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absolutely nothing.......
  • theonetheone
    Posts: 1
    hi you all
    i m from south of france, and wanna share my experience wich by the fact is a no experience....
    i never had the slighest wish or never been turned on by having something inserted in the anal zone....i never liked when my wife tried to inseert a finger in my ass.... so my rectum is NOT an erotic zone for me i m sure about that
    despite that fact , i read all your post here and my curiosity grows up; and i finally ordered a Helix.....
    about two days a finally got it and despite the fact that my anal zone is not the part of my body i m wainting some pleasure from, i was very impatient to try this strange new object....
    i waited one day and read and read again the anero forum
    and in iserted it very easily
    try to breeze slowly and after 20 mn started small contractions again and again .....absolutely no good sensations....
    this in not a problem as i read things are comming really slowly
    two days after in give the aneros a another try
    and...... well , exactly the same hapened...... i was very calm , i didnt wait anything but was at least waiting a little sensations that could be positive and feeling confortable......nothing ; absolutely nothing
    small contactions deep calm breath, looking a the wall trying to have sexual images in my head didnt help
    well....... i m about to think i made a mistake to buy this......
    is it possible that you have to be willing to have something in yous ass too make it work.... i m a total heteros and never erver have fantasies about man and dicks ; so maybe this is somethong you must have your brain prepared for it?
    i hope my poor english wasnt ti crappy lol any help would be appreciated
    to resume
    tried it two times about 30 mn and didnt have the slighest pleasure sensation, ansolutely no good feeling at all
    thank you for reading this
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    First of all you have to get your mind right about what your doing.  Using an aneros does not make you gay.  It will not make gay.  It will not make you like dicks or men. (starting to sound like Dr. Suess LOL)  Getting pleasure from you prostate is completely normal whether straight or gay.  Once you have that figured out, just take your time, read the aneros wiki and eventually things will happen.  Good Luck!
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @theone, it reads like you have used the Aneros 4 times. Your prostate does not respond like your penis. It may take 3 months of frequent use (that is about 50 times) before your prostate may even notice the Aneros.
    Some folk do respond very quickly but most do not. You just can't rush it. The first step is working out the best lube, the best position, how to relax, and perhaps not contracting the PC muscles at all during a session.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    i agree with ineverknew and isvara :)
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    just be aware that after 500 times you still may not feel anything. Ever. That is my current situation, sorry you may have potentially wasted your money.
  • hello you all
    many thanks for your reply
    ok i m going tou try it once more, this is gonna be my third time....
    i ll let you know
    for inhope......................did you really feel nothing?? i did all is written in the aneros guide but didnt feel the
    any good sensations not even the ....something in the ass..... i never fantasies about having some in the ass so maybe the prob is because i m not prepare to this....
    well i keep going ..... i m a really patient guy so maybe.....i t ll work some days
    buy the way..... for me , no erection, no liquid out the penis, just nothing
  • hi theone. The point of aneros sessions as I understand it is to develop new pathways to pleasure, your anus being just one of tem, not the one. The pathways have been inside you since you were born just waiting to be awakened. The prostate area is the nexus of these pathways that include the anus but also includes the nipples, abdomen, penis and all the possible erogenous places. Most men who write on the forum say they never had anything in their asses and haven't wanted anything, they aren't gay but they discover after some time that these other places can lead to exquisite pleasure from the inside rather than from the penis. But it takes some longer than others to get to that point and it doesn't make them gay. So give it a chance without any urgency or expectations. You can put it a
    away at any time and come back to it whenever your body feels the need, I suspect we don't lose anything that we've learned, just may fade a little. Good luck in your pursuit.
  • hello
    back again with something new
    ok so you know now my butt is a newbie and doesnt feel nothing in the prostate area .....
    so  want to the sex shop and buy me a plug wich has the size and lenght of the helix bit is en kinda jelly, something really smooth and flexible
    ok so i went home and after dinner my wife went to job...
    i lub my ass and injected some lub in the rectu and slowly inserted the jelly plug
    what a i did there was sitting litteraly in my sofa with the plug inserted and the computer on my knees
     a smooth sensation is in there but nothing great a that time
    i started t watch some porn and played gentle with my dick wich grows strongly
    then a feally good sensation came from the inside, but no sperm at all;
    while watching porn i was masturbating and doing voluntary contractions in the anal zone and this started to be reaaaally good..........
    ok i finally discovered something new but not with the aneros wich seems to be to hard vs the jelly plug
    and it was amazing, but no O and no super O  juste masturbating withou cuming and juste that was amazing
    next time i will try playing with the jelly to awake the prostate and after i will insert the helix
    but the with the aneros helix you are supposed to lying on the bed and not to touch the dick??????
    what was good was lasturbating with the jelly plug inside
    but having the helix inside and not touching myself at this time doesnt  give me no sensation
    ok i will let you know my next experience
    what do you think about my jelly and masturbating experience, was that a good way to do a step forward??
    sorry my poor english have a good day
  • @theone...Your experience is "one way" of getting to feel how much more intense a traditional orgasm can be when you include the "prostate". I love having penis orgasms that include my prostate! They are incredible!

    In addition, there is another type of orgasm, that doesn't include an ejaculation, but only the muscles surrounding your prostate and often other muscles in your body...think "female orgasm"...that can be just as intense and as incredible as an ejaculation orgasm! If you've ever seen a woman have a truly deep orgasm, you have also seen what your own "male" body is capable of having as well!!! As men, we CAN, and DO, have the ability to have both types of orgasms...IF you take the time to learn how! That's what ANEROS is all about...the "learning how" part!
  • Theone, I think what you experienced was probably a dry orgasm, that is an orgasm without ejaculation. That is one of the delights in store for you when you've had some experience with the aneros. To train your body to return to that sensation through the new pleasure pathways, you have to not tough your penis because it has other long-established pathways that will take you to ejaculation. That reinforces the old pathways and delays your training.

    I agree with Theme-gasm, you have to learn how to access the kind of orgasm you felt with the soft butt plug. BTW you have a very understanding wife. I don't know if the soft butt plug is reaching your prostate enough though, but the aneros will. It's normal to not feel much when first starting out with aneros, I didn't. Sounds like you have learned to recruit your anus as an erogenous place which is a good sign, most men don't know about it. Read the wikis and the forum for guidance. I found that separating the sensation of dry orgasms from ejaculation was important for knowing what I'm looking for. I try to imagine my prostate and the aneros touching it as I move very slowly so I can feel everything and notice everything. I look for heart beats in the prostate and anus area and sometimes they turn into involuntary contractions, small at first. Wear the aneros to bed and see what happens. When I'm just coming out of sleep and my brain hasn't taken over yet, my body seems to know what to do with the aneros.

    I understand what you write in English very well. Let me know if there's anything that I write that you don't understand. There's some francophone aneros users on the forum who may also help.

    I'm sending you good vibrations from across the Atlantic.
  • thank you theme gasm and euphemistic fot your help and tips
    in about three hours i m going to have the fourth s session i will begin with the anero and see the sensations and finish with the jelly to have an erection and see what it s gonna be
    see you.....
  • ok
    just finished what you call here a session ,
    it was my fourths session
    i must say that if i didnt buy me a jelly plug three days ago and didnt discover very sweets sensations while masturbating with the jelly plug inside of me i would give up with the helix
    i did another helix session, i lied on the bed very quietly with the helix pluged in me...
    some sweet music in my ears and thinking about nothing jute doing deep breaths and small contractions
    this lasted for about 45 minutes but
    the problem to me is that i really felt nothing , nothing really bad and nothing good at all not even a little good sensation
    really i don t understant what is good in that practice but i finally won t give up because of the jelly plug wich make me discover somme new and delictable sensation
    for the moment i really love the jelly plug and i keep trying the helix but the helix as absolutely nothing for me.............................for the moment!! lol
    ok i ll let you know ....
    but the fourth s session wasn t good.....just annoying
    thank you for those who reply..... i m from south of france i live by the meditteranean sea very nice place
    see you here my friends
  • Oh, Theone, I'm so jealous of you living in the south of France by the Mediterranean! The closest I've been to where you live is Eric Rohmer films which I love. 

    The jelly plug is good for getting to know your anus and getting aroused, but it probably won't massage your prostate which produce really intense orgasms. Maybe you could try using the jelly plug to warm up without cumming, then put in the aneros and maybe touch your nipples or any place that feels good, think about sex with your wife or anyone, or meditate on porn. So you're doing 2 things back and forth, getting aroused with the aneros inside and noticing every feeling that you're having. Especially notice feelings coming from where the aneros is rubbing, your prostate, Try going back and forth with arousal and noticing feelings, maybe contracting your anus slowly every once in a while to see what happens. If you feel a heart beat pulse from your prostate or anus or slight contractions inside, you are on track, keep noticing that and see where it leads. 

    For me it doesn't start feeling pleasurable until I'm a little aroused and can feel my prostate get sensitive. It will seem to grow like your penis and the sensations will get better and better. At some point if I'm doing this mindfully, the arousal and contractions and the pleasure will come together naturally and will be self-sustaining. That means you can do almost anything you want and it will feel good and if you're lucky, will be a dry orgasm. It won't feel like a penis orgasm but you'll like it!

     Anyway, that's what works for me and what I've gotten from the other men here. Give it time.
  • thanh you euphemistic
    i will listen to your advice
    first the jelly and after a while the helix  i m pretty sure this will bring me to one step forward
    but touching the nipples or any other part of my body never turned me on........every man is so different than another..... i think i never had something erotic but my dick;;lol it s the only part of my body that respond to excitement....... despite that fact  i will follow your advice and i will let you know
    see you
  • hello you all
    i m just out of my 5 th session
    and i m about to give up i think
    because for the 5 th time i did exactly all what is recommended on the forum and everywhere i found something to read about the anero and prostate massage
    fot the 5 th time i inserted the helix , i was very calm and didn t expect anything
    i listen to quiet music an layed on the side  as it is recommended
    but never and never i felt something good even not a little
    i d on t understand where do you guys found something good and cool about that
    one hour and a half just looking at the ceiling with cool music and doing litte voluntary contractions
    but never had the littleiset feeling of something good
    sorry for the english as i am from france

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @theone, it might take a while to feel any pleasure.  Some people go for 6 months or longer before it gets interesting.  Its up to you to decide if its worth it to continue.  Continued use will yield small results until one day you realize the journey was worth it, but that is up to you.  Good luck!
  • thank you inerverknew
    i wil keep trying ............
    i m a patient guy , the prob is that i m not receiveing just nothing , not even the smallest feel good
    just having something inserted, and watching the ceiling and being calm..... and that it , nothing more
    even having the helix inserted does give me zero sensation
    well thank you for your reply
    have good times
  • nervenerve
    Posts: 19
    Part of the process is experimenting. If lying there calmly is not working then try something else.
    When I started I was doing pretty much as you described, lying still, trying to clam a busy mind and trying not have no expectations. Then I gave my nipples a bit of a tweak and.....hello that works, kind of like they were a switch. Because we all unique.
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 173
    I didn't feel anything at first either. Heck, I still don't seem to get anything consistently, but after about 7 or 8 months my body is starting to open up to feeling pleasure in various places. I didn't get any feelings from my anus either, but now sometimes I do. Just be patient and things will eventually get interesting :) .
  • What really woke up my prostate was taking my device to bed and sleeping with it. I think my mind was getting in the way when I was having a session while awake. when asleep, my body just knew what to do. It recognized the device massaging my prostate and zeroed in on the pleasure it created. If I awoke during the night, before my brain took over, I would be surprised to be feeling pleasure. this took time for me to figure out and to recognize but it still gives me the best sessions. Give it a try, Theone.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @euphemistic, maybe when we sleep with the device in our brain does things on a unconcious level.  Unconscious rewiring? lol  Who knows.....
  • No, I think that's it, unconscious rewiring, exactly, why not. But I wouldn't sleep with the device in our brain,LOL.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Yeah missing punctuation can be disastrous LOL.  Should have been "maybe when we sleep with the device in, our brain does things on a unconscious level."
  • Okay, thank you to @euphemistic and @ineverknew.  I just blew milk out of my nose I was laughing so hard :)
  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    @theone, you say you are just lying there focusing on music or staring at the ceiling, I think you might need to work on becoming more aroused first. I don't know what your feelings are on porn, but if you are comfortable with it, try watching or listening to something that turns you on during a session. Often it's not until I'm in a more heightened state of arousal that I really start to feel the sensations in my prostate.

    About the jelly plug, this is a technique I use often in my own sessions as well. For me it's more about relaxing the muscles around my anus, kind of like warming up before exercise. I will start with a small plug and work my way up to a rather large one. After maybe 30 minutes of this, I switch to one of my Aneros models, usually the Helix. By this point I often find that I can feel the Aneros on my prostate right away, and I'm able to make very small, precise movements with my muscles to work the Aneros.

    But maybe the best part is when you get sensitive enough that you don't even have to do conscious contractions. Just breathing deeply will move the Aneros enough to cause some effects.

    Another thing - we men tend to be very analytical in how we approach things, and I can tell you're the same way, keeping track of how many sessions, how much time passes, modifying your methods, experimenting, trial and error... As difficult as it is, the best thing you can do is to let go of your expectations and this urge to control the outcome of a session. Ultimately we succeed at this form of stimulation by becoming more passive, less active, which is the opposite of the typical male approach to sex, where we're used to being the ones doing the fucking, controlling the pace and so on.

    Good luck!
  • Are you sure that was milk, beegee6? lol

    Very nice explanation of men's analytical active tendencies, tairy. Maybe what's needed is a more associative dream-like way of experiencing. Not expecting anything except maybe to be surprised.
  • Only 5 times!  I wish.  I've been at this (on and off) for 6 or 7 years, since the time of High Island Pro-state Massagers (HI is the precursor to Aneros and I have a PS-New for sale as it requires a taller man than I am)  and with many, many attempts, still am not getting anything close to pleasurable.

    Why do I continue?  Because I know approximately what this feels like.  However, my experience is 40 years ago while climbing the ropes in gym class when I was in middle school.  I couldn't wait for gym class and almost fell from the ceiling more than once.

    I also have a Prostate Cradle which places pressure on the perineum but for me is also not pleasurable.  If I could find a gym with climbing ropes, I'd join and never leave.
  • @theone you just started your journey.
    I started 10 months ago and made slow progress towards the ultimate Os, regularly feeling that i was going nowhere. You can read here and there on this forum that patience and practice focusing on your body reactions may be the key for some anerosers. For me, sure it is. I didn't get any Super O yet but my feelings are now generally much better than they used to be. Step by step , week by week, month by month I get new, better, deeper sensations.So I can consider that I am on the path, my personnal path.
    Keep practicing with the help of your wife ; this is your journey which can be different from other's journey. For any reason some may get fast results, others may need much more time.You can read in this forum how happy are those who kept practising through years before the great O.

  • many thanks to those who reply to me
    and yes i will keep trying but in the very begining i was very excited about the discovers i am going to do
    but as the feelings was total zero i m now less excited about the possible discover and think about the aneros very less
    well i guess that i m going to keep trying because i m pretty sure it is worth the try s and i still wonder what is hiding in these practice....
    but for my 6th try .... just nothing
    patience, patience.....

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    You have a long way to go yet.
    It may take over a year for you to receive a reliable response from Aneros use. You must just keep practising. Eventually you will receive the response you are looking for but it may take many months.
    Don't give up.
    Good luck!