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how exactly does "rewiring" work?
  • yr99yr99
    Posts: 20
    i just tried my mgx, the first time i did any type of anal play. it didn't feel too much pleasure, but there was a constant drip of precum coming out of me. i left it in me for an hour before i took it out, not feeling too much and feeling a bit disappointed.

    now, i read the wiki and realize this will take time. i just want to know why its like that? i mean, im contracting my kegals in every way possible, and no matter if the contractions are subtle or strong, i don't feel my prostate feeling pleasure. so what will change in the future that'll allow me to suddenly feel pleasure? because i know my prostate is getting stimulated since so much precum is coming out, so physically nothing will change.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi yr99,

    Congratulations on your first session with your Aneros MGX. I think your penis emitting a "constant drip of precum" is a good sign. A good buddy who is an experienced user of the Aneros and I were chatting on another site give me a good word of advice on how to use the Aneros: "Just relax and enjoy and not rush!"

    I have been using my Aneros Helix Syn for over a good two months now. Most of my Helix Syn sessions have been very pleasurable. I have noticed that my sessions have been having a cumulative effect. Now there is that constant buzz of sexual energy swirling in my prostate and that full feeling in my groin. In recent weeks, I have been experiencing P-waves and mini-o's in my sessions. I have gotten to the point that I have experienced chairgasms and bedgasms, and even can induce them!

    As regards "rewiring" working, that is an ongoing, continuous process which happens within one's Aneros sessions and even outside them. Recently I like to savor the feelings and impressions in a postplay or afterplay for an hour or so after a session. I found that that can enhance "rewiring" greatly.

    Every guy is different in his experience with the Aneros. "Just relax and enjoy and not rush!"

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    My cut:

    I'm not fully rewired and therefore regularly exercise some practices that regularly reinforce my MMO wiring.  I believe that I've not replaced one set of neural responses with alternatives but have just implemented some additional snapses to enable falling into orgasm from stimulations other than penile forced ejaculation.

    My definition:  A process of inter-connecting neurons in the Central Nervous System (CNS) to others so that a particular stimulus or a combination of several stimulae creates a pleasureful response, sending signals to one or more parts of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to help sustain the original stimulus or initiate a parallel stimulus that continues the pleasure response.  I sense this as an intial flow of endorphins and believe that orgasm is accompanied by an endorphin overload.  (something common to the whole body orgasm that Heroin abusers report.)   Note that other guys will focus on 'energy' descriptions rather than CNS and ANS descriptons.

    The emotional/conscious side:  
    My first step was when I learned to differentiate between orgasm and ejaculation. There was a split second difference between the two and it took a lot of listening to my body and brain to make that differentiation. About five months into my journey I begain to sometimes 'feel' this as I approached orgasm.  Now I can do this when edging and that helps reinforce my rewiring. --   

    My second step was having an onset of the orgasmic feeling in association with involuntary contractions and deep fascia tremor.

    The third step was being able to regenerate or amplify pleasure-waves with shifts of mental focus and just 'thinking' about a contraction or minor muscle flex rather than actually initiating one.  I think of it this way.  However, other guys view it as an energy build or move of energy between chakras.  Those 'moves' cause the energy store to overflow, release or cascade into orgasm.

    The fourth step was a feeling that my brain and body were being transformed into a rather permanent state of continuous orgasm.  For nearly two weeks I lived on the fringes of orgasm and was able to fall into an orgasmic state by just thinking about my prostate or nipples.  I finally 'chickened out' and ramped down my focus.  Now I can initiate 'less-sessions when the time is right but most of my dry-Os and intense brain orgasms are dependent on help from an Aneros tool, usually accompanied by nipple stim.

    I do not know if my discarding that fourth step consigned me to never being able to "rewire."

    Hope this helps.

      ... opportunity is rarely recursive.   always reach for the brass ring !   ... rook

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Patience, young squire. Have you ever heard the phrase that something " an acquired taste" ? What that means is that it takes time and repeated experience to assimilate the often disparate sensations into a meaningful experience. The Aneros learning experience ('the journey') is similar in that your initial sensations are so new and different from previous experiences that your brain will need to start creating new neurological connections to begin cataloging and storing the sensate memories being experienced.

    This is the beginning of the "rewiring" often mentioned on this Forum. This rewiring is a consequence of the neuroplasticity of our brains to adapt to changing environmental conditions. The 'mind', however, is even more adaptable, and it is our mind which evaluates and establishes judgmental values for all the sensory information being generated by the body.

    Here's where it starts to get really complicated. Our mind's attempts to make sense of all this information sometimes get confused, as such, it often ignores small but important bits of information. In the Aneros journey many newbies ignore the very subtle sensations their bodies initially generate because they are looking for that big orgasmic bang they've read all about. Hence they say things like "...not feeling too much and feeling a bit disappointed." Some even give up soon thereafter and accuse the company of producing products that don't work. The truth here is they have simply not gathered and integrated all the information their bodies have been providing them, until they are willing and open to this information little progress is likely.

    Our minds have even further complicating aspects to this whole process, our entire psychological essence interprets, labels and judges all sensory input. This process can severely cripple progress by misguided judgements, especially when one labels things 'good', 'bad', 'right' or 'wrong'. Those judgements taint all future interpretations of similar sensory experiences and may actually lead you away from a path to the Super-O (see Identifying Obstacles to Progress).

    You said "... i don't feel my prostate feeling pleasure. so what will change in the future that'll allow me to suddenly feel pleasure?" First off, I don't think your prostate feels pleasure, I think it is an organ performing certain functions for the body as a whole and dutifully sends sensory signals to your brain about the conditions it is experiencing. It is your mind which interprets those signals, it is your mind which labels it neutral, painful or pleasurable. The change, which can take place now or sometime in the future, is your attitude and how you interpret all the body information.

    "...because i know my prostate is getting stimulated since so much precum is coming out, so physically nothing will change." That's great you are aware your prostate is being stimulated, even though precum production from your Cowper's gland is not necessarily an indicator of this. Your body will change very gradually as you age but essentially you're correct, as long as you stay healthy, the sensory mechanisms should continue to function consistently. The biggest thing which can change is your MIND and that you actually have considerable control over.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • yr99yr99
    Posts: 20
    thank you for the informative replies.

    i remain skeptical.. im having my 2nd session right now. at first insertion made me feel relaxed, but then i start getting doubts and getting impatient when i don't feel much. Rueml, you say that this will be like an acquired taste. can you give me your word or guarantee that if I have a 3 hour session everyday, that i will begin seeing results within this month? i don't know if i can keep doing this if i don't see results.

    what can I do to make my sessions more productive?
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    I would like that guarantee too rumel!

    More is not better, 3 hours/day is excessive. I can tell you right now that you wont have much luck with your mentality. The people on these boards are obviously  not lieng about their experiences, and last time i checked they had the same anatomy as you. So yes, it will work eventually but no one can tell you how long it will take. Tomorrow is going to come regardless of whether you use the aneros or not, so might as well use it and have the possibility of experiencing these prostate orgasms.
  • Since none of us are the same,  there is no way you can guarantee that, "yes, it will work eventually but no one can tell you how long it will take."  I'm having the same skepticism as yr99.  I've been using my Progasm for three weeks now,  mostly every other day,  and have made no real progress.  There is no way anyone can say for sure it will work for everyone, since those it hasn't worked for aren't that likely to post their failure on this Forum.  

    I'm happy for, and jealous of, those it does work for, but can understand the frustration of using one for 1 to 2 hours a session for months or more, but getting no response.  
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    i would be happy to measure progress in weeks. i`ve been at it for 6 months with not much to talk about, and yes i know i will get it eventually,as will you.
  • yr99yr99
    Posts: 20
    so i just finished my 2nd session.. i actually did feel a subtle sensation of pleasure. it was floating around my ass, and it also felt like it was running up a little up my back. but it faded after around 15 seconds, and i keep hoping it'll turn into something more but it didn't. 

     am i approaching my sessions correctly? im trying to relax my muscles completely and just focus on how that feels to have an object deep in my ass. it's a unique feeling. is this the way i should be doing it? when i try to consciously move the aneros with contractions, i don't feel anything.. but when i relax completely, that's when i felt the subtle pleasure feeling.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    @ yr99,

    Skepticism is healthy, it keeps you alert, attentive and focused. I hope you won't let that trait morph into unhealthy cynicism which will only drag you into negativism and carping about your lack of success. Trying to set up a timetable for expected results is a recipe for failure, your body will only progress when it is ready, you just can NOT force or coerce your body to respond according to an artificially established schedule.

    "... i don't know if i can keep doing this if i don't see results."
    Despite my sympathetic feelings, I'm not psychic enough to know either! I do, however believe in the words of 'ArcticWolves' "To Be Upset Over What You DON'T Have Is To Waste What You DO Have" & "Never Give Up"
    "what can I do to make my sessions more productive?"
    Do LESS !Buddha It's kind of a Zen thing, less is more. Think less about the Super-O, think less about succeeding, use less force in your contractions, place less importance on expectations, etc. you get the idea.

    @ yr99 & legace,

    Laughing A Guarantee ? ROFL
    If only that were possible I would generously bestow upon you all a guarantee for success.

    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I've been practicing for about 11 months and I can give the recommendations given here only the highest praise. In the beginning, I too tried to make things happen and rush for the Super-O. My first session was reasonably intense, setting expectations pretty high, slowing progress later. I really didn't understand what happened that first time. Only after I relaxed, and really listened to the subtle feelings, did I begin to make progress.

    There were many things that happened over the last 11 months that I think have really changed who I am. I am more sensitive to stimuli, more aware of what my body is telling me, more sensitive to my partner, and through this forum, more accepting of others.

    If you read the forums, you may hear to "enjoy the journey". Many sensations and reactions that occurred earlier for me, that were a lot of fun, no longer occur. I'm glad I relaxed and didn't miss them. Now they have been replaced by new experiences. Periodically, things seem to change and keep the experience interesting. Sometimes so interesting that it has frightened me.

    In summary, there can be more to experience and gain than sensual pleasure. For me it has been worth the wait and the effort, and I sure will be in the future.

    Good luck, for you are tapping into more than you may have expected.

  • yr99yr99
    Posts: 20
    well, here is where my skepticism lies.

    I just had my 3rd session, and i am feeling subtle sensations of pleasure. But after 2 hours it never progressed into anything that I would call intense. it always remained subtle. I am consciously focusing on how it feels to have the aneros inside of me, and conscoiusly remaining aware of every little feeling that it's giving me. 

    i'm having a hard time believing that with time, these sensations will grow stronger. i'm afraid that this is all i'm going to get from the aneros. Rumel you've already explained rewiring and how it's like an acquired taste. I hope that's true. i guess time will tell.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    "i'm having a hard time believing that with time, these sensations will grow stronger. i'm afraid that this is all i'm going to get from the aneros."

    It sounds to me as though you are trying to talk yourself into failure, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    We've heard similar refrains from many guys at various stages of their journeys, here's a post I wrote to a similar new user when he said "I'm incredibly frustrated and discouraged.....Any advice?" I know the Star Wars reference is a little corny but there is a truth in the exchange.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Yoda: "You must unlearn what you have learned."
    Luke: "Alright, I'll give it a try."
    Yoda: "NO! Try not! Do or Do not, there is no try!"
    Luke: (sighs) "hhhuh" "I can't, it's too big."

    This is so good, Rewiring like my house many of the links had to be rewired and new circuits installed.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great thread and posts men!!

    Ego and need to control kill sessions and delay/distract rewiring... isvara, rumel, and similar others further above, all great advice!! It is a mind game, with very simple rules, and only your body/mind knows for sure... all the best letting go to let it happen with no expectations and no control~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:)~~~~~~:):):)~~~:):):):):)!!!!!!!


    as we rewire we are all reconnected

  • yr99yr99
    Posts: 20
    i've always had problems letting go and not chasing after expectations. I've tried meditation in the past, and i just can't do it. I guess if i am to fulfill my goal of reaching the super-o, i'm going to have to finally learn the art of "letting go". 
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356

    except your last post, your attitude is counter-productive.  one of the things the aneros requires is maturity.   now is the time to step up.  you need to accept that patience is required here.  an example:  riding a bike.  the first time you try you fall on your ass.  it takes *training* for your *body* to figure out how to do it.  you can't force it.  if everybody gave up after falling on their ass three times, nobody would know how to ride a bike. this is also true with the aneros.   except that the "training signal" is much weaker with the aneros.  

    your body needs to "hear" the training signal which at first is very weak, but, as you have seen is present.  the miraculous thing is that it grows, and grows.

    at its heart, rewiring is biofeedback:

    about meditation, yes you can do it and it will be a huge help.

    try this:
     - use the aneros only every two or three days.  not every day
     - twice a day try relaxation exercises.  here is how:
         - lie down
         - put your hand on your belly
         - breath deeply so your hand goes up and down
         - concentrate on your hand going up and down
         - also concentrate on feeling calm
         - on the first day, do it 10 times, without losing your concentration
         - on the second day, do it 11 times, etc.
         - increase so that by 100 days you'll be able to do it for 100 times.

    include the exercise in your aneros session.

    let me add one more thing.  many of us have been on this forum for a long time. in my case almost 10 years. i have read probably 20000 posts.  about 10% of the guys on the forum have impatience like you do, and we have to go through a process of breaking them down until they "get it."   you can help yourself by listening to us and doing what we suggest.  the forum has coached thousands of guys, the great majority of which succeed with many going on to coaching others.

    most guys start out like you with a weak initial signal (though some have a strong signal right off the bat, and we don't know why).


  • Perhaps with the aid of the Aneros audio CD or with some of the music/binural, isometric tones listed in several thread in this forum you will be able to calm your mind.

    Leave no stone unturned in the search for happiness.
  • yr99yr99
    Posts: 20
    darwin, thanks for that post. i will keep trying and keep up the faith.

    however, i want to ask.. why not have sessions everyday? what do i have to lose from doing it everyday?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356


    days off seem to:
      - give your body a chance to assimilate the training
      - give your parts down there a rest (muscular and rubbing)
      - give your horniness time to blossom
      - give your mind a break

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    And I say sweet to darwin for his words of advice on what to do on days off from the Aneros. 

    I have come to think of the Aneros as a good buddy or friend. A day or so away from such a guy makes you long his presence. Another word of advice is that all of us have a life outside of our Aneros sessions: friends, acquaintances, work, and activities, but in the midst of all this comes the Aneros and your next session with him!

  • KeokeKeoke
    Posts: 67
    Thanks, guys. I've been using occasionally since last November, and quite regularly in recent weeks, with addictive results -- but I still need those reminders to be patient and love the pleasures as they present themselves.   :-)
  • dbrown822dbrown822
    Posts: 4
    I had an experience recently that got me thinking about the re-wiring process and what actually happens. Being long time married, it always amazed me is that each act of love making has been different in some way. The situation may be the same, in that we are in the same bed and perhaps at the same time, but the physical response and feelings are never quite the same each time. The same has been true with the experience of using the Aneors which I started about a year ago. Each time it has been a different experience n some way. In some cases, very different.
    The experience I wanted to share happened at around 2am one morning I awoke from a restless sleep. I was in a dreamlike, semi conscious state but what I felt was real. I felt what I imagined to be a bee injecting its stinger into the skin and into the top of my spine at the base of the neck. I could a tingling for several seconds and it felt warm. What followed was a pressure at different points in the spine and a wonderful feeling which rippled all the way from the top of my spine to the bottom. Then my ears seemed to fill with noise and I experienced a visual explosion of white and various shades of pastel green. The visual image was pulsating gently in time with my heartbeat and was accompanied by waves of pleasure and what I can only describe as pleasure spikes at various points around my body. It was difficult to say exactly how long it lasted because I lost all sense of time and reality.
    If it had been a mechanical pressure on the spine, then I could have rationalized it more easily, but this was different. The pressure on the spine had a sensual quality.
    I didn’t realize the significance of this event, but looking back, I realize that it was around the time that I suddenly was able to induce Aneros -less MMO, both prostate and anal, almost at will. Sometimes I have to focus a little, but on other occasions, I just get amazing feelings without even being conscious or aware. This can happen at any time, including whilst driving, in meetings and just about any other every day situation. Now I am working to find out what techniques can help stop them occurring because at times, they can be overwhelming and distracting!. I am making some progress with this.
    I continue to be aware of sensual pressure on the spine, particularly at the top and in the pelvic area and I have a theory that the experience I had somehow unlocked the neural pathways in the spine and that the energy is now more freer flowing than before. Obviously, I have no real clue what is really going on, but I am in wonder at what has happened so far and feel I am just scratching the surface of what may be possible.
  • dbrown822dbrown822
    Posts: 4

    This morning I had an Aneros-less session starting at 6am.
    At 7am my wife rolled over and spooned me, placing her warm hand on my tummy. I
    was hot by then, so it created an immediate response with ripples of pleasure.
    What happened next was amazing.  I
    stroked the back of her hand from the wrist to the tip of her finger, slowly
    and gently. Her hand did not move.   What I experienced then was very powerful pulses
    of pleasure in direct response to the strokes. It was almost as if the energy
    was being transferred through her body to mine. 
    Never experienced anything like it. 
    When I stopped stroking, the pulses stopped.  How weird is that!

  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    Rewiring does take time. It's like learning new tricks. If you are used to penis orgasms, you don't imagine any other kinds. I am sure that the experience I mentioned in "Something completely new to me" is an example of rewiring. New ,or disused nerve paths are opened up or rediscovered. Such discoveries can be very exciting and rewarding . When I was young, I could "think" an erection. Now I can't but other simple methods, such as I described, can be new and delightful. So think "rewireing, rewiring, rewiring".
  • diemdiem
    Posts: 36
    Honestly, I doubt all of these "rewiring" guide have any truth in them beside one key thing - the patience.

    You will be disappointed with most if not all of your sessions. You need a good 2 hours of free time for a single session. Usually all I do is taking a shower, going in my bed with my cellphone or a book. I relax and get comfortable. I contract it a bit, concentrate on the sensations and try to remain calm.

    I have some interesting results, sexual energy, etc. but nothing like an orgasm. You need to experiment and build muscles down there. Eventually, you will learn how to use these muscles and stimulate the right way your prostate. A method might work for some one but it won't necessarily work for you. Either way every body that achieved the famous super-O said it took them time and patience.

    I see it like a work-out, lot of pain and little result but great side-effects like more strength and more stamina. If you continue, your body will look the way you want it to. If you stop, you won't progress.

    I think rewiring is too much described as a passive process. Like one day you will begin to feel your prostate because your body is not configured to feel it. While there might be some truth to that, I think it's far from being a passive process. I am willing to bet the muscles involved with prostate stimulation have far more impact than anything else. You may be more sensible to the subtle sensations but that is not going to make your orgasm unless your muscles can keep stimulating the prostate.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    To put it really simple. Concentrate on the really subtle feelings you get by moving the aneros in different ways doen there. Learn to know the feelings, then make them build/grow by focus or whatever method you adapt. Good luck:)
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    As all my brothers have stated concentration is key. before I bought my helix syn I tried to find my prostate manually and it was a task. I never knew if I was hitting it but I was also as you stated pre-cumming a lot. After i got the device I set out a hour time span and just relaxed and let my body go completely numb. My breathing really had to slow down cause I was so excite for it to happen. But as I calmed down i start to feel loose and cool and my breathing began to become shallow. I was happy i was feeling movement but I just let it continue to do what it wanted to do til I had my first dry o, that turned into a super O. 

    Now with rewiring I found out during my sessions i can't keep still. I have to move or I will just go insain. Weather it's flaying all over my bed or rubbing my tummy. I began to just rub myself to circulate the sensation and waves thats going on in my body and I figured out that I was rewiring. So by just letting your body move and do the things it wants to do it will let you know how to turn your self on even more to heighten the sensation and pure blissfulness that is going on. But it takes time.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    diem said:

    Honestly, I doubt all of these "rewiring" guide have any truth in them beside one key thing - the patience.

    Perhaps. I think that by sharing what works for each of us individually, helps others begin, and extend their journeys. You are correct, it is a unique experience for each of us, but there are techniques we share in common that have been generally accepted over time as worth passing on. Accepting otherwise, would reduce the shared wisdom and experiences of the members of this forum, to a single sentence.

    Please continue to share your insights and experiences so that all of us can continue to learn and grow.