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My first two Aneros Maximus sessions, August 6 & 8, 2012
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915

    Hi guys,

    Earlier Monday evening I took the next step in my use of the Aneros by using a larger model for the first time. Tonight I used the Maximus for the very first time. This is a much larger model in thickness and length than  the Aneros Helix Syn and Helix models. The Maximus is made of a harder plastic than the silicone of the Helix Syn. The Progasm is another large model in the Aneros family. It is more suitable for more advanced, experienced users. The Progasm also has this same harder plastic and it certainly feels heavy in my hand! In fact, the Progasm is awesome! I hope to try the Progasm very soon.

    I was amazed at how easily I was able to insert the Maximus up my butthole. Then I laid on my side for a few minutes to get used to my new buddy. Finally I placed my butt on a pillow and began my session in earnest. Once again I found that deep, slow and leisurely breaths again caused the Maximus to massage my prostate. This went on for a good 90 minutes. I focused upon the Maximus massaging my prostate and paid close attention to the high vibration of P-waves localized in my prostate and my groin. However there were only a couple episodes of spasms in my thighs, but just that electric buzz centered in my prostate radiating through my groin and thighs. I discovered in this session that massaging my hairy thighs rhythmically caused waves of a very high frequency of this buzzing, but again hardly the spasms and shaking experienced in my session with the Helix Syn. I just let it be a get-acquainted session. Fortunately I encountered hardly any discomfort which I had feared, but just lots of pleasure!

    Afterwards I took a good thirty minutes intermission to relax, to have some afterplay or postplay trying to savor and relive what I had just experienced in my maiden session with the Maximus! Then I followed up with a good 90 minutes with my Helix Syn. The Helix Syn massaged my prostate of its own accord during the whole. I reveled in the buzz (high frequency P-waves) centered in my prostate and its giving me that full feeling of sexual energy in my groin, all this accompanied by waves of spasms and shaking in my thighs. It all felt so good!  I wrapped up my evening's session with another 30 minute session of postplay. Midnight rolled around and I went to bed. I slept soundly.

    My second session with my Maximus occurred last night, Wednesday, just after 10 p.m. I had been looking forward this session with my new buddy for a good two days. In fact, I was horny for him! :-) Once again he slipped in easily. After a good five to minutes relaxation, I placed my butt on a folded pillow and laid on my back. This time, after a wait of five minutes, P-waves with spasms and shakings in my thighs began. My session with my Maximus began in earnest. I was amazed at how much a much, fuller feeling the Maximus could deliver for me. The massaging action of this new, good buddy was much fuller, larger, and aggressive action than my Helix Syn. My session must have lasted a good 90 minutes and it was filled with absolute pleasure!

    Then after an intermission of five to minutes I followed up with a 90 minute session with my Helix Syn! Same sexual energy, that buzz in my prostate, those P-waves reflected also the spasms and thrashings in my thighs! I lost touch of the passage of time once again because both the Maximus and Helix Syn had filled me with pleasure and sexual energy!

    Finally I ended my evening with a brief 30 minute postplay and then went promptly to bed. Once again I slept like a baby! 

    Some conclusions: My Aneros sessions are rewiring my body to become my attuned to sexual pleasure. This is reflected in the awakening of my prostate along with my erogenous zones, especially my nipples, hairy chest, abs, shoulders and thighs. My nipples enjoy being stimulated and caressed during my Aneros sessions. When I tweak and caress my nipples, my Aneros massages my prostate with more aggressive, yet pleasurable force. My prostate thus hardens and become engorged, even "erect." I feel a strong sense of wellbeing and rejuvenation  after Anerosing, an afterglow which lasts a good day or so. Aneros sessions are also confidence-building and self-affirming exercises for me as a man. 

    Finally like so many men, I enjoy reminiscing my pubescent and adolescent years when I discovered the pleasures of masturbation. In those years, there was an excitement which I felt in my maturing body and sexual organs. But none of this can compare with what I am discovering with the Aneros! I have embarked upon an exciting and memorable journey which will enliven and transform the years ahead for me!

    Take care!


  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    Great report, Thom! Thanks. 

    I've had similar results with the Maximus. After using it about three times over the past week, I love the smooth but full feeling it gives. In my sessions, I've started with the Syn or MGX before switching to the slightly larger Maxi, so maybe next time I'll go in reverse. 
  • dingusdingus
    Posts: 72
    Sounds like a worthwhile addition to the toy drawer.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915

    I am glad you are enjoying also the Maximus. I still love my Helix Syn very much and what it does for me, but I have fallen in love with my Maximus. I hope to use both of these models of the Aneros in concert with each other. Also later today I should receive the Progasm Ice in the mail from Amazon at a discounted price. I hope to use both the Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice someday soon.

    The Maximus is just wonderful. I look forward toward having great sessions with it in the weeks go come.

  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    Dingus and Thom, at the rate I'm going, I may need to move from the drawer to the hope chest!   :-)