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Aneros Questions
  • AndrewPAndrewP
    Posts: 6
    Hi everyone,

    I have recently changed to ID Glide lube and also bought a lube applicator and I am beginning to see some improvement but not much.
    I am just wondering if someone could answer some questions which may help with progress.

    1) My lube applicator is about 10cm long, should I fill it all up with lube or just some?
    2) When I remove my lube applicator, I always get a lot of trapped air, could this be hindering me?
    3) I am still getting a lot of non pleasurable bouncy "in-voluntaries" when releasing contractions, does anyone know what I mean?, How do I stop these and produce the stronger in-voluntaries?
    4) Does moving in to a position which tighten the skin where the p tab rests, improve things?

    Hope someone can help

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    1. push the applicator fully in, put tip well in to bottle of lube draw back the entire 10cm.
        You should use all of this it would be about 5ml of lube.
    Before you stick it up lube your finger tip and pre lube your sphincter all the way in.
    2. insert applicator in through sphincter gently until just the tip gets all the way through, then push the applicator plunger all the way in, then withdraw applicator. now wind should have got in with this method.
    If it does then maybe swap to a 5ml syringe (without the needle) you can buy one from a chemist it is about the same size as a applicator. Tell them its for feeding your pet baby bird. A syringe has a rubber plunger and has no air gap at all.
    3.Just go with it let the in-voluntaries do what they want it will take months and months but things slowly change sometime quicker than other times. You can not force progress!
    4. no not really but it is important to find your correct position, it makes a night and day difference!
    laying on my side knees slightly bent has been best for me and a few mates. to find your best position you need to try the position for at least  i would say 30 min and get fully relaxed. It can make a difference if it is your left or your right too.

    Good luck dude. Keep it up your doing fine and asking good intelligent questions as well.
    Remember it is a long road it took 6 month with almost daily use for me to start to have good feeling.
    When they happen you will wonder why the hell you did not start this years ago.
    I am at the 1.5 year mark and I would find it real hard if not imposable to go without for a extended period.
    It gets in your very soul, its heaven.