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Tall Grass
  • Recently while I vactioned in the mountains, I became very horny one day and needed a way to satisfy my urges. I thought about what I wanted to do all day and then came up with a plan. As usual it had to be very daring, involve using my aneros toy, and be done out in public. Doing these three things would ensure that I would have an experience that would take me to the highest level of pleasure. The next day I began the day by taking a stack of three male sexual enhancement pills one of which was testoserone. The other two contained natural herbs that caused powerful ejaculations, increased my stamina and increased my desire to perform sexually. In other words they made me extremely horny! Throughout the day I continually thought about my plan for the evening which further stimulated me. About mid day I took another stack of pills. By now I was experiencing a hardon and oozing precum quite frequently which made it impossible to do much of anything but sit around outside and relax just enjoying nature. After dinner as dusk came it was time to put the rest of my plan into action. I began by giving myself a long, warm, soapy enema which cleaned out my bowels and allowed my aneros toy to enter easily and move in and out without effort. It also is a very erotic experience for me and further enhanced my sexual arousal. The entire time I had an erection and oozed precum. Next I decided to remove all my body hair including the hair aroung my prick and balls and between my butt. I used a hair remover to accomplish this I did it in stages because it has to be applied and removed quickly or it will cause burning. Before long I had covered all of my body and had showered all of my body hair off. I then covered my entire body in aloe and left it on for about thirty minutes. Afterwards I showered it off and was left silky smooth. It also gave me the feeling of being completely nude, exposed and vulnerable. Next I put on a weighted, one lb balls ring around my sack which caused my sack to be very small and stretched it to its limit. When I walk around with this on, it causes my balls to swing from side to side. It is very erotic to say the least! I then made a lube for my aneros toy which consisted of a water based lubricant, warming gel, and ambesol. I made about eight ounces and then injected into my rectum using a syringe. The warming gel made my inside warm and tingly and the ambesol numbed my anus. I was ready for the best part and that was inserting my progasm ice. I pressed the head of my aneros toy to my anus and it was instantly sucked into my rectum filling me up. It was so erotic that I began to ooze precum again. I finished by covering my entire body with a coating of baby oil. As I applied it I was so tempted to jackoff and really had to contain myself so I didn't. I had taken the last stack of pills after dinner and was raring to go! I left the house completely nude except for a loin cloth I had made out of some rawhide and a piece of shamee and a pair of sandals. The moon was very bright that night and I did not need a flashlight to see in the dark. I walked through the woods towards the back of the property and then emerged into a very big grass field. The field bordered my property on two sides and a road ran by it off in the distance. The moon was very bright and my nakedness was very plain to see for any persons who might have passed by on the road in a car. As I walked through the field cars would pass by on the road. As I reached the top of the hill and was about to turn to go down the hill a car drove by and then stopped. I had to assume the person inside was watching me so I turned toward the road, spread my legs open, and stretched my arms over my head completely exposing my nude body for all to see. I then turned and faced my back toward the road and did the same. It was such a turn on and I began to oouze precum again. As I began to walk down the hill, I heard a horn beep as the car sped away. I knew then that I had been seen which caused my state of arousal to reach its peak! I walked down the hill and crossed over to my property. As I walked the balls ring caused my sack to swing and with every step I felt the progasm moving in my rectum hitting my prostate as it did! I came to the small field where the grass is tall and a small branch of water flows alongside the property. I slowly untied the raw hide and the loin cloth fell gently to the ground. I stood in the tall grass and my body glisted in the moonlight. I then fell to my knees and layed down on my back in the tall grass. I lay still for a while looking up at the stars taking it all in. I was in such a heightened state of arousal and began slowly squeezing my hips holding them every so often as Alana had taught me which caused my prostate to be banged. Before long my limbs began to shake each time I held a squeeze until it became uncontrollable and took on a life of its own! My prick was so hard. I was oozing so much precum and I was so aroused that I started to howl like a wild animal. And then I reached a point of no return and I orgasmed and shot my load all over my belly. It took me a while to calm down but I did and I lay there motionless for a while. It was at this point that I must have passed out because I awoke the next morning at dawn still lying in the tall grass. I still had and erection and was still horny so I proceeded to masturbate and had another orgasm ejaculating once again. However this time I actually watched as my load shot directly into the air. I was totally spent but had to get up or run the risk of being discovered in the daylight. I foung my aneros toy that had popped out in the violent orgasm I had had the night before and waked up to the house totally spent but satisfied!
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    somewhat "over the top" and very very risky.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Yes over the to and risky...however I love it. I wish I had more land...I'd love to lay out with my Aneros under the moon!
  • Thank you, Wally, for your latest adventure. You add a comic relief to this sometimes so serious and intellectual site. I always enjoy hearing about your escapades. When I laugh I feel good all over. You are quite the clown. Keep on sharing, please. You have a gift with words that makes the story come alive. I can see with my imagination exactly the scene as if I was there, which I wish I was. Kudos! If others don't enjoy your threads, they don't have to read them. Can even put you on their ignore list, but don't deprive us who enjoy them of the pleasure. After all sex is supposed to be fun.
  • You sir are all that is man.  Howl away my friend, howl away.  I would write more, but I'm in search for a loin cloth now.
  • I have an extra one i could send u if need be!