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Aneros Sessions
  • zangzang
    Posts: 42
    Hi guys, i've had 3 sessions with my new Syn . The first one i rushed into, but the second one Wow! I decided to watch an erotic movie with the Aneros inserted and it was fab! I did not get too distracted by the film and mainly used it as an erotic visual aid. I turned the sound down on the movie. I am thinking about purchasing a Fiona Cooper Amateur girls film, no sex as such, just stripping and masturbating. I could turn the sound down and pop Alana/rumels cd on, so that i get both visual erotic and audio erotic. Today's session was not great, maybe i was just not up to it, but i guess you cannot have everything !
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi zang!!

    Glad you have had good results with the new Syn, which I too think is fantastic!! Just let your body/mind communicate through your intuition, and give them a break by not cramming in sessions. That gives rewiring a chance to advance and strengthen too!!


    as we rewire we are all reconnected