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Need suggestions
  • Hello everybody, first, I hope this is the right section of the forum... If it's not, please excuse me. Okay, I'll explain my situation: there have been 3 months since I bought an MGX aneros. For the first two weeks i tried it, without results, I was not in the right mood and didn't feel anything. A week ago I bought an Helix, hoping it would help with my sessions. Before buying the helix I almost stopped using my MGX because I had lost faith in it. Before using the helix i read some of the most important posts of the forum... So i started again with another mind, without any expectations. Well, finally I started feeling something... My first session lasted about 1 hour and half. I tried to concentrate on my prostate. Alternating a small contraction, persistent, of about 5 secs, with a little more powerful one lasting about 12 secs, after some minutes I started feeling something. I did not have a prostate orgasm, but I started feeling good sensations even if for a short period of time (about a minute?). In the other 3 sessions during this week, I almost felt these type of sensations, but earlier then the first session, probably because my prostate is becaming sensible to the aneros. I know it could take a lot of time to have a prostate orgasm, also because I also need to became accustomed to these new sensations, but my "problem" is that when the sensations became more intense, I lose my concentration and I have to start over again. Sometimes I'm not able to concentrate again and i have to stop. I don't know why it happens, but I'm thinking that this is a new experience, and maybe with time I will learn how to remain concentrated on the feelings... Well, when I lose the concentration it seems that I'm "scared" about what could happen if the sensations increase again, because I never felt them. So I'm asking you: are there any suggestions or advices for a new aneros member like me? :P or it's only a mtter of time? (becaming more relaxed when sensations increase, mantain concentration.etc...) thank you guys! :) P.S: sorry for my bad english, I'm italian :P
  • Have you tried the "do nothing" approach? you might be surprised what your body does without your input. It's worth a try if you haven't yet. Also, relaxation is probably the most important element in the scenario (for me), not much happens if I'm not relaxed enough. In that vein, Hypnaerosession might help you out also.
  • Welcome to the forum @blak24 Kegal exercises. Training your PC muscles is the key. Not your sphincter  muscles but the ones you stop your pee with. It takes a lot of practice and the more you do and the longer you can hold them the better. Even while you have not got a aneros in during the day.
    You can practice them and no one knows your doing them.
    Practice them when you have the aneros in and work on holding different pressures. ie 100% 50% 25%.
    Practice anerosing every second night or as much as possible and after a couple of months you might start to feel some sort of nice feelings while contracting.
    At some point you will find that instead of just doing contractions you will put it in, wait a bit do maybe a few contractions the just completely relax all muscles. If your mind and body are ready you will notice that if you stay relaxed and just breath nice constant breaths the aneros will start to twitch by its self.
    This will be the begining of your new love affair! It wont be spectacular straight away but with time more and more feeling awakens and as this develops the pleasure increases more and more. With this your hunger for aneros sessions will get stronger and stronger too.
    Think I have been at it for about 9 months now and when I have a good session I just dont want it to stop.
    Its not like sex, its different in some ways better and some ways not. 

    You must keep persisting at it, its the only way. You wont regret it!
    I started with the helix classic so can not recommend the mgx. But I can recommend the helix for beginners and intermediates. It has had its moments when it was not working but when it does look out its great.
    It gives the most pressure out of all the smaller models.
    Have fun its a long journey but it will change your life.

  • @embers: what is the "do nothing" method precisely? Anyway, answering to @braveneworld, well in my sessions I always contract my PC muscle... Well.. Contracting it makes also my sphincter muscles contracted... I think :P
  • 'Doing nothing' is basically that. Laying down, and NOT intentionally contracting any muscles. Stimulation/touching may or may not be included, but personally I don't do that either.

    The point behind this method is that sensations will automatically occur and build, needing no encouragement or enticing. For quite a few members (me included) it works well since deliberate contractions and other things can distract from those subtle key sensations. The time it can take for 'doing nothing' set in varies for people though - some is instant, others could be half an hour. 
  • Okay, thank you darkengine :) I will also try that in my other sessions, thank you!
  • @blak24 The method I described is the same. It is the do nothing method however it did not work straight away.
    The exercises were key in getting the body ready for the do nothing method.
    Another thing no one has said is position, some people find it works while on your back others it is while you are on your side. For me it was on my side.
    Experiment yourself.
    When I started out I was getting nothing out of it so I practised kegals (PC muscles)  and I just got to a point where I did not have to do anything.
    At this point, I reckon about 3 months in I put the aneros in and within 10 seconds the aneros twitch would start. The twitching ten starts to produce P-waves. little waves of nice feelings.
    Once this starts you could have it in all day and or night. Pretty much the p-wave just keeps going.
    The more the months go by the better the feelings. You just gotta get to that stage :)
  • position was important for me also, only in the last couple sessions have i started to get good results in any position but on my left side.
  • Ok thank you again guys! :)
  • rumelrumel
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    As the other members above have already mentioned, relaxation, patience and awareness are all important factors in making progress along your journey. Learning to stay focused in your awareness is a mental discipline which you can develop more thoroughly, it just takes continued practice.
    There is a natural tendency to be a little scared or apprehensive about experiencing new sensations. However, you can rest assured your body will not create sensations which would do you harm or endanger you in any way. The fear you may be experiencing is being generated entirely by your ego consciousness' concept of losing control over actions generated by one's own body. This "control" is largely illusionary to begin with, so you would be better served to tell your ego to "Just Let Go" and enjoy the ride of sensations your body will be producing.
    Please see the "Do Nothing" What does that mean? thread for a little more information.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image