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First time shakings (involuntaries?)
  • Dear Aneros Community,

    this is my very first post, although I have been reading for a long, long time. A couple of infos about me: I am 39 years old, german, hetero with girlfriend, started with some Nexus products 2-3 years ago, got the Helix about two years ago and for almost a year I also have the SGX now.

    It seems that for me the way is quite a long one, but nevertheless I enjoy every bit of it and I manage to lower all expectations. For now I'd be happy to achieve the milestone of the involuntaries.

    Most of the time I only feel warmth inside me and some nice itches. Sometimes, after a while I start shaking, but I believe these aren't the famous "involuntaries", but rather shakings of my diaphragm.

    I guess this morning's session was a bit of a break through. I came home quite late the night before, around 2 a.m., but still wanted to enjoy the SGX together with an erotic hypnosis. But as I was too tired, I fell asleep and after waking up around 8 a.m., I simply pulled the SGX out and that's it.

    However, I prepared my Helix in advance, just in case, and a couple of hours later I wanted to give it a try. With a pillow under my butt, earplugs and the before mentioned hypnosis it was really special. After a couple of minutes, my lower body started to shake on its own, but this time it wasn't the diaphragm as usual. (by the way, a shaking diaphragm gives some interesting pleasure, too). The shaking was lower in my butt and hips, and I was able to keep that shaking for about 45 minutes. Strangely enough, I almost didn't do any contractions actively. I was just enjoying the ride (although I know that the super-o is still far away!). I hope I can reproduce such a session in the future.

    I am not quite sure if these were really the involuntaries, as I'd expect them to take place more in the asshole itself, thus moving the Aneros back and forth. In my case, it was more of a trembling around the hips and the butt, even the legs.

    What do you think? Did I discover the involuntaries, or should I look for other sensations and physical/mental phenonemas?

    Cheers to all,

  • Sorry for the double post! I got an error message, so I supposed it did not work. Admin, can you delete this one?
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi Rembrandt,

    Congratulations on your desire to restart your Aneros sessions and for the involuntary shakings and spasms in your hips and butt. That is an auspicious sign. I am glad you went with your session and enjoyed it very much. The most you use the Aneros the more exciting your journey and experiences will be!

  • rrunnzrrunnz
    Posts: 18
    Congratulations on your 
    involuntary shakings and spasms.  I am now just experiencing the same.  It's getting easier to reach the point for me, so good.  I have had my aneros for years but my body and my mind have now synced and it's sheer pleasure though no super -o has been felt. The 
    involuntary shakings and spasms and dry orgasms have been so pleasureful I hate to stop and go about my daily routine.  It makes no difference whether I use my helix or eupho they are wonderful.  My journey is just beginning.
    thanks, rrunnz.
  • Thanks for your positive feedbacks! I will keep on, and maybe some time later I can report on more progress.

    Just to be sure: The spasms are expected to take place in the anal sphincter muscle? If that's true, then I wouldn't call my shakings "involuntaries". But if not involuntaries, what are they then?