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what does a prostate orgasm feel like?
  • seby223seby223
    Posts: 26
    In terms of a penis orgasm / or female orgasm(the prostate is equivalent to the female g spot), does it feel like a penis one or is it a different feel altogether? Where does it feel? How long???
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @seby223, thats very hard to describe.  For me, a dry O is mostly like a regular penis orgasm but tends to be much longer lasting, sometimes a couple of minutes and much more powerful.  The super O is even harder to describe, kinda like the dry O but much more intense.  I suggest you read this thread and see what others describe for a better idea.
  • imadeitimadeit
    Posts: 20

    This is how I would describe it:  When you were a teenager, before having any sex or masturbation.  There is a period of time where there is some weird feeling inside of your bottom, coming from Prostate.  that feeling just won't go away, and make you eager to do something about it.

    During a Super O, it's that strange feeling get amplified a few hundred times, to the point that, you mind would go into a total blank state.  Your body feels helpless, and your IQ seems to drop to 0, but you want to stay in that state.  This state lasts several minutes instead of a few seconds.  You can continue again afterwards.  This is very similar to how a female describes her first O.  By study, an orgasm produced by Penis is much less than a typical female.  There is no  significant study on super O yet, but I feel it is at least the same level a female gets, if not more.  Another big difference is that, a Super O sends the pleasure to your entire body, instead of just one point.

    Last thing about it is that, as male, most of our body parts naturally won't produce a good response on touch.  By design, our body has many sexual nerves all over the place.  Female gets to enjoy those more than male by default.  A super O would wake up those nerves.

  • RastaYogaRastaYoga
    Posts: 53
    For me the thing that comes before the super - O is almost a feeling of fear... that something very, Very, VERY intense and out of control is happening... something incredibly 'naughty' and weird is exploding and internal wires are crossing.. short circuiting... melting down... something very perverted... a little taboo... but feels 10x better than all the 'missionary' sex in the world, squared and then cubed. Almost a forbidden mystical experience... or an intense sense of ego dissolution, depersonalization "losing yourself deep in the experience." The sensations - from the root to the crown - that follow are is SOOO wickedly, exhilaration, deliciously good. 
  • PareidoliaPareidolia
    Posts: 90
    I call it being sacrificed to the gods...
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    @seby223: I wish I could describe it, but it keeps changing. The common thread seems to be full body, full senses, intense, long lasting, ever changing, repeating, and surprising as in "did that really happen?".

    For me, learning to relax has been the driver of change. The more I learn to relax rather than react, the further the experience seems to go. I have been frightened. I have had brilliant color flashes. I've had intense sensations and mental imagery that visited for only a short while. I think as the rewiring progresses, new possibilities are created, hence the changing experience. Lately, rather than intense physical reactions, I seem to be immersed in energy. I can't explain it, I'm along for the ride!