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"Gentle emission" of fluid without muscle spasm?
  • I enjoy playing with my Aneros MGX and I insert it before I masturbate... but I don't rub the tip of the penis, I rub the bottom half of it and the perineum area. I will very gently rub or tap the base of the Aneros with my other hand to provide more prostate stimulation.  

    Occasionally I will reach a sensation that feels like I am coming close to the edge of a (traditional) orgasm... but instead of having involuntary muscle contractions and "spurting"... I feel a unique sensation in my 2nd chakra and 1 to 2 teaspoons of clear, runny, yellowish fluid will gently dribble out the tip of my penis.

    It's one of four kinds of fluids that come out of my penis:
    1. Urine - usually yellow with the consistency of water
    2. Precum - a droplet or two of crystal clear, slippery fluid that if touched between two fingers and the fingers are separated, it forms a 'spider web' like thread
    3. Gentle emission fluid - described above: thicker than water, yellowish, has slight 'marbled' texture sometimes
    4. Semen - Thick, whitish, can occasionally contain stringy-elastic "semi-solid" strands

    The Gentle emission is nothing like a "Super-O" - it's like a Subtle-O and a very gentle emission. It feels very sublime and wonderful... in a mellow, subtle way. 

    The penis remains hard and I feel a very subtle, delicate afterglow of pleasure... but not the blasting dopamine rush and not the thick white semen of a traditional orgasm. I feel slightly less horny afterwards for the rest of the day, but not depleted or tired like after a normal O.

    What is this kind of fluid emission / "orgasm" called called in the Aneros community? Is this the same thing as so called "prostate milking"? What is the actual fluid that comes out - cowper's fluid, prostate fluid, partial semen?

    Any experiential insight or medical explanation of this kind of ejaculation would be appreciated!
  • I am no expert but from what you describe and from what I have read in the forum before it sounds like 
    cowper's fluid.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    hi Yoga Rasta & bravenewworld,

    The cowpers glands produce the clear pre-cum rather than what you are getting.

    I get what I call 'my streaming O' usually the result of being severely hyped after extended anorectal play with a larger toy such as Progasm or Maximus, then heavy perineum play with the heel of my foot while in a yoga pose (toy removed) accompanied by steady nipple play.  There is a mild Dan Tien Storm accompanied by a similar volume of streaming fluid.  It's about the consistency and color of my cum.   I'm snipped so don't produce sperm.  My semen is more creamy in color than it was when I was younger and 'fertile.'  The flow is slow and steady, lasting maybe 10 seconds. I can't feel the 'valve' open.  Suddenly it's just there.  Volume is close to what you describe -- definitely not a Tablespoon like I'd get from an average load.   I don't get an oxytocin or dopamine high when this happens but there's a hint of refractory and my horns wilt.  So, there might be a bit of prolactin floating around in my bod.

    Other guys describe similar streaming flows.  The common factor seems to be nip play at the end of a session.  You might check on threads mentioning key words Male + Female Squirting.

    I don't overlook the possibility that there might be some urine involved.  Perhaps it's just a matter of the larger toys blocking the flow of some accumulated cum and removing the toy allows the bladder neck sphincter to open momentarily, flushing out the urethera where it goes through the prostate and penis bulb.

    Like some other guys who have or have had some prostate enlargement, a large Aneros toy (sometimes even Helix) will totally block the exit of ejaculate when I masturbate or thrust in coitus to orgasm.  in those events I seem to pump up my Vas and Prostate full of cum.   When I pull out the toy, the accumulation is released. but the load is much smaller than normal for me. 

    i really don't sweat any of this and just view it as a curiosity of life that doesn't lead to pleasure or intense Orgasm.

    cheers & blessings...   rook

  • Rook,

    Yes, this is what happens for me. A 'streaming O' as you call it or a very 'gentle o' or 'gentle emission'. A dribbling stream of liquid - not as much as a normal ejaculation, no oxytocin or dopamine high, and a hint of refractory. I don't think it's Cowper's fluid as the volume is greater than what this tiny gland should produce.

    I am really not worried about it at all! 

    I enjoy it very much, deliberately go for this experience sometimes (when I don't have the energy or desire for the Super-O) and in some ways I prefer the subtle sensations of the "gentle emission".

    I am just curious about this new kind of ejaculation and wonder where, exactly, the fluid is coming from? Can anyone point me to any more posts or writing on the subject?

    The only writing I have found that describes the experience, so far, is Prostate Milking - by Lady Lubyanka

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    tks for the link.

    Wondering if you brought your technique across from Yoga ???

    Beginning to think we've independently stumbled across very similar stim techniques. (or perhaps kinks)

    I sometimes kick off a play session (as opposed to an orgasmic session) before insertion with deep perineal massage to the prostate with my fingers through the perineum rather than via the anal canal and rectum.  That always engorges the crus and bulb along with the prostate so the whole region is pumped.   When I can no longer relax the PC group and it blocks my access to the prostate, in goes the play toy and I'm off and running.  :)   So far, I've not bruised anything but this probably isn't for the faint of heart.  It might set someone way back if he is trying to build the PC group with Kegels.

    I don't do any of  this when I aim the session at a dry-O.  Those sessions start very calm and tame.

    blessings...   rook
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I get the same thing sometimes, when I practice non-ejaculation in the Taoist tradition, and I am masturbating or having sex (without the aneros).  Quite often, I tend towards getting blue ball syndrome, but sometimes when the pressure has built up to a large extent, I get the same emissions that you all describe, and about the same quantity.  I love it too - and one thing is for sure, it certainly relieves the pressure in there, and blue ball syndrome never occurs afterwards.  I have detected a slight reduction in horniness afterwards, but not for long.