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Great, Free audio erotica! (Newbie Questions too)
  • Hi Everyone,

    I've been slinking around here for a while, just signed up and this is my first post. Hope this isnt repetative or in the wrong place.

    So Ive had my Aneros since college (5years +) and only recently, in the last two months, really have gotten serious about seeing what this is all about. The Hypanerosession audio has been a HUGE help, especially in seeing how to calm my body before getting into a session, and the deep breathing down into your prostate. But I wanted to let you guys in on something I came across today in my search for better stimuli for my sessions. has all sorts of FREE audio that are hot as hell! Here are a few links...

    Click on the audio link...


    A few questions..

    1) Do any of you feel kindof shaky the day after a session? Kinda like shivering from being cold, but not unpleasant...?

    2) Has anyone used Saw Palmetto to increase the bodies orgasm contraction strength? ( Its been used for ejaculation strenght/distance by porn stars)

    3) Is Pre-Cum a vital component to getting to the Super-O. I have had maybe 12 sessions and have only shown a miniscule amount of pre-cum. Is there a lot of pre-cum every time you have a Super-O or is it just a posibility with a session?

    4) I feel the deep Aneros sessions puts me in a deep meditative state and I've had some cool coinsidences in my business and personal life recently. Have any of you seen unrelated beneficial coincedences, or intuitive growth after using the Aneros and specifically to those who have achieved the Super-O?

    5) In regards to erotica stimuli, has anyone experinced a difference in effect with material that focused on a female G-Spot orgasm vs Clit masterbation and intercourse? I think the body responds like a mirror to what it senses (every feel happy and Jazzed by someone upbeat and energetic or been drug down yourself by a depressed person?) So being that our "P-Spot" is similar to a female "G-Spot" seeing, hearing and experincing that orgasm in them may help our version of that orgasm in us? Any imput here would be cool.. Random I know, but there may be something there...



    Laughing Hawk





  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    On the pre-cum question. No, it's not a requirement at all but it's sometimes a consequence. I've had good sessions where I've been completely dry at the end. It varies from person to person and from day to day.
  • On number 4 I have had a very similar experience. Although mine is a bit different in that discovering Aneros was one of those "cool coincidences" in my life. About 6 months ago I started a very interesting spiritual journey and since I took the first step down this path, I have been seeing God's bread crumbs everywhere. Aneros was quite literally an answer to a pray I prayed at least a thousand times. My advice, once you see these bread crumbs, follow them, they'll take you to where you've always wanted to go.
  • Hi 
    LaughingHawk  cant answer any  but the 1st question. Yes your not alone I get exactly the same thing. I had put it down to a lack of sleep and exertion of muscles till the wee hours of the morning. Most of my sessions are from between 8pm to 2:30am so dont know if it would happen if I did it during the day.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Great thread and very appropriate in the forum since we no longer have the testimonial and poll sections in their old format.

    1- Gotta say, not here.  Chills and shakes used to be frequent during but not after my early sessions...sometimes those sessions seemed near epileptic.  Now, my next day is mostly butt buzz combined with a lot of self-confidence.  If I didn't ejaculate my head horns have an extra prong. :)

    2- Saw:  It's been over 12 years since my last soft-gel of Saw to treat my bph.  So, the following is mostlhy conjecture on my part. My old doc said that Saw works by relaxing the Prostate musculature. So, perhaps it's less congested and might therefore offer a faster outflow and larger total contribution to one's load.  

    3- Precum.  Not a 'vital component' of my dry orgasms.  I think I perform about the way Evolution or the Creator directed:
    - Mental arousal.  There's a direct connection between my brain and my Cowpers glands.  Just the thought of what I might do with a sensual object is worth a few drops.  I can walk into an adult toy store, look at something interesting and spot my skivs or wet my thigh  Screwing the douche nozzle on my shower-shot always triggers a few drops even though I'm not erect.  Usually porn doesn't do it but planning some foreplay to bed my wife causes me to "drool" the stuff. Posting in the forum or participating in chat is worth a 1/4 teaspoon.   Occasionally mental anxiety will add some prostatic fluid to the pre-cum.
    - More precum when a particular toy puts a lot of pressure on my lower canal.  For me that's MGX but not Helix.  However I pump out a lot of precum when I play a strong contraction game with Helix-syn and it's cycling in and out a lot.  (I'm a nube with -syn though. So this may be mental excitement about the sleek red and black thing inside my ass or perhaps, where the red dot is on the side of the tab in relation to my nuts. -- think black Shelby-GT or black C5-GS with red racing stripe and red fender accent stripes. !)   A 'guy thing!'  How did Aneros know what I like to drive. ???  :lol:
    - More pre-cum with intense penis bulb and crus engorgement or intense thrusting that I feel all the way back to my anus.  Perhaps my Cowpers "thinks" I'm having a problem penetrating and kicks out extra lube. 

    BTW, I'm circ'd and suspect that uncut guys may experience different sensations when thrusting and the Cowpers responses could be different.... Funny: perhaps our next Aneros Convocation (iirc, everyone naked in Muir Woods, 2014) should convene a formal circle jerk to investigate precum production during heavy thrusting by cut and uncut Anerosians.  :lol:

    4- Spirituality & Meditation:  Yes.  This became the major change in my path.  I got into Buddhist practice and Shinto readings to counter an 'evaluative' streak in my personality.  That analytical behavior was killing my sessions, my receptivity and my sexuality.  When I deeply meditate going into a session and 'open' myself,  I'll trend toward an intense Crown Chakra Super-O that goes 'celestial,' turning on the same parts of my being that are on when I pray or celebrate the blessings of Nature, experience intense emotion and cry or pull off a difficult win at sport or business.  

    At the other end of my body a squeeze on my Peridise or SGX is synced to the first step in every Tai Chi form transition.  That applies Spirit to the Moving Meditation that our group Master teaches.
    5- I think I'm somewhere in this discussion.  I tend to think of sex as a dance of co-operative partners.  Take a look though at Artform's much more consolidated view of Sex as a grand exchange of individual and mutual energies. 

    Although I'm still a nube at sex with an Aneros, it has changed our whole foreplay-->coitus game. The word, "climax" is gone from our vocabulary. Availability of multiple dry-Os provides a better match between the two of us.  And, the emphasis is no longer on timing, pacing or 'completion.'  We now treat Clitoral O's about the same way we view my mini-O or when we're really hot, a chain of my dry-Os. My final wet O is usually triggered by her pre-orgasmic vaginal contractions rather than by my thrusting to force a g-spot orgasm simultaneous with my ejac.  This has been the best cure for pre-mature ejac going!!  When I get lucky I can just relax and fall into a dry-O rather than ejaculate.  I usually go wet though and release into the midst of her orgasm with a vocal chuffle and a squeeze on my SGX to 'seal the deal.' Rather than be the penis bearing DOM that I was three years ago I'm more a SUB to her vaginal contractions.  You might say that this is a role reversal along with the rewiring.

    We are not yet accomplished students of Mantak Chia but that's where we are slowly heading.  

    I'd like to see some comments from Gay oriented guys on question #5.  Also some couples well into BDSM might offer some thoughts on how they have changed once offered a menu including MMO's
  • Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! I am just enjoying this radical journey.

     If we master our penis do we master ourselves....?  Hmmm

    Thanks Again!

    Laughing Hawk