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Do you shave your perineum?
  • View Poll Results: Do you shave your perineum? Voters: 733

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    I shave my perineum. 150 20.46%

    I don't shave anything. 234 31.92%

    I shave my anus. 7 0.95%

    I shave both my perineum and anus. 342 46.66%

  • fmc321
    Posts: 3
    Magic Shaving Powder....wife and I both use it.

    Works great.

    No bumps, no in growns, and last 2-3 weeks.

    A former dancer introduced us, and we threw away the razors.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 817
    Hello, all.

    I keep everything trimmed fairly close -- no shaving down there. My wife is OK with that.


  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    Balls, cock and perineum, and for the start of summer nude sunbathing, I am now completely smooth except for a very thin "landing strip"! I could feel a cooling breeze today too!
  • l¤ve h¤le
    Posts: 55
    I put I shave the perineum, but that was the 1st time. I shaved it with the beard trimmer of an electric razor only coz the hair got in the way of the 'p' tab and it nicked the old 'no mans land'.
    I saw an ad' in a newspaper or mag a while ago (aimed at women). This electric gadget gets rid of hair by mild friction, in the same way an electric sander works, but hopefully not as rough.
    I shaved the pubes and chest a few times but the itching was a killer.
  • Jock
    Posts: 6
    I used to shave but I discovered waxing and I get waxed on a regular basis. I dont suffer from ingrown hairs and I find it grows back softer without any prickly sensation.
    Plus the benefits from waxing immediately after are amazing.
  • newguy8
    Posts: 102

    Balls, cock and perineum, and for the start of summer nude sunbathing, I am now completely smooth except for a very thin "landing strip"! I could feel a cooling breeze today too!

    I do what this dude does, i keep a rectangle tho.
  • I don't shave. I actually like the feeling and sight of pubic hair on myself and other men who I'm having sex with. Would someone tell me why they shave down there, what they get out of it? I know some women don't like the feel of men's facial hair so the man would shave off their beards, is it something like that or is it a personal preference?

    correction: I just realized that this is an old discussion and didn't see the first page of responses. I'm reading them now to get an answer to my question.

    Okay, I get it, it feels cooler and the hairs don't get in the way of the aneros. I'm 66 and have silky pubic hair so it's not an issue for me or my sex partners. Some men have very thick curly hair down there with thick hairshafts which I can imagine would give them trouble. I personally like that kind of hair and I like the smell of it too, turns me on. Do any gay men here shave down there? I've seen it but haven't asked them why.
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 187
    Well I use to shave everything down there cause I thought it looked more appeasing when my partners went down there. But now I shave in the summer cause of the heat but since it's getting cold I like the little stubble down there. I just have to make sure its extra clean down there. 
  • Stubble is the trouble  ...
    I shaved a couple times years ago but didn't like it when it was growing back.
    ...  Wife states she doesn't mind an occasional dental floss.

    She trims, which I prefer to her shaving  ...
    I have this thing about baldheaded pussy
    ...  I always wanted to ask her for her drivers license.

    She agreed the stubble during regrowth was a bit uncomfortable  ...
    If hygiene is good a hairy chin rest is fine with me.
    I am cautious not to let a stray pube cut my glans penis during penetration.

     - rip
  • mcmansmcmans
    Posts: 4
    Yea - for years I've shaved everything completely bare and keep it that way. Most women like it. At least from my experince..
  • I am a fan of completely smooth and hairless.  I started out shaving, but the itch and nicks bugged me.  I then got the courage to get my first brazilian.  I'm never going back..  I love being so smooth for weeks at a time.  And when the hair does grow back it's very thin and not stubble like with shaving.  So no itching.  I do get occasional ingrowns but not around my anus at all.  My ingrowns only occur above my cock below my belly button.  A small price to pay for the incredible feeling.  I also apply baby powder every day to my whole nether regions.  It helps prevent the friction that can cause the ingrowns, plus the feeling of the powder is amazing as well.  One note though..  For those that have never gone bald down there..  Your hair acts a muffler, so if you remove it, think before you let one go..