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My Health Journey
  • Hi Everyone,

    as some here are aware I have been on a rocky path (nothing to do with the massager) for 18 months now. This has been mainly due to spine surgery, but I also am an IBS sufferer.

    To recap - my desire and use of this amazing product was to relieve clinically diagnosed  BPH, when i have been able to use the Helix, the effects were remarkable, however due to my nerve related issues in my lower spine this also set off some very complex issues, to boot the internal contractions we all love also put my upper sphincter into spasm. I have done all I can in different ways to find ways round both issues, but finally had to concede defeat. :( I had a colonoscopy recently and everything is fine).

    So my days for now of the sheer joy and health benefits of the Aneros are on hold, however I have discovered many things on my journey and the most important one is that all men should really drop the stigma of anal internal stimulation and learn that just because your gland is hidden away in an area so much associated with homosexual play it does not make it wrong!! A gland is a gland, would a man not massage a gland in his neck if it had health benefits? of course he would, so why should this be different. But I digress.

    I am now seeing great health benefits in the old art of self massage which does not create the spasms that play havoc with my nerves and although I do not get the super O's I do get satisfactory feelings and also good health benefits. I am also going to try an external massager.

    My hope is Aneros or High island look into producing such a product for the unfortunate amongst us that either cant get their head around internal offerings or in my case my condition will not allow.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @sittingonagolfball - I'm so sorry to hear of your physical condition that does not allow you to use your Aneros prostate massager's. I wonder if the KSMO technique that a lot of Aneros users also practice with would allow you to super-O, since it does not require a physical device inside of you?
  • Thanks for the reply ;)

    I am not familiar with this technique but if it involves any kind of contraction then it would irritate my nerve roots.

    The issue is quote common in fact more normal for someone that has had spine surgery. Where they remove the herniation from the spinal cavity, although this relieves the pressure on the pinched nerves (commonly known as sciatica) the cavity then fills up with scar tissue, this is the normal healing process of anyone body. However this sticky substance adheres itself to the nerves so when you do contractions the scar tissue pulls on the nerve roots and irritates them, in worse case situations as with myself, repeated contractions will create inflammation and pain. :(

    even bowel movements set off my nerves and make my left foot tingle!
  • I have had foot surgery and if I stand and pee there is a very strong electric tingling which actually makes me scream out in pain that comes from my foot.
    Yes my pee bone is connected to my foot bone :)
    They must have upset my nerves when cutting.
    It is fine if I sit down though. 
    @sittingonagolfball I can only imagine the pain from your spine, my foot is not bearable so the spine! Not good.
    Sorry to hear you are going through this terrible ordeal. 
  • Thanks ;) I am due for a cortisone shot and also my 4th MRi in a year!

    Not much they can do with scar tissue, if they remove it, the bugger grows back 20% stronger next time.

    sounds like you have nerve pain in reverse, they likely cut or damaged your S1L5  nerve root that ends in your toes, the sciatic nerve root has fine branches that feeds the penis and genitals so I can see why it hurts to pee for sure.

  • @sittingonagolfball

    From what little I know about the KSMO protocol, there isn't any sort of contraction required of you.

    You might wish to consult experienced practitioners such as @artform, and @rumel (just to name a couple) to find out if this could aggravate your condition or not.  They're regulars on the KSMO site.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @sittingonagolfball - As aneros44309 mentioned, it is my understanding that the KSMO technique does not involve contractions, and is more meditative like by chanting a specific type of resonant sound. Disclaimer: I'm not involved with, nor have I ever tried KSMO. So if this post seems like an endorsement, it is not intentional. I just think it is important for men and woman to know that there are other ways to achieve multi-orgasmic experiences than just Aneros. Other users have mentioned Tantra and Tao practices being another way, but I don't know much specifics regarding how it is done and whether you'd physically be able to do them.

    Here's a relevant thread about KSMO that may be interesting reading for you:

    And the KSMO web site which it appears as a non-member you can freely browse the "Training Forums" to inform yourself about what it is, and what kind of questions people are asking.