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Perineum/Base of Penis Orgasms
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    I'd like to describe two ways that I've found to have incredible non-ejaculatory orgasms. First some background: I'm a married 48-year old male and became interested in the Aneros as I looked into prostate health. I wanted to be able to include my wife in my journey but I was a bit worried about how open she would be to the idea. Our wedding anniversary was coming up so I decided to buy a vibrator for my her and the Helix for myself. These were the first toys we've ever used together. I tried the Helix out on my own for about a month before our anniversary. It took quite a few sessions before I started to feel any pleasure at all. Eventually, I did start to feel pleasure but nothing that seemed like it would build up into an orgasm.

    Our anniversary came and my wife was very open to using the toys to spice things up. She liked (and still likes) the vibrator a lot. I enjoyed much stronger erections and orgasms with the Helix in during intercourse but I never had an orgasm without penile stimulation. At some point, my wife decided to play with her vibrator around my perineum and anus. Now that really felt good. For sanitary reasons, I decided I should have my own vibrator. We now have a lot of fun with them. However, even with the vibrator, I feel much more sensation on my perineum and anus than I do inside. It doesn't seem like the Helix nor the vibrator are making contact with my prostate.

    The whole prostate orgasm idea opened my mind to the idea that a man could orgasm without ejaculating, For many years, I've been more into the pleasure of sex rather than just the goal of ejaculating. With this opened mind, I enjoyed the wonderful feelings of having the vibrator on my perineum and had a non-ejaculatory orgasm fairly quickly during a session with my wife. In that same session, I realized that I could have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms that way.

    Armed with not only the belief that men could have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms but with having actually experienced it, our sex life really opened up. The feeling of having longer lasting, more internal orgasms that I could have over and over rather than a short one-shot release has made me much more in tune with what my wife experiences. It has also awakened the senses in my whole pelvis region. I began investigating what other sweet spots I might have.

    I can now have incredibly intense, whole body spasm orgasms by simply putting a little pressure on my perineum and, believe it or not, on the top of the base of my penis. I know the penis is the same tissue as the clitoris and that the tissue continues inside. Maybe that's what does it but it's amazing. I can rub or simply put a little pressure on the area between my pelvis bone and the base of my penis and feel pleasure. Sometimes a few seconds after I start, I'm already starting to feel an orgasm build; other times in takes a couple minutes. These orgasms are not as deep inside as the orgasms I have from perineum stimulation but they are just as wonderful. It's nice to have a variety.

    I can never stop at just one of these orgasms simply because they always seem to just keep going. The first one builds and explodes and then backs off a little but never really seems to end before the next one comes along. Every time I I think it's time to move on, another one comes along. Last night my wife was just massaging my perineum a little with her foot and after a minute or so I could feel an orgasm building. After a couple orgasms, she decided she needed to get to sleep so I replaced her foot with my hand, had a few more orgasms.

    I do put out a little fluid with each orgasm. After a sessions of these
    orgasms, I do not feel tired. I feel relaxed yet energized. It feels like some wonderful drug is being released. Sometimes I tell my wife I feel like a
    puddle afterwards. After these session, I do not feel any need to ejaculate. In fact, I don't ever feel the urge to ejaculate anymore. However, I have found that after a few days of these sessions, I start to feel pressure inside and that seems to reduce my sensitivity. Ejaculating releases the pressure and brings back full sensitivity.

    I would like to figure out why I don't seem to be able to feel sensations on my prostate. I believe the sensations I feel on my perineum are from stimulation of the sweet spot of nerve endings there. For now tough, the orgasms I'm having are so much better in every way than traditional ones.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @PCD - Cool experience! The fact that you can have dry multiple orgasms via touching and vibrating your perineum suggests that you should be able to easily transfer that ability to prostate massage with practice.

    Your concern of the Helix not producing sensations on your prostate, or even believing that it is touching it is very common with new users. Give yourself time and regular Aneros sessions. Over time it will become sensitized. Every guy progresses at different speeds on this journey, and eventually it happens.

    I think what occurs to me out of curiosity though is...  What is your motivation to even try with the Aneros when you've already learned to have dry multiple orgasms with your two other techniques? Were I you, I'd be highly  tempted to just work on the multi-orgasmic technique that works.
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  • darwindarwin
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    i agree on continuing to try with the aneros.  have you experimented with your penis-base pressure spot while the aneros is in?  keep the faith.

    about the penis base spot, a long while ago i experimented with that spot but since forgot about it.  thank you much for reminding me. 

    i just was doing it, sitting in my recliner, pushing my finger deep into where my penis meets my belly, pushing against the bone in there.   you are right, that is a mighty spot.   i had strong dry orgasms that way, some soft some rock hard, like i was cumming.

    about the vibrator, can you give a hint what kind you have had success with?

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    @Love_is - Variety is the spice of life. I enjoy having two different ways to dry orgasm now, each with they're own special feeling. I'd like to add prostate orgasms to the mix since I'm sure they different. I imagine they're even deeper and stronger, but not as convenient :) I've read that some Aneros users have multiple models. Sure, they may have their favorite, but they like the variety.

    @darwin: I have not tried penis-base pressure together with the Aneros. I'll have to give that a try. I wound up getting the Velvet Touch Vibrator from Adam & Eve. It feels very good everywhere except my prostate. I just don't feel it there. I would like to try one of the P-Spot/G-Spot wand type vibrators sometime to see if it can reach my prostate. I also have small bullet vibrator that works very well on my penis base/pelvic area.
  • You guys are the pros. I always read and think about what you say.  But you are now really getting into my head. For me my orgasms are so intense and frequent that give me this total pleasure, I can not even imagine taking it to an even higher level.  I would think that I would explode into many pieces.  Are you saying that you really want something better than or something that enhances the Super O? I would think that I would need a Code Blue medical team ready on standby. Please tell me that this is not what you are saying. If you are, then in spite of my protests, my curiosity will cause this addict to try it. If there is something better I might as well kiss my normal life (as little of it as  remains now) good bye and head into the promised land of infinite orgasms that totally paralyze me. Please tell me to calm down.. you didn't really say this. Right? You are not suggesting that there are higher levels to be mastered?
  • @thick75
    In the thread titled "Need suggestions" (, @rumel said "However, you can rest assured your body will not create sensations which would do you harm or endanger you in any way".  I have to believe that is true, even though I have not experienced any of what you have described.

    Also, having read certain threads on this forum, members like @artform, @B Mayfield, and many others have described what I consider to be many, many levels of pleasurable sensations.  It's all happening in the brain (an oversimplification perhaps), so anything is possible.  Does this excite, or frighten you?

    Remember, "Death is just nature's way of telling you to slow down" :)

    Apologies to @PCD.
    Posts: 6
    @thick75 - I don't consider what I experience to be super O's. I do, on occasion, experience orgasms lasting around 5 minutes that include shaking of every part of my body. Those are, unfortunately rare and are probably mostly dependent on the atmosphere at the time. If I was having Super O's as I read described here, I may or may not seek anything further. As I said, I'm just interested in experiencing a prostate orgasm so I know what it's like.
  • @PCD

    Apparently the definition of a super O is elusive.  An orgasm is so hard to describe. I think the best that I have heard, and the one by which I am guided, is that a super orgasm is something that is more intense, or more recurring, or more frequent that a dry orgasm.  A simple dry orgasm, as I gather, is just like a wet orgasm but without the ejaculation. Since the ejaculation is missing, you are able to "reload" and go again. But there would be a need for further stimulation and the periods between the orgasms might be extended. So it would be like successive wet orgasms if such were possible.  

    I have many orgasms that are very intense.. more intense that I remember from my wet orgasms.  I can have these without any stimulation... just the contractions.  Or I can stimulate myself.  In any case these orgasms last a lot longer.  In fact it seems that I have control over the length by whether I choose to contract and breath deeply. So for me, I can have 10 to 20 or more orgasms over a span of 15 minutes. I can control how long and how many. It is a matter of endurance. 

    When you say that you are able to have orgasms that last 5 minutes, I believe you are having a super O.  A traditional orgasm will last less than 20 seconds.. usually about 10 to 12 seconds.  Obviously you have taken your orgasmic ability to a higher level. I am interested to see what the pros on this site say.  I say you are in the beginning stages of developing you super O. For me, I know that this is a journey.  You start off with a few minutes and the time increases.  I think you are there

    As far as a prostate orgasm is concerned. I think you are experiencing a prostate orgasm.  You are massaging the prostate and it is reacting with sending signals to the brain that are pleasurable. Thus your orgasm.

    Perhaps I have this wrong.  But you should feel good about your progress. You are there.  If you do this every niight (or whatever) each session will seem better than the last. 

    At the risk of being repetitive.  In the beginning I really concentrated on each type of contraction, which one goes first, who is next etc.  When do I do deep valley breathing? Am I aroused, having the kind of fantasy etc.  Very complicated.  Today I am less than 60 days into my "bootcamp" approach to all of this. I do this every night.  This means that i am awake much of each night as i have these orgasms. Then I take the device out in the morning, but still continue some of this during the day. Then the night comes and I start over.  Very intense program. BUT today I have almost no set routine.  Just put lube up, put device in, go to sleep, get awoken by a oontraction, and I am on the way.  No special sequence.  Just have the orgasms. 

    I think you are about where I was 30 days ago.  You are having the super O and you are working on making it better. You are still re-wiring which accounts for those times when you are not having the orgasms.  All of this is progressive and gradual. 

    I feel a little stupid pontificating as if I am an expert. I am not.  The other guys on this site are. But I am relating your experience with mine and i think I am accurate about my own observations.  In the final analysis it is not important about the definitions etc.  You are having better orgasms and it is getting even better over time. I hope I am helping you.  Isn't life great?