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Extreme terror at the gates
  • So this might sound silly. but i was very very very close to going over the edge. but thoughts kept rushing in that were incredibly scary. First i must share that I am a christian so most of my fears revolved around that. 

    I felt so amazing and my head felt like it was also getting fcked and my entire body felt hot and wet. but when i was about to go over the edge I kept having thoughts in my head. thoughts like... "im going to get possessed" or "this isnt christian" or "This is a horrible mistake and you will never be able to come back after you cross the gates" Is this normal? Maybe the pleasure is too extreme for me.

    I dont know what to do and all these messed up thoughts keep coming in huge frequency when im on the edge. almost evil thoughts. Its really scary.

    any thoughts, suggestions?

  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    I know what you mean. I am pretty much a hedonist and greatly enjoy bodily pleasures. I sometimes feel guilty though when I have a session feeling this is just too good. I don't feel I am being the least bit immoral, but societal taboos do make me feel a bit ashamed. I don't like keeping this part of my life private but I must for now. The secrecy adds to the guilt. I am sure.

    Suffice it to say, the pleasure from my Helix outweighs the guilt, so I just use it when I have the time and privacy.

    I hope you work through your feelings.

  • I was raised christian (7th day adventist) so I understand your thoughts and concerns. Use it with your wife. She will really appreciate the extra attention you give her when you're feeling that frisky. Don't hide it from her. Marriage is a trust and bond between you. Within that closeness, any kind of sexual fun is good. Don't be afraid.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I actually thank god many times for all of the pleasure you can get from your prostate, after all he did create us, why would it possibly be wrong?
  • nervenerve
    Posts: 19
    I must confess I have similar questions that relate to the numerous ways that we can tease pleasure from our bodies, without involving another person.
    Paul, in the bible says that everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. I think what this means is God gives us the free will to indulge, and that if we do, we should exercise control so that such an indulgence does not become and addiction. All these choices that we make have consequences.
       I find myself with the same questions, yet I continue to indulge, putting those questions and the doubts they engender to one side.. Why I do this I'm not really sure. It enriches my life in some ways and not others. I also hope that God is more forgiving than I give him credit for.
  • chronos86,
    There are a number of Christians that use the Aneros, including me. Maybe this will provide you with some comfort. 

    Your sense of foreboding is something I also can related to, having experienced it early on in my Aneros use but not any longer.  I think it has more to do with something going on in the brain and the abandonment of control in having something penetrating you and giving you sexual pleasure from that versus being the penetrator as opposed to some dark spiritual thing going on. Does this make sense? 

    I think we've all had our minds bombarded with random sexual thoughts and even ideas like something else is possessing us when using the Aneros. I know when I have sex with my wife, I enter an altered state of consciousness...almost like a sex trance, at times. I think it's the same with using the Aneros. I have felt a pleasant spinning sensation and almost an out-of-body like feeling. I think this is related to the dopamine cascade in the brain that the prostate/anal orgasms trigger. I can recall this same sensation happening the first time I masturbated to orgasm at 12 and when I first French kissed a girl and other sexual experiences. This is how God made us and this is a sign that new neurons are forming in the brain based on the pleasure feedback. 

    Another thought that might help with your concern is that if you are at peace with the idea that God does not condemn masturbation...I am of this position, not all Christians agree but I'm convinced there is not a single reference in the Bible on the subject and clearly, people have been masturbating since they've had genitals so if God wanted to prohibit it, He's oddly silent on such a pervasive behavior...since using the Aneros is a form of masturbation, then God wouldn't condemn it either. They only way in which masturbation becomes a problem is if you're denying your spouse sexual pleasure in place of jacking off or if it's become an addiction. Of course, God doesn't want you to be selfish and deny your spouse and He doesn't want you to become addicted and have that negatively impact your life.

     If you wouldn't become possessed by masturbating, then your not going to become possessed by masturbating by putting something in your anus. I've incorporated anal and prostate stimulation in my masturbation since I was a teen, as well as my sex life with my wife for years. I see no Biblical warnings against this and in fact, we're encouraged as believers to delight in our spouses bodies in every way that brings one another pleasure. God made your anus and prostate to bring you this pleasure. Yea God!

    Although this may seem odd to those who aren't Christians, the Bible does clearly talk about demons and possession. However, there is again not one instance in Scripture of a Christian being demon possessed. You cannot, in fact, be possessed by a demon if the Holy Spirit dwells in you, which is the case if you are truly a follower of Jesus. There's no room for any other spirit. You could be oppressed or harassed by an evil spirit to be sure, but never overpowered in the sense of possession.

    Finally, I would say to you that ultimately, your conscience should be your guide. If you feel condemned in doing something, you shouldn't violate your conscience. There are clear, objective "dos" and "do nots" in the Bible and then there is your conscience to guide you through the subjective things of life. Not every single circumstance could possibly be covered in the Bible so God gave you a moral judge in your mind. If you know you should or shouldn't do something and you do it, then that is sin according to my understanding of Paul's teaching on the subject in Romans. 

    I hope this help. Feel free to PM me if you'd like. 

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    It seems you have encountered a panic attack situation similar to the one you just expressed before in 06/09. I thought you had worked through those issues but it seems you still harbor fears about Letting Go. I sincerely hope the responses of 'Gilman', 'Wandering_Smoke', 'ineverknew', nerve' and 'newguy8762' above will assuage your fears and instill you with courage to explore the totality of the sensual energy a loving creator has bestowed upon each of us.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I think some of us are control freaks, I know I am for sure!  Losing control can be very scary to some of us.  I also know this in part has affected my aneros sessions.  Is there a cure for people like us? lol  How do you learn to give up your control if even for a bit?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    At the outset, I must admit that until my mid-twenties, I was a committed Anglican but, for reasons I won't discuss here, I now believe I am, at best, agnostic.

    That aside, there are many in this forum who are devout Christians and obviously proud to declare it. One such, @STARR831 wrote that he gives thanks to God every day for the shear pleasure that he derives from his Aneros activity. Another elderly gent at age 80 a couple of years ago, wrote that he was "strongly Christian". I believe @isvara to be another who has mentioned his faith and gratefulness to God. Thanks greatly to @Wandering_smoke, @inverkenw and @newguy8762 for your comments. It's nice to have your input.

    On the subject of whether we should be deriving pleasure from Aneros activity, stimulation of the prostate, masturbation or any other sexual activity (that doesn't harm anyone in any way), why on earth shouldn't we?

    As an aside, I must thank @JMay for pointing me in the direction of Tantric practice. I am still almost only on the threshold of learning about this, but if anyone, @chrono86 especially, has any doubt about the rightness of what we are doing here, he should study Tantra.

    I recently learned from a female panelist on the BBC quiz show "QI", that the female clitoris has no other single purpose than to provide a woman with sexual pleasure. It serves no other purpose!

    If that is true, then I am prepared (and willing) to believe that the pleasure derived from prostate stimulation was designed into us for no other reason than to provide us with orgasms that can be achieved in no other way.

    It seems almost sacrilegious not to thank one's maker for the wonderful gifts that He/She has given us purely for our sexual pleasure!

    @chrono86, I hope you find this helpful.

    Hope that didn't come across too "preachy" lol
  • When I consider what prostate massage has done for me health wise I am reminded of of the admonition in scripture "physician heal thy self".As to your problem of "getting over the edge" I liken it to going down a very steep water slide.You have to remind your self that the water will be there to "catch you" if you are going to enjoy "the ride".  Best Regards    
  • jjajja
    Posts: 49

    You are out of your comfort zone, that's what is causing these feelings.  I think about it being morally wrong too sometimes.  This is my advice to you.  First just pray and ask God to guide you.  Maybe you won't find interest in the aneros anymore.  If you are like me you will be drawn back to it.

    Just pray to God.  Tell him you don't know if this is an immoral act or not and ask forgiveness if it is.  Ask for him to protect you from evil. 

    As a Christian I do not believe God is a cruel being.  I see him as a loving parent.  Every one is a sinner.  From my understanding going to hell isn't about being sent there.  It's about you telling God you don't want to be with him, and choosing not to enter Heaven.  I could be wrong but just my view :)

  • jjajja
    Posts: 49

    Here is something as a Christian you should remember.  In the old Testament people could be stoned for immoral acts.  When a group of people brought a woman who was to be stoned Jesus told them "Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone".  One by one the men left until it was just Jesus and the woman.  Jesus had never sinned and was therefor the only one justified in stoning the woman.  He did not.  He told her to not sin again and go on her way.  Jesus is God.  He just wants us to be happy and knows that being sinful hurts us.  Don't look at God as a killjoy.  He is a parent.  Sometimes children don't like when a parent tells them not to do something.  They feel like the parent doesn't want them to have fun when in fact the parent just wants them to be safe.  I don't know how your family life is but my parents would never sentence me to cruel punishment because I gave in and did something wrong.


  • Thanks to all for the responses. They have eased my fears substantially. I shall give it another go.