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Questions about helix use
  • So I've just started and been using the helix for about a week. 

    My first session was encouraging and I used the do nothing/focus on breathing technique. I lied on my back with my knees bent. I felt my heart beat in my anus and the helix did some nice rocking. That got me hard and eventually my whole groin area was buzzing and fuzzy. I may have gotten too happy that something was happening and sort of snapped out of it. It was really encouraging, especially since it was my first time.

    My second session was similar, I got hard one or two times and felt the rocking of the helix, but I did not get the buzzy feeling on my whole groin area. Again I could have gotten excited that it was working.

    All my sessions after that were similar to the second.

    Last night I had my 4th or 5th session and was super aroused. However, I could not get back to the place where I could feel my heart beat in my anus and let the involuntaries take over. This was discouraging as I have gone all the way back to square one.

    It seems my experiences have been a steady decrease. I always have plenty of time, but maybe expectations have been wrecking it. I'd like to know what people think. Can being too aroused be counter-productive? Also, I never had any problem getting it in, whereas on the Wiki it says to take it slow. Could it be that after using it every day I just needed a break?

    1. Does lube have a big effect on the sensations? I've tried a couple different ones, a thin water-based, KY jelly, and olive oil.
    2. Do people recommend using condoms with the helix or is it different for every person.
    3. I've tried side position, front, standing, kneeling, but back seems to work best for me. Should I just forget about the other positions and only use back, or can this change over time?
    4. I'm wondering if weird BM can affect the sensations. I had a bunch of gurgling in my stomach last night and some gas, but whenever I checked there was no stool in the immediate area.
    5. When I get to involuntary movement, what is the recommended contractions to hold? Should I be holding a base quarter to half contraction in my anus the whole time?
    6. I am having trouble decoupling my PC from my anus contraction. I can barely even pee with the helix in, I just end up starting to push it out. Any tips?
    7. Would the helix work in the bathtub or would the water dry it out and inhibit movement?
    8. I'm not sure what the prostate feels like. I've read up on it and I cannot seem to find it with my finger or identify if the helix is hitting it. I can just sort of feel the helix rubbing inside me. This makes it hard to know how much to contract.

    Thanks for any help guys. I am excited for this experience, but a little discouraged at the moment.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    1. Yes lube is everything everyone is different so different lube preference but you can never have too much.
    2. never needed one
    3. laying on side with knees bent is what i would personally recommend.
    4.stool is a bitch and can holt sensations. Gas is a pain but you can get by. Gas can be from a incompatible lube with your body.
    5.practice different amounts of contractions sometimes, and other times just lay there and completely relax everything. EVERYTHING even your mind.:)
    6. take it out dude! have a pee and then insert again. I cant pee with it in either, most blokes couldent i would recon.
    7 Yes helix would work in the tub as long as you use silicone lube. The more pure grade the better, its water proof. NOTE your helix must be a helix classic, silicone will damage a helix syn.
    8. Honestly stop worrying about it. It is there and yes the helix is hitting it just keep having sessions and in a few month you will be in 7th heaven.

    Heart beat in your anus...... Well my friend you are well on your way lucky you it took a number of months for me to get there. Repetition and experiment and above all enjoy any nice feelings.
    Keep going you will get there.
  • I had the same decrease in the first couple weeks. I was overusing it and I think it killed the initial momentum of progress. I think the same thing is happening to you. Try to give yourself a day or two break between sessions. I know its hard because you want more, but your sessions will be better if you wait. Also, you can have a better session after you cum. Even immediately after. Abstaining from ejaculation for a few days is definitely beneficial to sessions, but there is a limit. The time to release some pressure is highly individual. 
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hey Helixguy.  Welcome to the Forum and the world of Aneros.

    I think you are on a very positive path.   I only caution against mentally dissecting your sessions.

    My thots on some of your eight questions:

    1.  Lube:  A highly individualized matter and something that you'll probably change every year or two.  As with learning a new Golf swing, the fewer things you vary, the better.

    2.  I think of condom lube as something you might try on occasions when you are attempting to minimize the amount of lube for a long sessio -- otherwise it's sort of a curiosity.

    4.  I agree with Braveneworld on the bowel 'gurgling.'  You may be one of the 20% of gents who are sensitive to glycerin based lubes.  Remember that years ago, we potty-trained children with a glycerin suppository.

    5.  Sounds like you've got a good technique with the do-nothing approach.  Relaxing and "listening" for tiny involuntaries is spot-on.  Be sure to 'thank' your body for those tiny involuntary feelings.  A tiny anal contraction or nipple-flick is one way to express thanks. Explore other erotic spots on your body to express your thanks.  You'll be surprised with some of the results !

    6.  Decoupling the PC from the outer sphincter was a tough study--took me a couple of years to accomplish that.  I worked the problem from my nuts back along my Perineum.  In boxers or just commando, try elevating your testicles (Cremaster muscles) without contracting your PC group. This link has some tips on Cremaster-PC interactions < > Then, over several weeks progress back along your perineum until you can contract small areas of the PC group without either an anal or cremaster response.

    8.  Since you are getting some 'buzz' I'd hazard that you've found your prostate.

    Enjoy !
  • Since having 3 or so encouraging sessions I have had 4 or so duds where nothing is really happening. What is a good amount of time after which to give up? Usually I warm up for 20 minutes with some breathing and contractions then lie down and relax, focusing on breathing, but nothing has been happening lately.
  • @helixguy Don't give up on a session. If your muscles don't feel weak or sluggish, just keep your Aneros in. I'm a fan of the Do Nothing approach, and I find that sometimes a dud session can yield good results if you forget about time, forget you're 'wearing' an Aneros, and everything else. Sleeping with one (Helix, Eupho or Peridise) can help too. Like the old Folgers coffee commercial...The best part of waking up ;)
  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    The one item that can cause a "dud" session for me is the emptying of the bowels.  If I haven't taken a good crap during the day, I don't even try to have a session.  It is a good time to work on "less" session.

    As far as lube goes, it is very important. Personally I use coconut oil and a water based lube free of paraben. 

    I continue to work on separating the muscles in the PC group.  It is much like trying to wiggle only one toe and takes practice.

    I have found that lying on my back with a pillow under my ass (laying just off the edge to give the unit room to move freely) and another under my thighs.

    The do nothing approach combined with the Tug-of-War, where the unit is pulled in while also being pushed out by stomach muscles creates excitement and involuntaries for me. 

    Good luck and remember most sessions will be unique.  I have had some mind-blowing sessions that I have not been able to duplicate.