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New User - delighted!
  • As a gay man, I am no stranger to anal sex, so the idea of a hands free device like the Aneros intrigued me. I saw the Black Ice Progsm and was smitten. Looked damned sexy, or as sexy as a toy can. I have been patient and working slowly, at least for me and today I came real close to what I used to call"assgasms" and what people here call SuperO. I felt the twitching and body quakes start and I just couldn't hold back from touching my cock.

    The experience was pretty amazing, and I will be more patient next time. It seems that my whole body was focused on my ass, and the pleasurable feelings deep inside it. But once I touched my cock the focus shifted quickly and dramatically. I came very fast and very hard. Not a bad result at all, but next time I hope to ride the waves longer.
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    its best to separate aneros use and traditinal masturbation for best results.
  • Welcome to the forum, blklthrjkt. And congratulations on the good start to hfso. I'm a newbie and a gay man too. Just curious, when you say you're no stranger to anal sex, are you a bottom or do you switch? i like being a bottom so I found aneros play very congenial. Even so it took me a while to keep my attention on the sensations inside me and not to touch my penis, just enjoy the erection.

    For me the advantage of being a bottom is that I'm comfortable being passive and being pleasured. And I didn't have any problems inserting the device and feeling it inside me.

    It was hard at first to resist masturbating sometime after massaging my prostate and feeling intense pleasure waves. Now that I've had a taste of dry mini orgasms, I am not as much tempted to masturbate and haven't in a month, a new record BTW. I find I get sexually aroused quicker and stronger, as if my body knows what it likes and is guiding me there.

    Best wishes on your continued success in what they call our journey.
  • I am a Top, but I have had receptive anal sex before and like ass play from both sides. I have also engaged in fisting and the intense prostrate stimulation reminds me of the few times I got fisted.

    A deeply sensual experience and something that takes practice to really "get".
  • Yeou! I've never tried fisting. Do you call that an assgasm?

    You might check out a repository of recorded audio tracks of men's sessions at Brine has a new audio session that's hot but I haven't uploaded it yet. There's also a section of audio tracks that might help gay men get in the mood during a session.
  • Had an amazing orgasm tonight.  I think it was close to the SuperO. Shaking, quivering and waves of pleasure all focused on my ass.  When the shaking stopped I went ahead and jerked off since my cock was leaking precum like crazy from he session.  

    And fisting is not painful if you work up to it. lots of lube and a skilled partner.  This was pretty equal to that feeling, at least from the orgasm standpoint.
  • Just a progress report.  Had what I can only describe as a SuperO today.  Waves of uncontrollable shaking and deep pleasure.  Amazing experience and I can imagine it will only get better.
  • Good for you!
  • At 69, I haven't felt so sexually aware since I was in my 20's. Constant prickles from my prostate. An unexpected mini from intromission in a sweet porn movie.

    Except for the testosterone shot my doctor tried for ED. 8>)

    And that's just from the peridise set. My helix syn is due here Monday. I decided to swear off till I got it, but I want that little baby doing a twostep in my tochus too much to wait, since my wife went off to Roller Derby with my daughter..