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Why isn't this common knowledge?
  • shadowshadow
    Posts: 2
    I have had mine for about six months now, but this is my story from the beginning.

    I started off just being jealous that my girlfriend could have multiple orgasms and I couldn't. I have always been jealous of women for this, and one day after she orgasmed about 6 times (which I love to help her get!), I just laid back and cursed my existence for being born a man. Hers seem to amazing - she clenches, and moans, and they last seemingly forever compared to mine, then either shortly afterwards or after a little while, she can repeat the whole thing. Sometimes she can have back to back to back orgasms and LOVE giving those to her, makes me feel like superman, but then there is my pitiful little 3 seconds of orgasm and it's over. My orgasms from sex are always a let-down, just a blah. They are basically just the sign that my fun is over.

    So I checked out the internet one day, looking for anything to improve my orgasms or give me more than one without between. I can cum more than once a day, but it is always a chore for me, the second or third take forever and don't feel good, they just feel like a relief instead of like the first one, which compared to women's suck anyway.

    I came across a bunch of silly things, but this site for whatever reason caught my eye. I found this site purely by accident. I read these forums top to bottom, and also searched the rest of the internet for anything that corroborates the claims made here...they seem so far-fetched for a 33-year old who is used to sex as what it has always been...super orgasms, yeah right! I really didn't believe it. I found very little to back up the claims on this site, no videos of guys using it, nothing. It's really hard to find much on this sort of thing.

    But anyway, despite my doubts (I was certain I'd be throwing my money away), I went to the local sex supply store in town and looked all over the shelves for an Aneros model...they had just one, the big one, the Aneros Progasm, and I was really turned off by how big this thing looked. I didn't really like the idea of sticking that up my ass at all, it seemed huge and I felt really gay for even thinking about it....but I thought about those promises of multiple orgasms and super orgasms and all that crazy stuff. I am not gay at all, but I'm not anti-gay, but it's just a stigma that we don't put things in your ass, that's just gay...especially the biggest model of them all, it seemed super gay to me. But I bought it anyway because I really wanted to try these things, and mainly because I wasn't going to order one and have a big gay box come in the mail, or something. If they had had a littler one, I would have bought it instead for sure. The Progasm scared the hell out of me.

    So I got home, put some of my GF's KY jelly on it, and tried to put it in my ass, and it was an ordeal. My ass didn't like that idea at all, but eventually I got it in. It felt as big as it looked. I laid down like everyone on this site says to do, and I practiced the muscle tension and all that. It felt surprisingly good, and that sensation alone was great. I thought that if nothing else, I could put it in while having sex to get some extra sensations. I kept it in for a while, maybe 20 minutes, and saw a lot of pre-cum, and my dick was hard on and off, but I got horny and masturbated, and it felt significantly better than normal. I had hit the jackpot, my orgasm felt really good for a change, not the duds I was used to. So I tried having sex that week with my girlfriend with it in, and it fell out, so I didn't really try that much after that since it made a mess, was a let-down.

    I tried it again solo a week later, and again followed the instructions, and again got some great feelings, but never a super orgasm or anything, but I felt like I was capable of it, and I tried to position myself in different ways that seems to work better. Over that next couple months, I tried a bunch of different things, and always felt like I could go further with it, but it didn't ever work. I always tried too hard, and the harder you try, the less likely you get anywhere it seemed. I would just relax and get some awesome sensations. I eventually figured out that I'd just let my body do whatever it wanted, and the only conscious thing I would do is try and relax. My body would tighten up, and I'd try and relax it back, and repeat. This worked great for me, and I felt like I got so close to super orgasms a few times.

    Then one night, I was watching some porn on the computer, planning to jack off and that's it. I got the idea of using the Aneros while doing that, but I didn't want to sit on the thing while on my computer chair, that might hurt. My next idea ended up being the ultimate best idea I've ever had in my life. I wanted to be in a seated position to watch my porn, so I grabbed two folding chairs and positioned them facing each other, with a gap between them about 3 inches wide. I placed a dark towel on both of them, so I didn't drip any KY lube of the ground, then I sat down with one ass cheek on each chair. I very quickly realized that this little system of mine sorta compo7unded what I was doing, letting my body take over and then forcing myself to relax. Gravity is on my side for this, the Aneros would kinda slide down, my body would reflexively pull it back in, sometimes shallow, sometimes later on my body would pull it in real deep. Then I'd try and relx myself which makes it slide downward again. This kinda repeats itself. The Aneros can't fall out because the towel I'm sitting on has the correct amount of tension to stop it from falling out entirely.

    Well, this system was working..very well, I was getting mini orgasms that felt about as good as my normal penile orgasms I'm used to. I was in absolute bliss, I was getting my multiple orgasms I always wanted. Well, then the sensations kep coming, and seemed to compound, and I was feeling my entire body sorta tense up, my neck and mouth, my arms, and my ass was starting to add twitches and mini contractions in addition to the reflexive repeated pulling the Aneros back deeper. The buildup was fucking awesome. Then, I was at a plateau level that can only be described as the height of my normal orgasms....I was having a non-stop orgasm that felt about 80& of the strength of every orgasm I had ever had, and it just kept going, for minutes. I assumed this was a super orgasm, so I was psyched, I was having a super orgasm.

    Nope, it wasn't a super orgasm, as this sensation kept going on and on, and my ass was doing that fluttering contraction thing, it started to pick up and I felt my body, including my ass, doing these little spasms and the never-ending orgasm like....quadrupled in strength over the next 10-20 seconds, then suddenly THAT sensation doubled. My ass was spasming and quivering, and the Aneros felt like it was vibrating in me. I was shocked, I thought I had already had a super orgasm, but this new thing was blowing away my mind, I couldn't think, it was easily 10 times as good as my penile orgasms, and I had all I could do to keep my arms on the desk to keep me from falling off the chairs. This super orgasm lasted about 1 minute. I just could not believe that this had happened, as I was certain that I had already had super orgasms, but this thing was truly monumentally fantastic. Now I know how my girlfriend feels when she gets those really really awesome orgasms that makes her quiver and spasm for a couple minutes afterwards.

    Since that day, I've used this same method, two chairs and a towel, sitting at my computer watching porn clips. I just finished having my best orgasm EVER, a few minutes ago. This super orgasm lasted about 35 minutes, and as I was having the super orgasm, I jacked off and it was FANTASTIC, and after jacking off, the super orgasm started all over again, and it right into another 10 minute super orgasm (usually after I masturbate I can't repeat them at full strength). After ten minutes of this "second" (actually same) super orgasm, I jacked off again and was able to cum a second time, and the super orgasm eventually started to wear off.

    So anyway, I went from as skeptical as possible, to a true worshipper of this thing. It has given me hours and hours of orgasm, and they are all WAY better than my traditional fucking WAY better. Oddly though, sex with my girlfriend has only gotten better and more frequent since I got the Aneros, because I've become a true pleasure addict. My ass gets horny now....if I go more than 24 hours without satisfying my ass, it feels like your dick does when you haven't cum in a just starts to yearn for pleasure. I don't remember getting ass-horny before, ever. And the girlfriend - I don't feel any jealousy towards her anymore so I REALLY enjoy giving her those mindblowing orgasms or making her cum multiple times, since now I can have them too....and I'd even argue that mine are probably better than hers, because I don't remember her ever having a 45 minute long orgasm!

    Here is my question for everyone though...why the hell isn't this thing a LOT more common knowledge? I wish I could go and tell all my friends about this secret pleasure that everyone else in the world is totally oblivious to. Why the fuck doesn't anyone know about this, and how can I actually tell my friends about this without feeling like a freak?
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    all I can say is: awesome. thanks for sharing your experience
  • Nice story. It was really a great read. :D

    It's a bit depressing how secretive we are when it comes to stuff like this. But the reasons are clear. That perceived stigma--the one that tells us that guys shouldn't stick things up their butts because that's gay and being gay is bad--is quite strong at this point in time. It's kind of the ultimate taboo for guys sexually. Even scat porn seems to have more "mainstream" acceptance with guys than prostate massage (at least, from my perspective.) I'm hoping that as our society progresses more in its outlooks on sexuality, then perhaps we can share our outlooks on anal pleasure more freely without fear of losing respect or having it be shied away from.

    In the meantime, it seems like people are more likely to be receptive to this kind of thing if you approach them one-on-one. In theory, it's important to seem sane and not like some brainwashed cult member when it comes to the Aneros, while still communicating the massive potential the device purportedly has. (I say purportedly because I myself haven't experienced a super-O, but I'm confident it will come eventually... get it? Come? Ahahahahah--yeah. You get the point.) Some people are more ready for it than others. We have to be brave and be smart in order to spread the wealth!
  • gilbertgilbert
    Posts: 10
    Great thread... I agree with you Shadow. If more people knew about this, I believe, there would be less wars, less crime, etc :)... My viewpoint is that these things emerge mainly from sexual frustration of individuals (and there is evidence in history if you examine it)... So Aneros for every man! :)
  • What a great story. It sounds like you've really mastered the aneros. I'm gonna have to try the two chair technique. I've always had difficulty getting into a relaxing position that doesn't interfere with the movement of the device. Usually just laying on the back is the most comfortable, but sometimes I doze off and that doesn't work. I got the progasm as my first one too. At least it's not as big as some of those huge dildos, but the shape can make it a little tricky to insert. But the locking feeling is really cool. I've had it fall out a couple of times too and have heard others say the same. Not sure what it is about the progasm that does that, because it seems like that doesn't happen as much with the other models. I'm also wondering if the thickness slows its gliding down. Someone on these forums said that the more experienced they got the smaller model they used - the opposite of most anal toys.

    Anyway, I think people don't talk about it so much because of the stigma you mentioned, but also, especially here in the U.S. our puritan background still has power over us. Even though sex seems to be everywhere these days, people still seem to have this ingrained guilt about enjoying extreme pleasure without shame or embarrassment. Even sexually adventurous people sometimes feel like they can't share what is a natural and good experience without being judged as a perv. It's odd that the most pleasurable and common activity that pretty much everyone does, one of the few things besides eating and sleeping that we all like to do, no matter how different we are otherwise, is like this big secret that's only really talked about as a joke or even worse, as something negative. I think things are changing though thanks to the internet. I've started casually mentioning it to a small number of people who seem open-minded enough and who might be interested. It almost feels selfish not to share something so incredible.
  • To respond to my original post.

    It's been 8 months since I made that first post, this is my second ever post. I am now engaged to the girlfriend/fiance. My super orgasms have continued unabated for these 8 months, and I'd say they have just gotten stronger and stronger. My prostate is horny pretty much all the time, I am always in a state of pleasure from my prostate, at all times. Even with the Aneros NOT in, If I focus on my prostate for a moment or two, I can start to give myself mini-orgasms. I can do this at will anytime I want.

    The other day I experienced an hour long super-orgasm that just left me mentally and physically exhausted. I use the Aneros every night when my fiance is bartending for about an hour and a half, and I use it until she gets home, then we have sex. So about three or four nights a week I have uninterrupted pure pleasure for about two hours. I'm the happiest man on Earth, this thing is just absolutely the most incredibly awesome purchase I've ever made in my life.

    I purchased a smaller Aneros and it was a total upgrade. It slides better and works much better. I don't use the Progasm anymore, it's not nearly as good for me. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that 8 months on, It's only gotten better and better. I'm going to use it in a little while.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311


    So fantastic. I'm in complete agreement with you. I too have become quite orgasmic with and without my Helix or Eupho. And sex with my wife is crazy great. Keep up exploring.

  • movermover
    Posts: 69
    With reference to the stigma, I think we'll eventually get over it. Getting past traditional taboos are part of progress and it seems to happen inevitably.

    I understand the question though as I too feel like I want to talk about it but can't quite yet.
  • I can totally relate Shadow. I was very angry at the world after finding all of this out. It made me feel like a great secret was kept from me. It is a wonderful thing that all men should at least try!
  • I wasn't going to order one and have a big gay box come in the mail

    Ha! That's so funny. You're a good writer. Glad you had a great experience! I agree, a great product! Does the job.
  • 53lowt53lowt
    Posts: 3
    I too want to share especially with an older brother who is having ed and bph issues but can't quite open my mouth to him yet. There are great threads on explaining it to our partners what about our siblings, parents (yeah he is 90 but HE has NO ed issues!) and even our sons?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782

    Great posts! That's awesome what you are experiencing! Thank you for sharing. I haven't learned to super-O yet even after five years of use. But I'm getting there slow and steady. And the pleasure sure is something else even without having some sort of dry-O or beyond.

    LOL@ass-horny    Only because I now totally understand this concept! LOL
  • ArcticWolvesArcticWolves
    Posts: 286
    You can spread the word if you want like I tried doing and watch all the name calling/accusations begin. The truth is our society is f***ed in the head when it comes towards anything sexual. You either end up being accused of sexual harassment or it's something we only talk about in private behind closed doors. This has been the notion in the USA for a long time. It's time I move to Europe :P :D. J/K Honestly, just enjoy the pleasure that you can have and realize you got a BIG SECRET that I'm sure every guy wished they knew about. It is a shame for sure that this is not more common knowledge.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, ArcticWolves.

    Of course most men don't know about Aneros and that includes gay men. You have put your finger on the reason: Sex isn't discussed much in polite company, which makes spreading the word a real challenge. Somewhere in this forum there's a thread containing ideas on how to do it. A practical start is to tell a few close friends or relatives about the health benefits and point them to the HIH website. If they pick up a massager for health reasons, they'll figure out the pleasure side of it for themselves.

    Best Regards,


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    It is our privilege to be the avant garde group for the advancement of male sexuality, it would behoove us all to take advantage of any and all opportunities of "Ideas for Spreading the Word..." . If you have an idea, why don't you add it to this thread and then implement any of those ideas you are capable of doing?
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    This "word spreading" idea has been haunting me for ages. I have lots of friends.. and three sons, all of whom I would love to explain the Aneros to. I can't. I fantisze  going to the pub and and at some appropriate time make some comment about the Aneros. Something like "Well lads I'm off. Must get back for an Aneros session!" "A what?" "An Aneros session. Surely you know what that is. Don't tell me you've never heard of the great sex it creates!"  "Actually I have it here. Look!" And I take it out and put it on the table. They say "What the f**k is that for?" I say "Well you lube your ass up and slide that in and lie down and..."  Chorus; "You are revolting, disgusting filthy degrading repulsive and you can take that THING with you and never come back. Yuck!" Oh well I tried!!!!
    Real shame though as I know many of them would really secretly love to try it.
  • ^ Who knows?  Maybe they already know.  :)  Wouldn't that be a hoot?   LOL

  • WebboWebbo
    Posts: 6
    I am enjoying this new found pleasure so much , how to tell the wife ? She loves me to stimulate her anally  when she is in the zone (which I now have found in me !) but its a one way thing. By her reckoning its my pleasure not hers but her arousal says otherwise
    This website has made me (49 hetro and married 27 years) have the confidence to go into a shop (models itself on the open minded women) , and discuss with an attractive mid thirties assistant the advantages of prostate massage with extras . I still mumbled a bit though as I was always going to buy a Progasm not a vibrator lol !!
    I feel like telling everyone !! Not as easy as it sounds , I don't want it to be a dirty secret , I  am enjoying the inner me and I can honestly say I feel no need to have totally unsatisfying crap wanks anymore . I will savor my
    manual pleasure and look forward to it not as a cock wrenching disappointment addiction . Happy days all
    Cheers Webbo 
  • 02 18 2014 at present - Thanx shadow for being real.  You're doing what will   be a BIG part of change  -  Sex Positivity  is paramount in tearing down or stomping the stigma .         By  NOT giving narrow minded  mouth words  any  head_space.  There will little or  NO  face time , ignorance will diminish & knowledge will   STOP  the noise ! Your  lie share start around or was posted in March 2011 & it's nearly  March  2014.  No doubt there's as many  ANEROS users that are  experiencing similar interludes as you've  courageously  shared .  Power of example does an ANEROS  user good .
  • Hi Shadow,

    That was a good post. I need to try out that chair thing. :D

    I would argue that today's focus in the media is very much in female pleasure. Just think about all those everyday articles about "how to give your woman better orgasms" etc. Now there's of course nothing wrong with that, but I noticed that many times the male orgasm was ignored as "less complicated, that just occurs, so no need to give it too much consideration", often also underlining that women can have multiple orgasms and men can't. I even once encountered a sex book, which seemingly argued that men's sexuality is inferior to women's and therefore, men's purpose sexually should be to serve women. Basically no article ever talks about male prostate orgasms or that men can enjoy minutes of pleasure, and different types of orgasms.

    I had my first super O last year. That opened a new world to me. 

    When it comes to male ejaculatory orgasm, it's the only orgasm that creates life. My girlfriend said to me that she is jealous of men, who can have mind-blowing orgasms unlike women. She's multiorgasmic, so it's a strong statement from her, and I have seen her moan and her heavens open. But we're all different and wonder whether others have something that we don't.

    I can't think of any woman that I've had enjoy an electrifying full body orgasm that lasts for many minutes (but many men never experience this as they don't know about it or despise the idea of stimulating their anus). I've had super O's in normal sex with my partner, which was ultimately great. Yet again not lately, but I think it's because I haven't used my Aneros in a while (I always use Aneros solo, not with my partner). I think I got "lazy" when I was having super O's without Aneros, so I didn't use it, I also got pretty busy with work. I believe that Aneros keeps the body sensitive, which is one of the keys to Super O's. Need to get back to Aneros use again and get my super O's back, although it's good to just lay back and enjoy normal ones too. I guess Rumel said it in here, that it's the choice that we have, that makes us rich. 

  • @Electrified --- Awesome statement on our experiences with MMO's! I feel so fortunate to have learned how to use my Aneros successfully! Just incredible!

  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    @shadow how do you use the device now? do you contract or just let it do its thing. I'm 4 years of trying here and need to try something new!

    Whats your routine of using the device and what positions do you adopt etc?
  • GoodVibGoodVib
    Posts: 28
    I hear aneros mentioned on a variety of sex positive podcasts. And this forum gets high praise, when mentioned. I too had little success developing any interest taking with select family & friends. I covered the basics, then waited for any return to the topic, including my BPH issues....nope. Generally sex positive discussions aren't happening, so I'll suggest those podcasts and let them do the work. Thank you to Dan Savage, Ruby Ryder, Sex Nerd Sandra, life on the swingset, Tristan Taormino, for leading the charge, and for pointing their listeners to many great resources including us. I'm always on the hunt for new podcasts, any suggestions?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I kind of feel like Neo in the Matrix.  Always looking for something, we dont know what it is, but something we always knew was there LOL.  Unfortunately noone can be told of the aneros, they must find it on their own.   =))
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 804

    I kind of feel like Neo in the Matrix.  Always looking for something, we dont know what it is, but something we always knew was there LOL.  Unfortunately noone can be told of the aneros, they must find it on their own.   =))

    Which pill do you take?

  • Well said, ineverknew! I agree with you 110%!
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    I take the red pill. (OK. It's erythromycin, but it is red.)