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What was this? (Super-O, mini-O?)
  • So I've had an Aneros Helix for about a month. After some messing around with finding the right position to lay in and getting myself used to having a foreign object "up there" plus finding the right way to get enough lube, I started actually getting some results over about 4 - 5 "proper" sessions.

    The first thing is - I think I had just a regular dry orgasm after just pelvic motions. It felt stronger than a regular ejaculatory orgasm, but I couldn't reproduce it. The next session I went on for about an hour with nothing happening. Then I just started moving around different muscles and turned on some porn. Well while I was doing that I got the same orgasm I had before except this time - the orgasm happened over and over again. I lost count at how many times it happened. All I know is I became exhausted, it had been an hour since the orgasms started and they were fierce. I believe they were full body orgasms. Eventually I decided to just end it by using my Meiki Maria sleeve. (kind of like a fleshlight only more realistic)

    Anyway, the orgasm I had from that was actually just barely on par with the multiple orgasms I had over an hour, maybe even not quite as strong.

    I'm not sure if this is what is referred to as a "Super-O" or if it was something else. All I really know it is that it was the most pleasurable sensations I've ever felt in my life. I'm just kind of confused as to what it was.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    If you enjoyed it that much, does it really need to be named?

    Yes, I do think you experienced one variant of the super-O.
  • It sounds like a kind of "super" O to me ;)

    There are different levels types... no two are the same.

    Was it completely outside your normal frame of reference and deeply moving / astonishing / profound? Those are some of the ways a Super O feels to me. 

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    "...the orgasm happened over and over again. I lost count at how many times it happened." From the Aneros WIKI "Multiple orgasms are possible since one never falls from a certain level of arousal (effectively staying in the plateau phase between orgasms)."
    "All I know is I became exhausted, it had been an hour since the orgasms started and they were fierce. I believe they were full body orgasms." From the WIKI definition of a Super-O - "A Super-O is an overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasm that may involve: durations of minutes at a time; full-body orgasmic waves of pleasure..."
    "All I really know it is that it was the most pleasurable sensations I've ever felt in my life." From the WIKI definition of a Super-O - "Super-O is an abbreviation of "super orgasm," a term coined by Aneros user Brian Mayfield for an orgasm that steps out of the normal frame of reference."

    Goodness man, it seems to me there should be no confusion here, you had a Super-O, so congratulations. Joy2 Despite the often heard refrain "you'll know it when you have one" I think many men discount their extraordinary Aneros experiences as something other than a Super-O because they still cling to false expectations of the experience. "Just Let Go !" of the expectations and let your body show you what its got.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Heh, well I wasn't sure. I've been on this "journey" for about 2 months and things just keep getting more intense. 

    I can trigger those orgasms I noted above by doing certain things - and sometimes those are more enjoyable because I can keep it up for hours if I want. I now suspect these are just really strong p-waves or dry-o's or a variant of a super-o. They actually happen if I don't let it build to an amazing conclusion like the ones I'm talking about below...

    The ones I'm getting now are more intense but have a refractory period it seems, of about 10 - 15 minutes. This makes it so I can't just ride wave after wave like the ones I described above. They feel a lot more like I just came, and I get the same type of feeling. They include my entire body going into involuntary movements and breathing with a sensation of cumming for several minutes. This makes me ooze precum. (this would be what I expected a Super-O to be, but it wouldn't have happened if I didn't "Just Let Go" like you stated above, and you're right there are many other different orgasms to be had other than this one.) 

    It scared me the first time it happened due to the intensity, but that seems to happen a lot on this journey because they're all new sensations I've never felt before. Like the first time I had p-waves from valley breathing and nipple stimulation I was scared of them because it was strange and new. (this was months ago) 

    Another orgasm I've recently discovered is the anal orgasm - this one is quite a bit different from the 2 I mention above and sometimes I ride an anal orgasm into a different orgasm felt more in the penis. Anal orgasms I usually don't have an erection and the orgasm is distinctly felt in the anal region. 

    All three are stronger than ejaculatory though, by a long shot. Unless it's an extremely strong Super-T, but I don't even like those too much anymore. 

    I can trigger all these orgasms without the aneros and just nipple stimulation along with perineum, but everything gets quite a bit more intense & easier with the aneros. I've found how to move my muscles all through the aneros - I doubt I'd be able to trigger them without the aneros if I never used it. 

    I'm sure there might be even more surprises in store as I continue, but I really can't imagine it getting more intense to be honest. Maybe I'll be able to get nipple orgasms next. 

    In a lot of ways I'm kind of upset I didn't discover this stuff sooner - it does take training but the rewards so far have been monumental and have changed me completely when I think about sexuality. (Not in in an orientation way, but as in what an orgasm really is)

  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    Right on! I am in parallel with you, except for the refractory period. Do you get a sense of relief (like the traditional orgasm) ?

    You are right about the progressive improvements. Today for the first time I had a continuous orgasm while driving to the gym. Talk about the challenge of hiding your face contortions, while squirming around in your seat trying to avoid hitting the car in front of you. Got to the parking lot and had to make a choice of feeling my orgasm or working out. After ten minutes I broke away and walked weak kneed to the gym.

    So according to my logic this is ahead for you (for better or worse).

    The refractory period isn't all that bad if you get some relief. I get some respite after about 50 orgasms. This will last about two hours and the urges return.

    Is it possible that you are slipping in traditional orgasms in a modified improved form? If so, why not,?

    You are really doing well. Keep it up and keep us posted.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392

    I occasionally have these out of the blue, totally unprovoked. A little distracting in rush hour traffic. It seems harder to make them stop than start.

  • thick75, yes it sort of feels like relief, but I guess it kind of depends on how intense it was. I used to smoke years ago, and when I had a regular orgasm I always wanted a cigarette. I still get cravings for them occasionally after having an orgasm, and I get them sometimes with these orgasms during the refractory period. Like, I'm satisfied and I don't really need anything more. Though still stimulated and ready for more if I want. 

    It might just be because my body gets a little worn out from the orgasm so it knows to stop for a little while. I have no idea really. The lesser the intensity the less refractory period I experience. The intensity does vary quite a bit, but it seems to be much more intense when I don't ejaculate for at least a couple days. Every time I ejaculate I think why did I do this? It feels really weak. To think not long ago, in fact just a few months ago, I was highly skeptical of MMO and just bought the aneros on a whim. 
  • thick75thick75
    Posts: 60
    For me i do not have any refractory periods. I never ejaculate.(well not true..I did once in the last 2 months. I had to jack off really hard with my hands and it just happened. But normally no ejaculate.). I think you are close to non ejaculatory dry orgasms. I think when you are there you will not have much if any sense of relief. This is the good and bad of what we are doing. Lots of great feelings and the urge for more that can consume me. Talk about addictions. I probably average at least 5 sessions a day. What normal person would do this? Screw it. It feels so good I don't care. But i am working I'm it. I just need to put myself in situations where i can not have a session. Maybe over time I will reduce this down to once a day. I have reached a point where i can keep a single orgasm going for as l long as i want e.g one hour. I just work on the intensity. Obviously no refractory periods. I wish i could just dial up a refractory period at will.