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Aneros Brand Lubricant
  • xnxxmaxxnxxmax
    Posts: 6
    Has anyone here tried the Aneros branded lubricant? I'm debating whether or not to purchase some.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Never have and probably never will with the assortment of natural food grade oils that you can get at Walmart for considerably cheaper.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @xnxxmax. I totally agreed with stumpy. Food grade at least Sweet Almond Oil is my preferred lube. I only used a small amount. I have tried the Aneros lube but I did not feel happy with it. It is quite expensive. I still have several unused boxes of it. The pointy end I think might be useful for something in the future.
  • xnxxmaxxnxxmax
    Posts: 6
    Okay thanks! I might just get one container of it to try it out.