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MGX-good start-backwards?
  • happydudehappydude
    Posts: 1


    I am a newbie with a MGX. My frist three sessions were not too bad. I had some good feelings but nothing crazy. I did some experimintation with positions and breathing. I was feeling so so about it. The next two were not good. I just was not in the right frame of mind. So I put it down for a while and did more reading and backed off.

    So a few weeks go by and I have all this sexual energy in me and say today I will give it  a shot and don't think too much about it. I got ready and did my insertion neeling next to the bed.  Before I was trying side and belly which did have some good vibes.

    So I lay with my chest to the bed with my knees on the floor and I start to kinda shake a little. Some light porn, 420 and music are going..The next thing I know I am feeling a buzzing in all the right spots. So about 20 min. go by and I am still riding waves of pleasure up and down my spine and all over. It was awesome. I was lost in another fantastic world.So I make a move to the bed with my legs bent and my butt is half hanging off the bed at 30 degrees or so. The waves of pleasure taking control  with a now growing erection have control for another 10 min. I was feeling like I was on a roller coaster into another world. I had to stop because of time. I am now hooked! Neeling with my chest to the bed was doing it for me. I could move my hips and get great sensations. I can give more details if you like?

    Here is the kicker. When I pulled it out. I think I had it in backwards but I was so dazed with great feelings I can't be 100% sure.

    Has this happened before??

  • KevKev
    Posts: 87

    First of all, Congrats!!! :) and welcome to the Forum!!! Sounds like you were having a blast! Keep the energies flowing and enjoy!

    All the best,


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Yes, I have seen one or two posts like this over the years.   The fact is, it is possible to experience some very intense sensations from anal stimulation alone.    Assuming that you inserted the MGX upside down, the device will not pivot upwards and will not engage your prostate as it was designed to do.   At that point what you're left with is more or less an anal stimulator.    While there is a spot on the posterior rectal wall that may produce some intense results (another topic),  I'm doubtful that the MGX would be capable of contacting it.

    Then again, it may be that you were mistaken about the orientation.   Be sure to report back to us, I would be interested to know how this works out!


    BF Mayfield
  • ImapooheadImapoohead
    Posts: 24
    The part that curls away from the massager goes toward your butt, the part that sticks towards the massager goes towards your balls.
  • happydude
    well named, i bet u r!  u seem to have made remarkable progress in a short time.  it takes some of us months of patience to get that far.  i have seen reference to some members having used and recommended the method of kneeling at the side of the bed bending upper torso over the bed.  i have also seen on gay porn, men masturbating in the position of kneeling,knees apart almost as far as possible, bending the ass toward the heels, torso not on bed though, but rather upright.  Neither have ever done much for me as my knees don't like it.

    As for putting aneros tool in backwards, i have seen references to it, and tried it.  Nothing like using it the way it was designed, like Mr Mayfield indicates.