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Sci-Fi Aneros - Designs from the future?
  • Given a rare blue moon occurrence is coming I was prompted to speculate on future Aneros developments.

    5 years from now - all Aneros are wrapped with a nano surface which is completely self-cleaning, nothing can adhere to the surface.

    10 years from now - a motorised arrangement of revolving balls is made small enough, and appropriate battery technology has developed to power it, that can fit within an Aneros and thus provide stimulation to the prostate and anal tract similar to those rolling ball mechanisms found in massage chairs.

    50 years hence - nanotechnology has developed to such an extent that the Aneros has an atomic surface that constantly ripples and the device can morph to fit snuggly to any individual's internal anal dimensions - a bio-senstive intelligence which adapts to the user's internal bodily fluctuations, enhancing and maintaining optimum orgasmic response.
  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    hapticbear, that seems entirely possible; hope I live to see it! 

    You also reminded us of the wonder of the human body. You described a penis.   :-)