to the point where my wife is now turned on by the idea of fucking another girl, so the possibilities are growing into a threesome!... 

    back onto aneros.  ive never had a SUPER O.. but... i learned how to control it so well that when i masturbate with it i am able to apply just the right pressure at the right time to give myself a squirting ejaculation. by squirting i mean theres a loud pop as semen flows over my head and hits the walls giving me a 30 second long seizure truly amazing.. so i am more than happy that i bought aneros..  it has truly changed my life for the better. 
  • Great post Domo :)