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Disinterested in penile stimulation
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    So I'm six years now into my Aneros journey, and still have not achieved super-O's. But I sure am enjoying my sessions very much most of the time. :)  So even though there are no climactic peaks, I get plenty of pleasure.

    So what's been concerning me lately, is that it seems like, and I never thought I would say this, that I get far more and satisfying pleasure from my anus and prostate via Aneros toys and dildos than from my penis. Masturbation just doesn't hold a lot of interest. Besides the fact that I often times cannot stay erect, but my penis lately seems to go numb in the sense of feeling almost no pleasure after a bit of stroking. But that also the ejaculatory orgasms are a real let down in terms of intensity and duration, and then all my arousal is gone. So it almost doesn't seem worth it to bother. Unless I have a sex toy in my anus.

    Now I figure some of this is changes in my body as I grow older. I figure my body won't do some of the things I did in my late teens and early twenties, nor as often. But to not be interested in using my penis very much is strange for me as a heterosexual man. It's gotten to the point where I think that any future relationships with a woman, that I need to be upfront and clear of how important anal play on me is. In terms of at this point I'd just want to get mostly fingered in my anus and pegged by my partner, rather than standard penis in vagina sex. That's what seems more gratifying in terms of pleasure at the moment.

    Now I understand that as you become adept at achieving super-O's, that they can also eventually occur while doing penis in vagina sex, with or without the Aneros inserted. But I haven't gotten there yet.

    Does this tend to be just a stage, where you move on to different experiences as you progress, and eventually come full circle when you can super-O's from PIV sex?

    Perhaps this is just what the new sexual me is all about? (Which blows my mind to fathom this)

    Or, is this maybe the Aneros training, in the sense that because I am doing Aneros sessions far more often than I am masturbating, and by choice doing ejaculation abstinance, so my penis is not very much in the picture in terms of sexual play and becomes less sensitized and trained?

    Anyone have any ideas to share?

  • What a great topic.

    Let me describe where I am right now. This may answer some of your questions. I think of my development as "phases".

    Phase 1: the usual traditional wet orgasm. I would occasionally use my Aneros to enhance the wet orgasm. I have done this for a few years and i never really worked on mini, dry or super O. My normal orgasm was normal in that I would have the usual spasms that I occasionally get up to 15.  Normally it would be about 8 to 10. BUT what was abnormal was that I did not really have ejaculate appear. Occasionally a small amount might come out. But otherwise I was typical. I attributed the lack of ejaculate to old age and perhaps my penile implant (theory.. tubes blocking the urethra etc.). As in traditional orgasm I had the refractory period and a sense of fulfillment with the accompanying loss of urge to continue. Stimulation technique was the usual penile stimulation.

    Phase 2: started about 45 days ago. I decided to get serious and either learn the HFO or quit.  I started a process of inserting a device and leaving it in over night. Before going to sleep I would try to get something started and this worked occasionally, but not most times.  I go to sleep and I get hit with a strong involuntary. Now I could describe all of the progressions which perhaps has some interest to others. But let me go directly to your questions now.

    As it stands now, I will have a session starting around 10 PM and ending next morning around 9 AM. I will have at least 50 or more orgasms that are so intense that I am almost out of control. Fantastic results. I can describe the orgasms, but to keep it simple I have every reason to believe that this are Super O's as Mayfield has described., Now the breakdown.  If I do not touch my penis I can have this orgasm last as long as I do a maximum combined anal and rectal contraction which is usually accompanied by heavy breathing and verbalization that sound like I am speaking in tongues. I an seriously distorted, my face and eyes are straining, my whole body is shaking..  I am having one helluva great time.  In my mind I am asking myself how long to I want to keep this orgasm going... give up and keep going?. I am always successful in continuing this orgasm so long as I am willing to keep up the pressure. I feel electrical like shocks that appear to come from the head of my penis which I have equated to the actual spurting of cum in a wet orgasm. There is never appearance of ejaculate.  If I release the pressure i start to slowly unwind. This unwinding can takes many minutes. At any time I can change my mind and start a new orgasm by doing the severe contractions which results in the start of the orgasm. I can apparently keep this up for as long as I want. Usually I go through about 5 to 10 of these orgasms and never feel that I am starting to slowdown. As far as I am concerned I could go days with this process if I want and able to.  But because I know I need to sleep and because this is a real physical effort I will generally let myself wind down. During this wind down I always have the urge to fire it back up again. But as the wind down continues I start losing the urge somewhat.  I then roll over and go to sleep in the fetal position.  I will sleep for few minutes.. usually about 30 minutes and I will get awakened by a new involuntary and the process starts over again.  I keep this up for at least 8 hours or more. Obviously I am talking about lots of orgasms that I believe to be Super O's. If these are not Super O's then I fear for my life if I ever get a Super O.

    Now all the above description was when I am doing the HFO technique. Lying on my back, legs straight or bent at the knees OR on my side in the fetal position.

    I can supplement the above by rolling over on my stomach and let my penis fuck the bed sheets or whatever is under me. Same results. Noteworthy here is that now I am stimulating my penis. I can also grab my penis at the base and press on the perineum or below my penis and scrotum. Same results.

    Now the best part in which you may be interested. For various reasons I have not yet tried any of this with a woman. I wanted to get this whole process "down" before I ventured out. HOWEVER I use a Fleshlight which is mounted in a special mounting furniture or sex toy made by Liberator.  This allows me to fuck the Fleshlight hands free and virtually identical to actual sex with a women. The significant difference of course is that I am not getting the feedback of a woman's response etc.  But the Fleshlight sleeve is very similar to a real vagina.  So for my purposes I feel that they are the same... at least for the questions you are raising.,

    I used this Fleshlight in the missionary position, woman on top and sideways. I now prefer this Fleshlight routine over the HFO because of the enhanced penile stimulation and my ability to fantasize that there is a women underneath me etc. For now I am now convinced that once I can get an Aneros session started.. i.e. a serious involuntary.. I can fuck forever.  And, what may be a problem.. I want to fuck forever. Now I anticipate that most women would initially like someone like me to help them have their own multiple orgasms. But surely she will wear out and want to stop at some point. And I do not want to stop.  I fear that I will outlast just about all women. At least with the traditional wet orgasm I get a sense of satisfaction and willingness to take a break or just stop.  But now I have this very strong urge that never goes away. I think that I have uncovered what may be the best reason to not engage in the Aneros journey. Having said that, "No WAY".  I really really really like this and I feel I have hit a home run.  I feel I deserve what I have developed and I want more... more... more. You get the idea.

    So now let's look at your questions and observations: First you apparently assume that the Aneros Super O does not allow for penile stimulation. I thought the same thing when I read the suggestions on the forum. Now I believe that the emphasis on not touching the penis was because most men will get a wet orgasm and mess up the rewiring. This is true.  BUT not in my case.  For me, since the first day of the first week that I set out on my "Bootcamp" of rewiring I have not had a we orgasm. At first I was happy because i believed that by abstinence I would increase my chances or rewiring.  As the weeks went by each session was an improvement over the prior session and I was as happy as a pig in s**t. NOW the interesting part. In an effort to maybe control what I now perceive as my new addiction I decided to have a wet orgasm with the accompanying sense of satisfaction. GUESS WHAT.. I can not have a traditional orgasm! I have been so re-wired my body only knows about the prostate induced orgasm! I never thought about that before. And I am not sure I want to go back.  The pleasures I get now are at least a 100 times better than before. So I have to continue to work on my unrelenting urges that get in my head and distract me from doing anything productive.  As a side note, because I have a penile implant and I want to be able to begin any session "right now" I do not want to want to inflate my penis.  I leave it hard and erect, which unfortunately rubs against my underwear and pants and reminds me that my buddy down there wants to be let out and do it's thing.  So obviously I am adding to my problem.  But the good news is that at about any time I can stop in my bedroom before going out and "catch" a few out of control orgasms. Orgasm o demand. When I read this back I realize that I am probably a wacko. Since it is me I think I am smart as hell.  But if someone else was writing this and I read it I would think this guy is either full of s**t, boasting, confused or a pervert. Since I am not too concerned about what others think (an advantage of old age), I am just going to take care of myself. Hence my routine.  But I digress.. Back to your questions..

    You suggest that as you age, things will change. RIGHT.. but not like you think. I am on order of magnitude much more engaged in sex and its pleasures than ever. When this old bastard dies they are going to have a special coffin to accommodate that very hard dick that was working it's way through the final orgasm of life.
     What a way to go.

    Another digression while I am thinking about it.  Stopping an Aneros session is interesting. One would think that all you have to do is to remove the device. WRONG.  My capabilities continue through.  Hours after removal I can do all of what I have described above.  BUT.. my urges to decline.  I think my prostate continues to be massaged by my contractions that survive the removal.  But eventually I think it will die down completely. But in my case I am still in "Bootcamp" mode and as the night falls I am ready for the next session and I still have vestiges of the prior one in effect. So the beat goes on.

    Another digression that I think is somewhat related to your post.  I am a student of the Kama Sutra which, in summary, deals with a variety of positions, but more importantly the concept of being a servant to the women which usually means a lot of erotic massage, cunnilingus, yoni massage, and slow romantic pace etc.  You try to pace yourself to the woman and really focus on where she is in her journey. Eventually you can get to the stage where you are a wild fucking beast on top or in her, but normally most men will get there orgasm and then withdraw and out wait the refractory period. In my case, until I train myself differently, I will be that wild beast, thrashing, shouting, muttering, shaking, thrusting, screwing that never wants to stop.  I suppose you could call me a pain in the ass  pussy which is great for a woman for a while.  I have to work all of this out.  BUT the real question is how to I coordinate getting my self ready BEFORE I start my love session with my partner. My plan is to try to do this before we start.  But currently my success has been with the going to sleep routine. This is impractical.

    What's the relevance of all this to your post? You will be successful in becoming an Aneros Jedi. When you do I think you will never what to go back to that obsolete concept of the wet orgasms.  That is used only by the unwashed, lazy, untrained, dumbshits that make up 99+% of all man kind.  Boy are they missing out. They are worried about stupid things like making money, enjoying other aspects of life besides orgasms. While I, in my wisdom, will go down fucking, broke, missing my Saints and LSU football, golf, familty etc. But boy will I feel good.  I wonder if some of the homeless under the overpass are doing their Aneros sessions?

    Returning back and inclusion. The aneros journey will be successful for you, forget your concerns, go for it, and try to keep your sanity.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    This is a very good post. I think it may apply to others. Some of the problem may be age related. It is in my case. I cannot have an unassisted erection. I have to take a bit of Viagra and I have to do that about 40 minutes before I intend to have an erection. Spontaneity just does not happen, I cannot rise to an occasion. That is ED. I am always interested in my wife. Especially the bits I don't have! With all that said - it just so much easier to insert and enjoy prostate stimulation without dependency on an erection. It may be that the prostate stimulation had come to me in a nick of time. That instead of my sexual self decaying through ED, I can have another way to keep interested - to be alive. I am aware of the change so I have a regime of taking a bit of Viagra twice a week, enjoying an assisted erection with my wife. It is important to her that she feels "wanted" or desired. We also have a glass of wine with our tea and have wonderful chats about Evi, Kegels, Lelo, and other really interesting things!!! I have noticed that I will usually cum if I have an Aneros inserted, but not if I don't. But the mechanics of ejaculation have changed. It no longer a series of pulses that bring release but now rather a tense moment of release. I could get very depressed and withdrawn with this. But I now really enjoy the Aneros inserted. I don't have any anal pleasure but the pressure on the prostrate feels good. I have probably overdone this - a couple of times a night sometimes. I hope it may go somewhere better, like p waves, or voluntaries or anything. But in the mean time " we are doing good" in our pattern that I must maintain. This has wandered around a bit.
  • @love_is

    You're wife uses the EVI? I really want tp know about that. Pros, Cons, etc. What do you think? Recommend it?

    On your ED.. in my final states of ED I was taking a generic Cialis every day I just split a 20 mg pill in two. It was much better than viagra. While this is an oversimplification I am a strong proponent of the inflatable pump. I am ALWAYS ready. No loss of sensation. Unbelievable endurance. HOWEVER the aneros solution adds a new dimension.  You do not need a hard on and a woman for that matter. 

    I am still a work in progress. Just less than a month of success. But it seems that although the HFO is really great, I find penile stimulation with a woman (for the moment... a Fleshlight) better. Since I have the implant I am unable to say whether prostate massage adds to the erection.l would guess that if your wife has a vote she would opt for your aroused prostate state coupled with a reliable erection.  I can not imagine anything that approaches the implant. I think I have the perfect combination. Now I know the implant operation is expensive and there is no turning back to a natural penis. There are risks. although minimal, that must be considered.  I not trying to sell this thing.  It is just I am pissed no one told me about prostate massage and I want to spread the word about things "not spoken of".. BTW Thanks for the compliment.and... you are not wandering. You are on target.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    I found Cialis gave me chest pain later in the day. I break up 100mg V into five or six bits.
    My wife says Evi's surface is too hard. But as she says this may be okay when she is used to it.
    So far my regime is okay. I do see the advantage in the implant.
    There still remains the original theme of @Love_is thread. The loss of interest in penal stimulation. Low testosterone may contribute to this, or high estrogen ratio, tiredness or stress. There may be a slight ED coupled with the ease of using an Aneros. It may also be that there is more effort required and body simply does not respond as it once did, and loses interest and turns off the penal response. I sense this sometimes when my body says enough and overrides my hopes. If I persist I start to feel nauseated.
  • @thick75
    I can almost guarantee you won't outlast a woman who is in her sexual prime -- even women in their 20's who are wet and ready can have vaginal sex for hours as long as you're not jackhammering her vagina the whole time.

    I'm fascinated by your lack of wanting to use penile stimulation -- moving the energy up and around the body/torso rather than allowing it to stay in the penis? I also find it interesting that you consider stim of the penis to be masturbating but not the anal use of a sex toy. :-) Just an observation... Can't wait to read more!!

  • @lava

    I really..really hope you are right. I'm looking for that woman in her sexual prime to see if that is true. I really like to fuck for hours. A good erotic yoni massage takes a good amount of time and should not be hurried. Each of the positions of the kama sutra (at least a dozen) should be enjoyed. Add oral sex in breaks between position changes and we are talking about hours. The when you factor in many many extraordinary orgasms by each this can be a strenuous feat. Since I was not multi orgasmic before this month I never made it thru this "bucket“ list. Now with my newly acquired abilities this can all be possible if the woman hangs in there. I know I can.

    You give me hope. Now...where is that woman?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Thank you thick75, isvara, and Lava for all of the replies. :) 

    From thick75's posts it does sound like this is just a temporary stage, that perhaps I can pass at some point and be multi-orgasmic with penis stimulation and/or PIV sex. You give me hope. Thanks! :) 

    Taking some sort of ED medication would only be a last resort, and I'm not entirely sure how much that is needed. As I can get raging hard ons during my Aneros sessions. I'm starting to lean on the idea that some of this is training and re-wiring since I typically rarely use my penis for ejaculatory orgasms. It's quite possible I've trained those areas to be more sensitive and pleasurable than my penis.

    @Lava - Thank you for the fascination? LOL 
    I think one of the things revolving around this subject for me is that there is likely some cultural puritanical training junk going on. As in how much of a heterosexual man am I if I just want ass and prostate play, and not much to do with my penis? I mean yeah, logically I can see that I'm only attracted and aroused by women, so that still makes me heterosexual. But culturally it is pretty damn unusual and strange. Need to work on the self acceptance and not caring what other people think a bit I'd guess. 

    As far as moving energy, I sense energy movement in my body as a result of my Aneros journey. But as far as controlling/manipulating it or knowing what it has to do with orgasms in general I don't know. I'm just going with what feels pleasurable.  :D

    Ha ha! Good catch on my unintentional less inclusive use of the term masturbating! You are absolutely right. I think I've just gotten it in my head over the years that masturbating = stroking my own cock. When really any solo sex play of any sort is masturbating.
  • @Love_is

    I just did a quick post on the prostate the other day and purposely made the statement about anal play NOT be a homosexual thing. Women do anal sex -- doesn't make US gay men, does it? :-) So yes, I think you're filtering out the Puritanical religious KoolAid you were poisoned with at some point.

    Even if you're bi-curious, nothing "makes" you gay unless you CHOOSE to identify as gay. Even if you have a gay/male sexual encounter just to see if you'll actually want to be bisexual or switch teams entirely, it's just you exploring your body, sexuality, and self-identity. If you don't like it, you go back to women and you're still a hetero guy.

    As I say on Twitter all the time, "The human body is beautiful. Sex is beautiful. Orgasm is natural. Reject any dogma that says otherwise." Dogma is brainwashing that allows an elite corp group of men stay in power and wealth while oppressing the masses through fear-mongering and guilt.

    It's YOUR body! Love it!

  • @thick75
    Good for you!!! These women are everywhere! Women have come out very strongly in support of women's rights and body autonomy. The women (in the United States, anyway) really took 2012 by the horns and are not sitting idly by. The best place to find a woman comfortable in her sexual identity is probably at a women's rights rally. :-)

    But you WILL find her!
  • @lava

    I wrote this post with the intent to make this personal to you, When I went to the I did not see you per se. Someone named Trish. Maybe the same, Since I want your specific reply to my usually ridiculous post, I am putting here which means other will see it.  So what. Everybody have at  it.  So here is that personal message:

    I need your input.
    You posted a reply to one of my posts on  I am thick75. I described my concern for
    finding a woman who could "keep up" with me. You said there are
    plenty of women… go to a woman right's rally and seek and I shall find.  I need more information and you may be able
    to help me.

    Background: up to
    this month I was as typical as most men other than I can maintain an erection
    for as long as I want.  Hours, days,
    weeks.  Also I apparently have an
    exceptional amount of sex drive and truly believe that the most pleasurable
    single thing I could ever do is to have a great afternoon of sex practicing the
    Kama Sutra form of dedicating myself to my partner's pleasure.  But like most men, up to last month, I would
    eventually cum and I would lose my desire to continue although ironically I had
    the erection.  This was an attitude that
    I could correct by just hanging in there and the urge returns. From a woman's
    perspective I would be this guy that was just like other men except I could
    cycle over and repeat.. Varying pace, varying thrusts, ability to talk dirty,
    caresses over much of her body etc. 

    NOW I have the MMO
    ability that I just developed.  This is
    new and I am somewhat concerned.  You
    mentioned that there are women out there that could stay with me so long as I
    am not "jack hammering" them. 
    This is what concerns me.  Now I
    can have an orgasm that last as long as I want it.  So I am talking about all of the normal
    things that occurs when a man is in extreme orgasm.  Actually it is the same as a woman that is at
    the peak of her orgasm. Now you might call this jack hammering.  With the normal man or woman this occurs for
    only a few seconds and then they return to a slower less intense state.  But in my new state, I do not return to that
    slower state.. I am still orgasming at my peak pleasure.  Get the picture? Strong contractions, hard
    thrusting, whole body convulsions, deep breathing, guteral and gibberish sounds
    that can last as long as I want the orgasm to remain.  Since it feels so damn good I want this to go
    as long as I can physically stand.  Once
    I choose to let that orgasm go and I slow down, I am able to start my next
    orgasm and then a repeat.  The point is
    that I am afraid that I may be "jack hammering" as you described.

    Let me digress. As I
    write this I see that I have control of this in that if something is happening
    that makes me want to stop or slow down I can choose to. So if the woman can
    communicate in what ever way… Slow down, you are driving me crazy.. Back off etc.
    then I can do it, but I sure do not want to. But at least I have the
    option.  When I started this post I was
    just assuming that I had no control.

    Now having said
    that, I will always be trying to push the envelop to keep an existing orgasm
    going or start a new one. In any event I think the woman will feel that she has
    had a real workout. If the roles were reversed and the woman had repeated never
    ending very intense orgasms, she would be losing herself, grabbing me etc. and
    I would love it. This is a huge turn on and I can not imagine myself getting
    tired of it so long as I am have simultaneous orgasms to match hers. 

    One more digression
    and I get back to my rambling question. 
    I tried to tell my brother about my new secret and he was disinterested.
    He said he got more pleasure from programming his computer. Suggested that I
    was too interested in sex.  Then I went
    to my doctor today to get my 
    testosterone shot and mentioned this to him.  When I told him that I was having over 50
    orgasms a night he said this was impossible and changed the subject as if I was
    some screwed up patient. This is starting to get to me.  I really have no way to compare my self and
    my abilities with others. Society discourages people from talking about
    this.  I just assume that almost every
    man loves a good orgasm and would like to have as many as he can. But I am
    beginning to wonder if this is true.  Am
    I really weird to want these pleasures? I really will not change irrespective
    of the answer because I am having the time of my life and I am not able to
    change because of what other people think or can do.  But I am now curious.

    Now here is where
    you come in.  You are a woman that
    apparently enjoys sex and is liberated enough to be able to have sex with many
    men.   At least I hope so.  Thus… you may have some personal
    experiences.  To be clear I am not trying
    to hit on you or live vicariously through you. 
    But if you have had men that have the same abilities (or even more) this
    would be some comfort that I am not that unusual.. Maybe in the minority but
    still in the company of others.  SO..
    Have you ever had someone like me? Even if you have no personal experience, do
    you have any reliable information from other women that they have experienced
    men like me?

    Be truthful to me. I
    can deal with any answer.  If there are
    others then I feel great that I am not a whacko pervert.  If I stand out as a lone wolf, I can deal
    with that because I can see myself as an exceptional lover that has potential
    to other women.  I will be unforgettable
    (hopefully for the right reasons). This is not bad either.  But at least I can stop dwelling on this and
    get on with my program.

    YOUR EXPERIENCE? Assuming I am legitimate and not exaggerating, am I someone
    that you would avoid?

    Note: I read this
    back and I do sound like a nut.  But
    it  is a genuine statement of my
    condition and I am not afraid to at least ask. 
    So I figuratively I  have my
    helmet and flak jacket on. I can take your answer.

  • @thick75 , Sorry, I know I'm not @Lava and I don't think you sound like a nut at all, but I do think you're looking to find where and how you fit in.

    What's with the talk about being a "whacko pervert" though?  Nothing you've mentioned above would suggest that to me, even if you were the "only one".  In your own words, you would also be a "whacko pervert lone wolf" if that were the case.  Cut that shit out.

    You seek reassurance, externally, and seem to be battling internally.  How do you feel, about yourself, and what you've become?

    There are also some pretty positive descriptions of yourself that you give above.  I hope that any forthcoming response from @Lava will give you what you seek, but it would still be one woman's response (albeit a rather extraordinary woman at that).

    Apologies to @Love_is for contributing to the derailment of his thread.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @thick75 - You are not whacko or perverted. Entirely normal. I pick up on that you are concerned and probably a bit anxious about all this. I suspect that any good woman that is willing and wanting to be with you and communicate with you openly and honestly about this stuff would be willing to find a way to adapt or make sex work with you. Now get out there  and start meeting some woman and asking for dates. :)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    As I've pondered this more, it occurs to me that perhaps there was/is more than one level of me dealing with the social/cultural/puritanical training and stigma of "the act of sticking things in your ass and liking it as a heterosexual male makes you gay", that most heterosexual men who start the Aneros journey have to deal with at some point.

    I remember quite clearly getting past the first level early on in my Aneros journey. It was during an Aneros session, and I somehow just came to a conclusion and realized I was not gay for doing this. And I felt very much set free there after. But now realizing that at least at this point in my life I'd actually prefer a women to mostly peg me and give me anal and prostate stimulation, rather than use my penis, only because the pleasure and arousal is so much greater, throws a whole other level of dealing with the belief system about myself and how others and my culture views that. The uneducated and close minded would likely think/say, this guy is a repressed or closeted homosexual. But I'm not attracted to men and do not desire to have sex with them. I feel like I'm exploring the depths and limits of my own body and sexuality, which has becomes a natural extension of what exploring masturbation and sex earlier on in life.

    Some of this also I suspect has to do with societal labels in general which is probably not very helpful as it adds in judgment issues. A blossoming new friendship with a local woman during my discussion of this with her brought up the idea that labels are sometimes too rigid and can induce shame and guilt. Her example was that even if I decided to experiment having sex with men, which I'm quite positive will not happen, if afterwards I decided I didn't like it, I'm still heterosexual. But then one has to wonder, why is the label important to start with?

    I think it is a matter of possible/potential negative beliefs that go along with what others may think of me since this culture still deals with a lot of negative stereotypes regarding gay and bi-sexual men. Let alone heterosexual men that really like ass play on themselves.

    So I'm guessing I have another layer of self acceptance to work on.

    How have you others guys worked past this?
  • I have stopped focusing on labels. I am who I am. I am a heterosexual that loves my aneros.

    Right now, I have another "problem". I have acheived so much success in three weeks I am almost out of control. I remove peridise every morning. During the night before I got little sleep and probably had a minimum of 75 orgasms. I don't even try to keep count anymore. They feel so dsmn good I never want to stop. I have to force myself to get up anf face the world. I do not have a feeling of full statistsction. I always have the urge. Now I have lost the ability to have a wet orgasm which would give me a momentary respite. However it does seem that the more orgasms I have the less urge.

    Here is what blows my mind. Returned from breakfast and, prior to leaving the house I went to take a leak. My cock was hard (I have a Bionic dick..inflatable implant). I touched my cock head and it really felt good. So, what the hell, get my fleshlight and give it a few strokes...and then stick back in my pants and leave. So much for a great plan. In less than 30 seconds i had a huge orgasm whivh almost dropped me to the floor. Shit.. let me try this again.. I had 12 orgasms in less than 10 minutes. I was looking in the mirror and the face was ercontorted etc. Anyone watching would have called 911.

    i stopped and left the bathroom. 15 minutes later I was back at it again and had at least 10 orgasms. Then maybe another 20 minutes another 10 or more. I still had the urge.

    Guys.. this is no way for an old bastard like me to act. how am I going to functio in the real world? If I was bent on taking over the world I would airdrop billions of devices with instructions and I could invade and find the locals doing their thing in closets everywhere. I would own them just like my peridise owns me now.

    So I admit to clinging to my guns, my bible and now my peridise.

    Now what was the question I was trying to answer? Don't bother. This is my answer to all hquestions. Damn.. I really feel good. I going to back to the house for another session. And then night will come and back with my peridise. You think I have a problem? Not to worry.. when I grow up I'll fix this.
  • @Thick75 Dont beat your self up too much! (excuse the pun). I, although not anything like what your experiencing went through a aneros orgy time. I could not stop or resist the urge. 
    It was like being "on heat" like a bitch dog, you just cant get enough!
    This started taking a toll on my health.
    I found that in the end the only thing that stopped this obsession was wet orgasming, I think it was about 4 times in one day. I found it hard to wet orgasm tradisional but super-T the first couple of times got it going.
    This got it under control for me. Now after a few months of happy controlled anerosing I have gone the other way!
    Now I dont want it even though my body is always having anerousless sessions.
    I find that a real aneros session wears me out and does not satisfy me and I have to finish tradisional.
    It is strange.
    I hear you and feel for you as I know the worry you are going through.I hope you find peace soon.
    Others here may say what are you complaining about but then they have never experienced this obsession .
    YOU can have too much of a good thing, it might be fun but owns you. You become a slave. Everyone wants to be free.
  • @braveneworld  Obsession is something altogether different from addiction.  Having read what you went through over the past few months, it seems that you acknowledged the addictive effects and took steps to curtail them.  It isn't usually easy to do so with addiction, but that doesn't mean you're getting too much of a good thing, it means the effect it was having on you was no longer tolerable.  It's a complicated beast, to put it mildly.
  • @aneros44309  Yes it is a complicated beast for sure. While I wont quote definitions from the dictionary as this is a big book written by men with text that can be interpreted differently by each reader. (this would make me sort of a hippocrate, but not exactly) ;) 
    I think that both obsession and addiction may go hand in hand with aneros use at least.
    I would say that I acknowledged the addictive affects and managed after a while to slow the addiction.
    The addiction is still there but under control. 
    At the same time I was obsessed with the aneros for that time which became unhealthy. 
    Almost any one can stop a addiction or obsession if they have the will power to do so. 
    Everything in moderation. I agree a addiction is usually hard to stop but it is relative to the kind of addiction to.
    A addiction to narcotics is harder to stop than a addiction to sugar, just as a addiction to smoking is harder to stop than a addiction to aneros use.
    Not sure that smoking or narcotics use can be done in moderation though. It will kill you just slower. :)
    Not sure this helps @Thick75 though.
    Guess the thing to take from this is WILL POWER my friend!