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Newbie question? Leg twitching.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Hi all, I have been using my Helix for about 6 months now. Cant say that I seem to be getting very far at all. Which I know maybe normal.
    Every now and then when I contract the muscles in it feels a little good for a split second. A few months back I cut the tail off so it was easier to use too.
    I have tried a lot of methods and positions and the hypo CD.
    I found lying on my side with both knees slightly bent to be the easiest and the best feeling.
    I did not even think I was having P-waves until I read a post saying that any good feeling was a p-wave...
    last night I wathched a video on X-tube with a guy and his new syn helix and decided to try the do nothing approach along with the video.
    It never worked before but it could not hurt...
    I tried lying on my back as I have done before with knees bent and legs splayed outwards. I have had no luck before but gave it another go.
    I did all the suggested breathing stuff and relaxed and after a half hour my legs began to twitch. The twitching got more violent and went away and came back and so on.
    Oh and I had also been doing the nipple stimulation as well.
    The aneros was not really doing much as far as I could feel. And I guess it felt ok but did not really produce what I would call great pleasure.
    I also never had a dry O as far as I am aware. Not that I even know what one feels like but I imagine if I had one I would certainly know I had had one going on what others have said on this forum.
    My question is: Is it possible that my legs muscles where just tired so started twitching or does this sound like I was actually getting somewhere where I had not been before? There did not seem to be any twitching going on with my PC or anal muscles.
    I tried to keep the deep valley breathing going as best as possible and although if I just let the twitching go it would keep going in waves If I tried I could stop it dead if I wanted.

    Would appreciate some feed back thanks
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    I think you are on your way with the Helix with your legs twitching. Perhaps you may want to enter that experience more fully because you may reach your prostate. Keep experimenting. I think you are on the right track! :-)

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    You are following the exact same route that I took, and now I can dry-orgasm, but I have only just realised that this is the case after a few months of not knowing, or being suspicious that this was the case!

    Even though you weren't feeling the aneros touching your prostate, the leg shaking was a sign that it was.  As time went by my own prostate got more and more sensitive, and I started to feel the aneros tickling it.  The leg shaking became enjoyable too, and was joined by abdominal shaking, and lots of miscellaneous twitches and shaking elsewhere.

    In between the waves of leg shaking you describe, I eventually got what I thought were strong p-waves that took my breath away, and made me growl and gasp with pleasure.  These caused strong involuntary contractions with time, and then clamping, and mini/dry orgasms.  I have come to the conclusion that p-waves, mini and dry orgasms, are just stronger or weaker versions of the other, and there isn't a clear distinction between them. Later I found out I was in all likelihood having orgasms before I could clearly distinguish this was the case - it was only some time after these events occurred that I realised what they must have been, hence my statement above. This is probably most true where progress is slow and steady as has been the case with me.  A few others on this forum have made dramatic leaps forward, and often backwards, and it might seem like they are clearly distinguishable things, but I don't believe that in reality they are.

    My anal and PC muscles move rather than twitch, and it is a very enjoyable feeling in its own right - some have described it as like worms moving around in there.  Although this analogy is not the most picturesque, it is certainly a good way to describe it.  Of course at this stage in my journey, I wouldn't know if they were going to twitch at some point in the future, but that is all part of the thrill of the journey - not knowing what will happen next.

    I use the "do very little method" rather than the "do nothing".  I have found as you have, that nipple stimulation is good, and touching other areas that you like (except your penis) is good too.  I like small PC muscle contractions sometimes, and I have discovered how to move my eupho across my prostate to good effect.  Doing PC muscle contractions without the aneros in will help strengthen these muscles and at the same time stimulates your prostate, because the PC muscles extend to and around the prostate.  This in itself is a form of mild prostate massage.  I now also practice limiting the frequency of ejaculation - this isn't for everybody, but you'll know it is for you if you come to the same point that I did.

    All that remains to be said, is keep going, you have made progress, and this is the beginning of a fantastic journey that will enthral you, intrigue and surprise you.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Thanks BigGlands & Linum for your comments. I had to start sharing my thoughts because if not I might give up. Its hard doing it alone. This forum is great!

    Well I have had a few sessions since my original post and the leg twitch although it felt ok does not seem to produce anything else interesting.
    Last night at 12am I had "the anal urge" although I had not planned it. I tried many positions and techniques and nothing came of it. So much so that I fell asleep and woke up at 4am and started doing contractions for a half hour then gave up and removed it. At 8am I put it back in and tried doing more contraction. I was so buggered by this time I thought this might help the muscles start to fautuge. I got all kinds of twitching going on for hours involving my anus, but nothing constant. By 11 I was buggered and I tried making a contraction and letting it go a little. After a while the PC muscles started to move by themselves. Only a little bit but it was rhythmic. Like a very gentle fuck. I could only make it happen for a few sort periods of time 5 to 10 seconds. I dont think my anal muscles are very strong because I can contract them but I cant hold them in for very long. I dont even know they have let go until I contract again.
    So it was very hard to just keep a contraction at 40% or 50 % which is where this surging, pumping action started.
    I managed to get the pumping action to last for about 30 seconds once and I had a feeling of warmth come over me but then I lost it again. I had to stop by 12pm as my perineum was very sore and I was so so buggered.
    Now it 12:30 am again when I am typing this coz I cant sleep. I am ass hungry again but to sore.:)

    I did notice that when I got this pumping action that a lot of precum was produced, a lot more than any other time using the aneros.
    I wanted to not masturbate at the end because I have not done so for a few days to see if it helped but alas I could not resist. 
    If only I could get to the dry o state I think I would be a very happy man.
    Not giving up like I was ready to last week before the leg twitching. It is obvious that things are happening although really slowly. Feel like this was a bit of a brake through but we shall see. 
    I have been toying with the idea of buying a Vice aneros to see if the vibes do anything but then again maybe it is too bigger step and should stay with the helix. Its a lot of money.
    I have found a great place in Australia that sell aneroses or is that aneri at only about $5 more than from America and includes free freight in Australia. Happy to share with anyone that is interested.
    Posts: 9
    I'm at a stage pretty much like yours: sometimes I get leg twitching too, but none other feeling at all. About an year ago I had the opportunity to buy a Vice (I was going to the US and, here in Brazil, Aneros is very expensive) and so I did, thinking, just like you, that another model with different atributes would make things change.

    Well, it didn't!

    Actually, in my very first session I had a very good session with many new feelings that lasted for a minute or so, and then they were gone forever... I never had that again and after some months I gave up. (Until a few times ago). I'm telling you that because I have passed through these expectations over new models and, now, I'm back to my SGX, the first one I got understanding that Vice will hardly work if I can't make it with a simple model. I read everywhere here that if you can do it with one model, you can do it with the others and that Vice requires some experience... I think we who still can't get real pleasure with aneros must believe in what people here are telling us.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I'm in agreement with 'BigGlansDC' & 'Linum'.

    What you are experiencing is completely normal in the Aneros journey. If you look at the Milestones list you will see a list of commonly experienced events.
    You said "Every now and then when I contract the muscles in it feels a little good for a split second."
    From the 'Milestones' we see "Observation of slight good feelings".
    You said "I did all the suggested breathing stuff and relaxed and after a half hour my legs began to twitch. The twitching got more violent and went away and came back and so on."
    From the 'Milestones' we see "Twitching".
    You said "After a while the PC muscles started to move by themselves. Only a little bit but it was rhythmic. Like a very gentle fuck."
    From the 'Milestones' we see "Observation of slight involuntary contractions" & "Definite sense of ongoing subtle involuntary contraction"
    You said "I am ass hungry again..."
    From the 'Milestones' we see "Sense that the Aneros is satisfying a special prostate "itch".

    In my estimation, you are doing just fine in your learning, being observant, adventurous and patient are qualities which will further your progress. It is impossible to predict the time frame in which the ongoing 'rewiring' becomes effective but it is obvious to me your are getting 'rewired'!

    @ DFK

    Belief systems have a powerful effect on our behaviors and reactions to various stimuli. What you believe to be true becomes your reality and affects your attitude but if you consciously change your attitude your reality will change too. You may wish to try to 'reframe' (re-phrase) your thoughts to change real world outcomes. Small changes can open many new possibilities.

    You said "Actually, in my very first session I had a very good session with many new feelings that lasted for a minute or so, and then they were gone forever... I never had that again and after some months I gave up." That statement ends on a slightly defeatist, negative thought, How would you feel about reframing that statement to something like ... 'My first session was very good with many new feelings, now that I know what is possible, my continued practice will refine my ability to experience them again.' If you compare the original and reframed statements in your head, which one feels better for your psyche?
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @ DFK Thanks for the reality check maybe I should wait.

    @ rumel Thankyou so much for you comment. That has opened my eyes. I must of missed the milestone list some how. And as I read through the list of what is to come I am both a little apprehensive and greatly excited at the same time.Wow looks like I am in for the ride of my life!

    Last nights session.

    OMG! What a difference and leap forward.
    Appon  inserting the helix I could within about 2 minutes make a anal contraction at about 50% and the PC muscles would start involuntary contracting straight away.
    Slowly a first and then stop slowly and then a little quicker then stop.
    Slowly then quicker and quicker. OH what a feeling. Whoho!
    It was going real quick at one stage for about 1 minute and my excitement was was building like I was getting close to cumming but alas a huge boner had formed.
     The boner was at about 80% percent of rock hard, only thing is that when it got to the 80% the contractions would stop because I lost feeling in my prostate I suspect from all the muscles tensing up around it.:(
    I got to this point about 3 times from memory, together with excited breathing and a sense of oh wow this is great. 
    At last there was the feeling of oh this feels great don't stop.

    The only thing that was not great was the pain in my perineum. The aneros is getting clamped in so hard it kills.
    I put a folded tissue under the tab but that changes the angle of entry a little. I now wish that I had not modified the helix so much earlier. I have cut the tail off completely and I saw a post not long back that said it may put too much pressure on the prostate and perineum. :( I should have left a inch of tail there me thinks now but to those reading, removing the tail or part of it makes it so much easier to move around without snagging it. Not fun!

    The pain plus I am always so tired for playing with Miss aneros till the we hours of the night got the better of me so I called it a night a 1am.
    I am happy to say I did not need to finish off with a super T this time, just the excitement of actually feeling pleasure at last was good enough this time.

    This morning as I lay in bed with the laptop. I can contract my anal muscles and the PC twitches starts up, only a little every now a then without the aneros in me. Cool!
    After last nights pleasure feelings, when I think about them, I quiver with excitement and oh how I am hungry so hungry. Not for food, ass hungry!
    Think I better give the perineum a rest. I will see if I can resist the urges tonight. Dont like my chances. I suspect this is how a drug addict feels, longing for a fix. Miss aneros has me by by the balls (well real close) and she is not going to let me go.

    I must say I have not felt so excited like this since I was a child. Oh how I have missed it.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Oh bugger I lost my groove! I cant get back to the involuntarys. Oh well I will keep on keeping on.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    @braveneworld: (That has such people in't.)

    It's very common to have two steps forward and one back. Don't worry about it. Think of it as your body saying, "OK, I've got that working now. Let's come back to that later. What can I try next?"
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    @twiltin: So true! I thought I cured the leg shaking many months ago. After using the Eupho for months I tried a session with my Helix and they came back like a frieght train. Not twitches, but full blown, full body, wrecking the bed shakes. Time to put the training wheels back on.

    So, what's next?