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It pops out
  • DooDooDooDoo
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    First of all sorry for my bad english, i'm from europe etcetc. thx :) So i bought my first aneros (a Helix) like 2 months ago, and i wasn't that lucky enough to achieve a Super or any kind of O either of any of the first tries.. I was a bit dissapointed, and i quickly ordered the MGX (because that was the most popular here, and worked for lots of people here), and the SGX (because i'm not that tall, and i tought my prostate is maybe a little closer to my anus). Well i used them few times a week tried all of them, and i felt that i'm on the good way and every time i'm a bit closer. Anyway few days ago when i used the SGX maybe i found the way to the Super-O I think, but almost just before the orgasm the aneros popped out and it didnt happen. I tought i used too much lube (like 5cc internally). So today i tried without internal lubrication, only coating the aneros (SGX again). First it happened quite similat that that session few days ago, but i put it back again and give it another chance.. well that was a good idea, because i think i had a Super-O (at least a mini-O), but before the orgasm hit me the aneros popped out this time too, but now it didnt stop me to reach my goal, the full body orgasm, and lots of liquid came out of my penis, just like when i ejaculate but i think this came only from my prostate because when i stroked myfself few times after this i ejaculated sperm... so i the first one wast an ordinary orgasm.. Anyway what can i do to avoid the popping out thing? I just need to learn to keep that inside while i'm (and my muscles are) that relaxed? How common is this thing?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    How common is expelling the Aneros? Let's put it this happens sometimes. Prior to and during a Super O it is possible to experience some very strong involuntary contractions. When these involve the rectal muscles, the possibility exists that the unit may be ejected. Your first instinct is good....back off on the lubrication a bit. However, as you are still having the problem, I'd suggest one or two things. First, consider returning to one of your larger units that you have. It might be that they provide a more snug fit for you. Second, keep your hand down there when you feel you are getting closer to orgasm....if you feel it coming out...let your hand be a guide to keep it in place.....not so much as to push it back in, but more as an obstacle to keep it from coming out all of the way. I know that this seems unnatural but there is really no way that I'm aware of, of keeping the Aneros in without substantially restricting its mobility.

    Given that you are experiencing some measure of success, I'm very reluctant to advise that you change anything with respect to how you are contracting. In that regard....something IS working for you! Of the two alternatives, I think I would try using my hand first. I should tell you that from time to time I've used my hand to reposition the abutment tab on my sweet spot and it hasn't stopped me from having some wonderful orgasms.

    At some point in the future, once you've gained some experience with the Super O, you might want to focus on voluntarily contracting (with anal contractions that is) at the time of orgasm. Anal contractions close the anus (and draw the unit back inside). Rectal contractions on the other hand are the ones normally experienced during a bowel movement.....they push outward, in this case expelling the Aneros. Again, for now don't change your contractions....revisit that later.

    BF Mayfield
  • I use to have this problem a lot! infact it must have happened everytime I used it for 4 straight months! and I use it every other day, sadly I cant explain how I managed to stop it happening as I changed nothing, It just stopped happening which I think may be coz of experience as I am SO close to a super O, I really believe its days away and not weeks lol so my guess is with experience the problem will stop, maybe its to do with the mucsles getting stronger as the more you use it, so you have more grip?
  • Edit
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    Thanks for the replies, i think too that time and practice will solve it... if i use aneros again :) Yesterday afternoon i used them again (SGX and MGX), nothing much, few times close to a mini-o i think but the popping out always distracts me, so i finished after like 1,5 hrs, but when i went to sleep hours later i wast too sleepy so i tried contracting the muscles etc without the aneros... and 10-20 minutes later i had a mini-o i think.. just like the normal orgasm just without ejaculation. So for a week or few weeks maybe i'll try to practice without the aneros. For those who had orgasms (non ejaculatory ofc.) with and without the aneros.. which was the better? was there any difference? i hope i can learn to achieve a super-o without aneros then i wont need to toil with lubrication and washing things, and avoid those preparations and cleaning up.
  • I've never completely expelled, but I find when stimulation starts to build up it gets pushed out enough to stop stimulating my prostate and then I have to start over. This is a major obstacle for me.

    One suggestion I can make for you is to wear loose fitting underwear, preferrably boxer briefs that are loose enough to allow the aneros to move but will put some resistance on it if its gets pushed out too far.