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stuck on the peak - need a push
  • question. When you "go over the edge," is it like a sharp spike or a gradually increasing thing? ive been trying this for about 18 months, on and off, and have finally begin noticing some differences by using different positions. the kneeling beside bed one seems to be the most intense as far as things getting kicked off quickly. however, i seem to tire before anything really happens. i know im impatient. but i guess im confused about the calling signs of the actual super o coming. all the posts indicate that its certainly mind-blowingly awesome and intense. but are there any pre-cursors to look for?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    I know I posted somewhere on this before...just can't remember I'll give it to you on the fly. Precursors like so much of this process, are an individual thing. Precursors range from a tickling sensation in the abdomen...much like when you yawn or stretch,.. to a swelling surging sensation in that area. Some people experience a flurry of involuntary anal contractions, while others do not. Penile engorgment is very common,...i.e. like the most intense hardon that you've ever had. Still others fail to become fully erect at all...even when in the midst of a Super O! Perineal twitching, anal twitching, deep rectal twitching, have been observed as well. Muscular rigidity (myotonia)...contraction of skeletal muscle is often seen.

    A tickling sensation that runs through the inside of your penis, perineum, anus and prostate simultaneously.

    With some individuals a Super O comes on gradually in a very global manner, such that one feels surrounded by a warm blanket of energy. Others experience a more convulsive reaction. Naturally, some of these things that I've listed become major components of the orgasm itself (as opposed to being exclusively precursor sensations).

    Ooops...almost forgot, a classic precursor can often be the Aneros being drawn into your rectum involuntarily. That is, you're going along....then all of sudden you start feeling this warm sensation below...and the next thing you know the Aneros is being drawn inside you...seemingly on its own.

    Hope this helps!

    BF Mayfield

  • when using your previously described technique of kneeling beside bed, do you arch your butt out, like women do during doggie style, or do you keep your back straight? ive noticed different feelings depending on which way i do it. both feel good i just dont know which way to go. there is a point, i should say that when im moving my hips back and forth between the back straight and butt out positions that it feels pretty intense. its like a real sensitive place that is hard to hold onto. could that be THE position?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Because of the height of my bed nowadays, it's difficult to arch my back while kneeling (the angle of my back in relationship to the floor is not right for it). On all fours however, I've used an arched back to great success. If you have a bed that affords you the possibility of arching your back .....stay with it. Follow the sensation.....let it be your guide.


    BF Mayfield