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Aneros + MMO practices
  • wisdomwisdom
    Posts: 38
    This may have been posted.......

    I was wondering if anyone here uses the practices of MMO, Male Multiple Orgasms techniques before going into an Aneros session? For the past week or two, I've been reading The Multi-Orgasmic Man on my iTouch and have been doing the exercises here and there, which are similar to the Aneros practice, except for the whole moving sexual energy around in your body. Anyway, I've been able to feel the energy that I've been building up and I plan on moving to masturbation without ejaculation to build more energy before I go into an Aneros session. I'm thinking that after I do the MMO masturbation exercise, I should wait about 10mins or so before using the Aneros. I'll probably just lay back and keep the energy going by running my hands around my body until it's time to put the Aneros in.

    BTW. It's really a good book to read. I'm not done with it yet, but I can already tell that it's going to benefit me more. Especially with me being on the journey to Super O.

    Anybody got any thoughts on this?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Chia's "Multi-Orgasmic man" is one of the most frequently recommended books around here. In regards to your question about pre-Aneros "energy work" I would strongly endorse it. This is a terrific way to optimize an Aneros session and many users have written about this in the past. I should mention that in addition to Chia's methods, there are other techniques including
    KSMO and the Qi Gong - Male Deer Exercise that users have found helpful. Congratulations on your developments so far!

    BF Mayfield

    Be open to all, feel your way and things will reveal themselves to you.
  • wisdomwisdom
    Posts: 38
    Thanks for the advice! I had a really good session the other night. Even though I didn't reach where I'm aiming to get, I had a lot of pleasure and a lot of fun learning about the techniques. I'm still practicing and I'm almost at the multi-orgasmic phase, but to tell the truth, it's much more than that. It's more of making a better connection with my wife. We are closer and closer everyday and the conversations that we have I never thought would take place. She's already become multi-orgasmic, but not that long ago. Only thing is that she's not in total control of it yet. So she can have multiples one day and the next she won't. But information in the book, even though it's for men, is also closely related to women, so she's interested. And I saw that they also made a book "The Multi-Orgasmic Woman". So that will be another addition as well as the one made for couples. I've touched on the KSMO, but i'm not really that interested in it. Never heard of the Male Deer Exercise but I'll look into it!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Terrific news that you are sharing this with your wife! Chia also has a book entitled the Multi-Orgasmic Couple that you might want to check into. Although I've not personally read that one, several users here have recommended it as well. This is an evolving process, over time both of you will gain greater control and as you do your experiences will become richer. Good luck, and keep us posted!


    BF Mayfield

    Be open to all, feel your way and things will reveal themselves to you
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    I am an on again and off again participant here. I will tell you though that my aneros opened the door to orgasmic discovery for me 3 years ago. I had no success for the first 6 months, second six months I had modest sensation and the second year I discovered what worked for me. I needed the pressure of my frenulum and the underside of my cockhead on the mattress to get me going. When I finally relaxed and used that and other subtle tricks I needed I went through the roof with body twisting super o's. My sessions were so intense I could only do them for 45 minutes. The third year I started experimenting with anerosless sessions. I was inspired by the after shock orgasms from super o's I was having after I took my eupho out.

    The first night I had success wiuth no aneros I was at it from 11 PM to 5 AM in the morning. I think I napped in the middle there somewhere. I didn't follow any guidebook, or program I just used the body listening that I learned from my aneros. Relaxation, imagery, breathing, position, contractions, nipple stim and soft lights and music are all I needed. I don't call mine MMO's any more ...I call mine SDO's (sustained dry orgasms). I have gone as long as 3 hours of orgasms in 10 minute waves with 5 minute breaks having several hundred dry orgasmic spasms or I can go for 1 hour of non stop action. In all cases I start with an erection but after they start to sustain themselves and I am just along for the ride I lose my erection.

    It all has boiled down to the basic aneros practice for me. All of the things I metioned above. The orgasms I now have solo with no aneros are so deep and intensely sweet they make me wail and verbalize. I can't empathasize enough that for me it is all in reading my body, body awareness and control and relaxation.

    The aneros taught me things about my sexual response and my powers of orgasm that I could've never imagined possible before. It put me on the path to body concious orgasmic control and mind blowing rapture.

    My message is: sure you can read a book or take a course but its already in you; you just have to slow down, become more aware of your arousal and your body's response to orgasmic stimulation and learn by experience how you can guide it.

  • wisdomwisdom
    Posts: 38
    [QUOTE=bigguy;99791]My message is: sure you can read a book or take a course but its already in you; you just have to slow down, become more aware of your arousal and your body's response to orgasmic stimulation and learn by experience how you can guide it.


    I totally get this message because lately (before I even read this) I've been pleasuring myself without my aneros......kinda like replicating what i do when i'm using my i guess i'm paying more attention to my arousal rate and my body response to know if i need to shift a little, squeeze a little more or loosen up some....or just take a break to allow more energetic flow to the prostate

    i've been using my aneros for a little over a year and i'm starting to see that it's more of a training tool for me as i learn anerosless sessions........the aneros helps me develop muscle memory and in a sense is kinda like exercising with weights, except it's not a weight....just helps me keep myself in shape
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Link to a compilation and condensation of Mantak Chias writings on Multiple Male Orgasm.  Good practical tips for masturbatory edging and making the distinction between orgasm and ejaculation:

    --- ---

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    Rook, thanks for posting.

    I gave Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 a try and liked them a lot.

    Then I had a aneros-less session utilizing them, plus at the end some edging. 

    I found it very excellent.  The key to the breathing, like he says, is a strong inhale driving the belly button toward the spine.   As he mentions, this (subtly) lifts the genitals, which in turn gets them seriously churning.  Keep your focus on all the exciting feelings and changes you are experiencing.   When things start ramping up stay with the breathing and the focus, and, like in KSMO, direct your excitement into them, causing a feedback loop.


  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Congratulations wisdom!!! And lots of wisdom in a great thread, thanks all!!!

    I began using Chia's techniques in the early 1990s, and got my wife the parallel female book of his back then. I did inward ejaculations to conserve and cook, achieved microcosmic orbit levels, and we shared energies!! Our lives got even busier, and menopause and andropause came and went and we found ourselves "emptynesters", alone in our large home and chatted about what we each wanted to explore next sexually/orgasmically.

    She wanted to explore her potential for ejaculatory orgasms; I wanted to bring my (now 53 years) of solo prostate massage and prostate/anal orgasms into our life together and add Aneros into the mix. We went together to the sex-play co-op store and got her things and mine, including my first Aneros, my MGX.

    Reading this Forum over 5 years ago having just joined and starting out with MGX, I read about KSMO, investigated, and soon we joined that too!! My wife does not practice any techniques, butt understands what I am doing and loves the energies I can facilitate us both producing and sharing to astronomical great chains of multiples levels!!!!)))))))))))

    We have used a number of books on all this, and I have frequently recommended Chia's, particulary The MultiOrgasmic Couple for m/f couples. David and Ellen Ramsdale's Sexual Energy Ecstasy is another we recommend, particularly the brief chapter Bio-Electric Sex, based upon the work of Dr. Rudolph von Urban. In both cases these techniques are things from our past intuitive development of our practices, confirmed by these books.

    And we also have learned many other techniques in both of these. We have also benefited from ideas and practices shared here, at KSMO Forum, The Tao Bums, and other sites from friends here and there who all experiment with the many complementary practices such a Amygdala Clicking, for example. KSMO quickly pushed my Aneros practice and our energies practices along to much higher levels and set the stage for my vast spiritual orgasmic voyages riding my next major Aneros model, my Eupho!!!

    For us, KSMO is an astounding trigger, amplifier and intentional energies channeler!!! It is my/our CORE PRACTICE. So, I say mine is a mixed Aneros/KSMO/Tao couples/solo practice. Butt, it is also my BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) therapy practice riding Progasm ICE, Maximus, Vice, Tempo and my other Aneros friends!!

    So, while my energies sessions are virtually all "less" (anerosless), as BF Mayfield said long ago; our Aneros is really our "Tantric training wheels" and I can ride without mechanical assist, and I am forever grateful for the energies development role Aneros has played, while daily grateful for the horny sexual Aneros sessions that, every few days, break up the garbage molecules and crystals that accumulate in one's prostate and help me jet them out, "clearing the pipes", with hugely enjoyable Super-T EjacOrgsams!!!

    And these too add to the energies!!!

    all the very best prostate awakening orgasmic energies generating ans sensing incoming and flowing through all


  • jpsconejpscone
    Posts: 11
    Thanks artform that's a lot of food for thought. You've given me some direction for myself and my gorgeous wife. She is sceptical about channeling energy around our bodies but I'm a firm believer even with my limited experience I know there is something there.