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  • rook September 2012
Anyone use a colon tube?
  • dmrdmr
    Posts: 11

    As i have been "cleaning Up" a little more lately, I came across colon tubes. Sounds interesting. Anyone use one? How easy are they to use vs. a traditional


  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    hi dmr, 

    Yes, I qualify but am not a medical professional.  Here's a reedit of a forum post from several years ago...

    I think it appropriate for a high enema/colon irrigation but only when the user is knowledgeable, technically  trained or has professional help. Most doctors will tell you it's never appropriate.   If you are interested, pay some bucks to a colon therapist, get trained and get sized (French Scale number).  Then make a decision on getting one.  Some pharmacies may require a prescription.  Results: An hour or more of time to administer and completly expel. Perhaps fatigue from electrolyte imbalance, perhaps a dud Aneros session and most probably, an opportunity to leak and dilute your lube after you've inserted your Aneros toy.  Untrained, you may perforate your colon and wind up in an Emergency Room.

    The better way to go:  Add a fair amount of fiber to your diet (helps sweep your insides and dispose of yesterday's lube job.)  Have a normal bowel movement.  Wait 15-30 minutes, then rinse your rectum to clear out any small fecal chunks and the usual fecal film which is a bit abrasive (microscopic pieces of insoluble fiber, popcorn kernels and small bits of bone particles from your last hamburger or vegeburger).  This douching rinse should be simple and take less than a few minutes.

    Try rinsing with 4 to 8 ounces of filtered (chlorine free) water injected gently.  Two or three of these petite douches should be sufficient.  These are warm, not hot.  Wait a few minutes, arrange your bed, or shower  to give your rectum time to absorb any excess fluid that's left over.  Then, you're ready to lube and carry out your insertion ritual.

    It's important to not get water up into the sigmoid colon where it will remain for awhile than trigger major peristalsis delaying your session while you deal with an enema mess.  Eventually you'll learn to feel the right amount and won't need to measure or fool around with the above specifics.

    OTOH, if a rigid nozzle for douching annoys you, buy the shorter "Rectal Tube" which is also soft.  Slip it over the hard nozzle and insert a few inches to douche.  Avoid inserting it on up through the sigmoid sphincter (see above paragraph). Remember this tube is long enough to hide some fecal material.  That's food for molds and fungi.  Figure out a way to clean it during clean up or during you next shower then hang it to dry.  Rinse it with peroxide occasionally.

    enjoy...  blessngs       rook