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Exploring on X Tube
  • I was exploring on Xtube some guys who have 'got it' and found this one.

    It is sooooo erotic....

    I am going to limber up, relax and attempt.
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    This guys vids are fantastic, wonder if he is a member here.  Another great one is this:

  • I remember thinking these videos were bullshit back in the early days of my Aneros experience.  NOW 'catch a wave and you'll be sitting on top of the world!'  I was dancing by the end of this vid!
  • I was inspired to buy the Aneros by this hot video I saw on xtube and have not looked back:

    I decided I wanted to share this great secret with as many other guys out there as possible so made a video too.
    I know some of you guys may have seen my video I did a little while ago, but for anyone who hasn't here is the link:
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome back goldenboyuk, eroticist and sensualist artist supreme!!!

    Thanks for re-posting your link to your ecstatic Aneros introduction!!! The early vids by generous open Anerosians such as you goldenboyuk, darwin and ArcticWolves, were for me SO instructive as to the whole gamut of muscles responses if one is relaxed and open to whatever your body/mind will do responding to the Aneros massage.

    Your knees up while on your back and opening outward and clenching inward confirmed and reinforced my similar action at key dry orgasms in my own sequences in my sessions. Furthermore, having felt that connection and resonating with similar energies, I have felt an ongoing energies link with you that activates spontaneously, just as the links I feel with many Anerosians here do.

    all the very best prostate awakening and energies openings via Aneros and complementary practices into this profound art of living all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • This is weird. I am most definitely straight, but watching some of these videos seems to awaken my own prostate. any more?

  • Thank you artform for your kind words :)
    It's really great when I get comments on my video from other guys who I have inspired to try the Aneros for themselves, I feel I just want to share this wonderful secret and inspire men to explore there is more to an orgasm than ejaculation.
    I really hope to do another video sometime this year.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @goldenboyuk,

    Your using the Helix Classic video on Xtube is one of the best there. The photography excellent. There is another Brit who also posted three videos on Xtube. His handle was RedBeard2000 and he uses the Progasm. He also was active here for some weeks in 2000. Both you guys inspired me to get both the Helix Classic and Progasm in late December 2011.

    Now I wish I had photographic equipment here in my apartment to video record my Aneros sessions. I say this because I just love how the Maximus, Progasm, and Helix models give me such a great autof**k!

    Another suggestion is for to have a section for us to upload videos of our sessions if we wish!

  • Ok...this may not be the right place to ask but I am gonna do it anyway.  After watching the 2 above mentioned videos and prior to that another one using the Aneros I am compelled to ask a couple of questions.  While each individual was "experiencing"  what I assume was some type of pleasure....was all of the action involuntary?  On the one with the UK it appeared to me that he may have experienced 2 Big O's...right????

    I have yet to experience anything like this...but it seems it would wear your ass out!!!  Is there a sensation towards the end of "fulfillment"????  Something similar to that of ejaculation the "typical" way?  They both appeared to get to the sensational point rather quickly.  I take it that to be because they are "rewired"...right.  

    Appreciate you sharing the experience...believe people who are learning about this will pick up on the little things that you did so as to enhance their experience.  For example...the placement of the Aneros in both videos  will help me in the future.

  • Still no success here
  • NeuroNeuro
    Posts: 42
    I too was inspired by Devil872's video a few years back.  For whatever reason, I never found the wild, uncontrollable thrashing all that pleasurable.  Maybe I still need to surrender to the experience more.  BUt anyway, Devils video illustrates that beautiful, exquisite feeling of being auto-fucked and having your cock bounce up and down to the beat of the aneros.  Whenever this happens for me, I know i'm reaching Super O levels and I just relax into the calm seas of involuntary dry orgasms.