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Pre-Lubing with baby dropper [ Question ]
  • First I am a little concerned that the lube is shooting up to far. Is their any dangers/ or is it even possible to go up to far. The reason I ask is because I am using a silicone Lube.

    Also when I was squeezing the bulb to put the lube in, it was a bit stiff to press down( versus when not inside the rectum). Is this natural, and wont cause the lube to shoot up to far correct?

    And lastly, whats the best position to pre-lube in?

    Thanks for any help.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    For me, I squat over a low chair or toilet seat, reaching between my legs, inserting it an inch or so, wiggling it about until it slips in to the right depth, and use it to steadily give a little pressure to inject the lube.  I use a Lube Shooter, or one of its derivatives with some lube pushed out the tip and spread around it to make insertion easier.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    First, I've not used a baby dropper to pre-lube so don't have a feel for what might be causing the bulb to experience "back pressure."  And, I don't know how long a baby dropper is.  However, I'd guess that it's shorter than most of the Aneros toys which average 4.5 to 5.5 inches from outer sphincter to the tip of the toy.

    I normally use a plastic (plunger type) syringe similar to the one shown in the Aneros store or just shove in Shea Butter pellets -- --.   (see Xochipilli's post at the top of the thread).

    I'd tend to think though that the baby dropper is shorter than most commercial lube shooters like the one Badger mentions.  Perhaps the baby dropper is running into your inner sphincter rather than making it into your rectum.

    To check yourself out, do some finger exploration with a lubed finger when you lube your sphincters and get a sense of how far it is to reach beyond your inner sphincter.

    Our information on how far anal lube 'migrates' beyond the rectum is limited to the "Catie" studies performed at John Hopkins University about six years ago:  -- -- .

    For a 75-90 minute session, Water-based lube injected in the rectum, migrated about 40cm (aprox. 16 inches) from the anus. I'd guess that Silicone Oils like K-Y Intrigue, Astroglide-X or Swiss Navy would similarly migrate.  I rarely use Silicone Lube (so as to not damage my Silicone toys)  When I do, it seems to hang around for a couple days so it's probably not absorbed as rapidly as are water based lubes.  A good high fiber diet will sweep it out in a couple of days.

    I sometimes inject lube in a standing posture after I've showered and dried off.  Other times I'll inject lube when I'm lying in bed.  I think posture is unimportant.  I rely on a few contractions with the toy to distribute the lube.  If that doesn't happen, usually pulling the toy out and re-inserting it will do the job. --hope this helps.

    please enjoy and blessings...   rook
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Using a baby dropper will deposit a small amount of lube inside the rectum.  To be clear, the idea of a prelube is to create an internal reservoir of lubrication so that area  around the base of the Aneros which is passing in and out of the anal canal (and has a tendency to dry out) remains wet. 

    Lubricate the exterior of the baby dropper well and insert slowly, making certain that the tip passes through the anal canal and into your rectum.  If the tip is still inside the anal canal the tight contact around the tip may prevent the liquid from flowing out (giving the sense that the bulb is stiff).  With the small volume of a baby dropper there is little chance of the lubricant making it's way up your colon.   In so far as position goes, any will do.  Choose something that is comfortable for you. Afterwards stand up and the deposited lube will flow around the internal anal sphincter. 

    BF Mayfield
  • Thanks for the replys. I don't see a problem getting it in, since the baby dropper is quite larger ( about 3-4 inches).

    Was just hoping that since its already 3-4 inches in, and the back pressure cause me to press it hard, that it wouldn't be shooting to far.
  • @cali5 You only have to push the tip in about a inch.
    The back pressure could be that the tip of the dropper is hard up against the rectum wall. Like putting your finger over the tip and trying to push the lube out. It could also be that the dropper bulb is full of silicone making it harder to squeeze.
    If your using silicon you only need about 2 to 3ml .
    I use 2ml of silicone and 3mls of waterbased lube when I know I am going to sleep with my aneros over night.
    I use a 5ml syringe after lubing with my finger so it is easy to push in.
    Hope this helps.