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Jumping around like a demented kangaroo
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    Ok, i'm goin to tell you about my journey, but since everyones journey is unique, it may not necessarily apply to you. And this technique is kinda unorthodox and are not necessarily directly connected, but i think it has something to do with p-waves though. You will most likely not get a orgasm by summoning goosebumps with your mind, but it might help you a little bit with your rewiring process.

    My journey was a very long one, not as long as yours, but still. It took me about 10 months to reach my first orgasm, and this happened to me very soon after i've played around with my little experiment. As i understand it, p-waves arent unique to the aneros experience, chances are that you already have experienced a multitude of p-waves in your regular life, you just didn't relate to it that way. For a very long time i thought p-waves was somehow supposed to be pleasure of some sort, but once again, this does not necessarily have to be true either, there are p-waves that can even be percieved as uncomfterble by some and wonderful by others.

    And that last aspect is also one of a major aspect, how you percieve things, If you somehow manage to stumble upon a p-wave, you should use positive reinforcment and feel happy about it, even if it might feel a little bit strange. That way the body recognize it as something *good* and pleasureble (since you're telling it that its a good thing with how you react), and the body then might try it again someday. If you percieve something as uncomfy and not good, and once again the body takes notes and lissen and might avoid that sensation in the future, and this might create some roadblocks in the rewiring process.

    The mind isnt something *static* that doesnt ever change, that you feel something and your reaction toward that feeling will always be that way, nope. It's more like its a fluid that changes, always making changes and trying to adopt to situations as they occur and try to coupe with things, and its even possible to change old programming. Like how you always hated how something tasted, and then you can reprogram your mind so you percieve it as something that taste really good. The way you react to the world and circumstances is very important. And this process of "rewiring" isn't unique either, you'd be surprised how many things you can rewire if you wanted to.

    So, for 10 months i struggled with trying to feel pleasure of any kind from my sessions, and i wasnt very successful, I never experienced any pleasure whatsoever and i hardly even knew what a p-wave was, or if i ever had even experienced one. As it turned out, i had, many times, even before my training began. Then I discovered that i could actually summon this sensation with my mind + proper stimuli, and thats when things really got unlocked for me. Just a few days later i experienced my first real orgasm with the aneros.

    So, now comes the actual p-wave experiment that i did, summoning p-waves with my mind. I used a type of p-wave that is very common, called chills up/down the spine (a goosebump), and that particular p-wave usally happens when you get scared, or cold and in different situations, and it feels just like that, something chilly/cold is traveling like an electrical current up/down your spine, and kinda expload into all parts of your body generating a kinda *sparkling* effect, kinda like bubbles rising to the surface in a glass of coca-cola and exploading in a fizzing sound. Most people find this sensation very creepy/uncomfterble so it is usally associated with something bad/dangerous, but nevertheless, it's a p-wave and a very wonderful such =)

    And it's *VERY* important that, if you manage to summon a chill that you associate it with something good and wonderful, and how very amazing and wonderful it feels, pure pleasure. That way your mind will reprogram itself associating this sensation with something good, and encourage it to happen again, and again..and everytime you manage to feel it, feel good about it, be amazed, appreciate every millisecond of it and feel every little sensation and immerse yourself completely and love it.

    So how did i manage to summon it? Well, here comes the tricky part, that might be a little bit hard. There is actually several situations that you can summon a chill. One way is using your fingers, they are naturally a little bit colder than the rest of your body, so if you touch your skin they sometimes can feel a little bit cold to the touch, and if you trace your finger very very lightly on your body you can sometimes be able to trigger a chill.

    Another way is through the appriciation of beauty, that i'm able to trigger a chill, just by watching a movie or lissening to music, or playing videogames works too =) There are sometimes moments in movies/videogames/music that is so beatiful that it almost makes you cry, and thats kinda the moment that you're looking for, that moment can also trigger a chill =) And it's also pretty important in what mindset you're in, you have to be relaxed and feel good about yourself so you can immerse yourself completely in the music/movie/etc and really appriciate its beuty, and then you can kinda *push* with your mind to trigger a chill.

    So i have a few 'triggers' that i use in my training, to be able to trigger chills down my spine, with my mind. And i'm going to give you an example that i use to trigger chills, because i think it is extremely beautiful. It's called 'How she sees the world' and its pianomusic, and it's actually from a videogame called bioshock 2 =) So you can kinda find theese moments that can trigger a chill anywhere

    YouTube - Bioshock 2 Soundtrack [8/26] - How she sees the world

    (and if this music doesnt trigger a chill for you, don't worry, it works for me, because i think it's extremely beatiful, so beautiful it almost makes me cry, it doesn't necessarily have to work for you, you can find your own 'triggers' that does it for you)
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    There was a full moon yesterday, not only a full moon, a eclipse happening on a solstice, so much magic and then Anreros introduced the tempo, i ordered it right away, can't wait to try it out. And then something amazing happened, i *almost* went over the edge, i *almost* had a dry-o, my legs started shaking really bad, and in the groin it was just going crazy, a completely new sensation for me =)

    Association is a tricky thing, i get chills sometimes when i see that perfect moment of beauty, mostly in classical piano music, but ive got them from movies, computer game, but since they come from a beatiful place and feels really nice, i like them. At first i was just playing around, i noticed that i sometimes got chills when i watched a good movie, and then i started experimenting by watching movies and use thoughts to generate them and really believiving this feels good (when they really at first feels a bit strange, and when they get more powerful even stranger, but i was successful into making it a *good* thing, and with lots of practice it got easier and easier to summon chills with my mind, and before i knew it i could use my mind to play with my prostate, and i got orgasms without the aneros by just using my mind alone, so very very cool indeed.

    And thats another thing, they dont always stay the same, they evolve into something else (atleast thats what theyre like to me, they dont feel like chills anymore, even though i recognize where they come from, theese are more *orgasmic* in nature, i feel perfectly calm and relaxxed in a blissful state, and let them wash over me like waves on an ocean, and i wish i could have more of them, ive only experienced orgasmic chills two times now, and they lasted for perhaps 20 seconds each (and they were generated directly by the prostate after extensive activity) It was like, woah that felt very nice, holy crap REALLY NICE, so fucking different OMG REALLY REALLY NICE!!!!! beyond words =p

    p-waves come in many many shapes and sizes, and im not even sure what a pwave are, its only my impression. Some of them feels like heat, others like electricity, some pulses, just to name a few.
    I don't find the chills as uncomfterble no, they're one of the most amazing things ive experienced in my whole life, and thats putting it lightly. It was summoning the chills that finally unlocked the door for me, which means i tender to favor that type of p-wave, ive felt heat and electricity sometimes too, but mostly chills, and i cant complain, to me they're the best one, others might have other favorites =) Each ones journey is truly unique, chills might not be your cup of tea then, u shouldnt do stuff u think is uncomfterble. But if you have an open mind you might percieve things differently, but i'm still struggling with the journey myself, ive had really fun times, but ive yet to find a dry-o or a super-o, or all thoose other oes =p Like that old saying "if you don't care where you are, you are never truly lost"

    Some call it a mithocondrial orgasm i think, i tried explaining what it felt like, but im probably a little bit off. It kinda feel like every cell is exploading, but they dont all go off at the same time no, its like one cell triggers another that triggers another, like a chain reaction, and soon youll have explosions in every cell in your body, right out to your fingertips, and its really overwhelming and beyond words at the same time. Every single cell detonates in a chainreaction into a fiery cataclysm of pure bliss , and i cant but feel gratitude for every single second of my pathetic little life =)
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    Cyrez, there are some beautiful insights here. I'm going to read it through a few more time before I write more. Thank you for the post.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Cyrez, :)

    Thank you for posting this. Like Woodsman said, it's some very good insight. You touched upon this in another thread a while back, and it got me thinking about just what you described of having this non-pleasurable P-wave experience without knowing it before my Aneros journey. I'm not sure where this will take me. But my recent progress has had me experience some very interesting and sometimes pleasurable movement of energies in my body. I guess they are P-waves, not sure though.

  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    Almost three years have passed since i started my journey, and what a wonderful journey it has been. I still have some work to do though, i still haven't experienced a dry-o, leg shakes, involentary movements of muscles, stomach cramps, full body orgasm etc. I'm primary going anerosless (i have 5 aneros tools, but theese days i prefer going without them). Two days ago i managed to reach on of my main goals that i've had for three years, and this is a celebration post for that event. One of my primary was reached on date 10-11-12 (Oct 11th 2012), and what i accomplished was that i managed to go beyond the PONR and into the 'dead zone'. 

    PONR is a traditional term that means point of no return, that is when you get to the point where ejaculation/orgasm start,,and there is no going back to the preorgasmic state. And in anerosology there are many path to travel, but one of thoose is the path to the HFWO (handsfree wet orgasm), were you are able to ejac without touching anything (just using your mind to ejac), which some sees as a failed attempt to reach a dry-O (hands free dry orgasm, as a opposite to a 'wet', thus you orgasm without actually ejaculating).

    So exactly what is the 'dead zone' you might ask, and what does it have to do with the aneros and PONR. As some of you have experienced, getting to the PONR with penile stimulation is somewhat easy, and doing it with your mind is just a 'tad bit more difficult. The dead-zone is the gap between the preorgasmic and orgasmic land, but once you entered the dead-zone, you cant go back to preorgasmic feelings (you're past the PONR).

    So when you climb the hill towards the PONR everything is really sweet, and the closer you get, the more powerful orgasmic feelings you experience..and it gets really *really* intense, and as the PONR gets really ciose you start to feel the eminent release (u feel like you're cumming, and this stage can go on forever it seems driving some ppl completely mad from not moving forward, they're *stuck*). As i said earlier, it took me three years of training to be able to cross the boundry called PONR.

    The thing that identifies the dead-zone is that everything goes completely silent, the powerful preorgasmic feelings you experience earlier..gone, feel like you're cumming goes completely silent, and you cant feel anything. 

    After a while it will start singing the orgasmic tune again (although pretty quietly), you might start to feel that things starting to move around down below, you get pc-invols, some cramps in your stomach, your legs start twithching, things starting to get really *weird*, but you can still not feel a bloody thing..

    And then *bam*, out of the blue it slams you right in the face (like driving a car, 200mph into a solid concrete wall), it hits you with powerful orgasmic feelings (you're not gonna miss theese ones, since they *really* make a lot of noise), and they are self-powered, it ramps up completely on its own, when you didnt think they could get any more powerful..they just turn the volume nob up a little bit further.. and it's at this stage that the HFWO usally occur, you ejac, and then its game goes completely dead...or you managed to stay on track and go even higher, and higher, and so high u almost cant take it anymore..

    I havent managed to go beyond the *dead zone* yet, it will be quite some time (probably) before i go into next stage, but hey, i waited three years to get to this point, can't blaim me for not having any patience =)
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    just curious, anyone ever get a powerful p-wave that almost seems like too much and you clamp your muscles down to stop it  by reaction?  I seem to get these mostly after a two hour session.  Wonder what would happen if i was able to not clamp down?