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In search of the "SWEET SPOT"
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Hi All,

    My thread entitled "A Key to the Backdoor to Ecstasy" has become quite large (27 posts) so I hadn't noticed several new postings that were recently added on. Because these get tacked on to the end of the thread I think there's a tendency for them to get buried. In particular the postings by TJ and to a certain extent JoJoGunne bring up some interesting points that I wouldn't want anyone to miss regarding locating the "Sweet Spot".

    To be clear the "Sweet Spot", as I call it, is not an intensely pleasurable area in and of itself, say like the head of your penis, or the clitoris for women. Touching this spot doesn't necessarily make for a spontaneous orgasm either, (although it has on one or two occasions for me). It is however an area that is essential for generating the "non-ejaculatory orgasm" or Super O. The "Sweet Spot" is the neural plexus, an area of convergence of a series of collateralizing sensory nerves, nerves that serve the penis anus and prostate. I have described how the area may be most easily found, by finding the rounded ridge on the underside of your penis and following it down to your perineal area and then yielding pressure over the center of it (most easily done when you have at least a modest erection). Alternately you can start an inch from your anus and work your way up. Again it should be in the general perineal area, (if you're on your scrotum you've gone too far!) One should experience a tingling sensation that runs in the center of your penis down to your anus, and prostate somewhat simultaneously.

    I have previously stated that the vertical location of this spot was provided by the abutment tab of the Aneros itself and that all one had to be concerned with was finding its' horizontal location. On the basis of TJ's posting (shown below) and my own experimentation over the last month or so, I now believe that my statement was inaccurate. I am now coming to the understanding that the "Sweet Spot" may subject to a lot more individual variation with respect to its location, (vertical and horizontal) than I had previously thought. TJ's comments speak to a higher location on the perineum for the "spot", and in my own case I have recently concluded that it's a lower vertical location than what the standard MGX Aneros provides for. In general, I believe that the Aneros works for many "out of the box" in this regard, but not for all.

    So what to do? Well first, find your "spot" (as described above) Once this has been done you'll want to insert the Aneros and find out where the abutment tab touches, relative to the area that you found with your finger.

    As TJ has pointed out the Aneros can be adjusted (bent) to increase or decrease the area of engagement slightly. BE GENTLE with it. Experiment, find out what works best for you. Maintaining the horizontal location will always be a little more of a challenge since the perineal area, particularly when it's engorged is irregular in shape (rounded, ridge-like) so the tab will always want to slide to one side or the other. As I've covered previously, if you use a finger or two as guides you shouldn't have any problem. REMEMBER, it's crucial not to let you fingers exert any pressure on the tab while they're guiding it, the tab MUST be powered and responsive to your anal contractions ONLY. It is this that sets up the sensory feedback loop that is an essential to generating the Super O.

    I apologize if my earlier posting on this subject made it more difficult for anyone to find the "spot", but I trust that you'll understand when I say that my understanding of this phenomenon, (as with life's great mysteries) is still evolving!

    B Mayfield


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    joined: 2003-07-30 11:23:30

    posted: 2003-12-05 10:45:21

    Possible help with the "Sweet Spot."

    B Mayfield writes: "Key number four; after experiencing and enjoying several of these waves of twitches MAKE SURE THAT THE PERINEAL ABUTMENT TAB IS CENTERED ON YOUR 'SWEET SPOT'. Where is the 'sweet spot'? Well the good news is that the Aneros takes care of the vertical location for you. ... When you do find this spot you will experience a tingling sensation that you feel SIMULTANEOUSLY inside your penis, through your perineum, your anus and prostate."

    I discovered today that, at least in my case, the Aneros does NOT take care of the vertical location for me; it does NOT naturally sit on my "sweet spot". However, once I had an erection, I began to feel along the length of my perineum until I got that tingling sensation that B Mayfield describes, one that I felt simultaneously inside my penis & elsewhere. My "sweet spot," I found, is a little further away from my anus than where the abutment naturally sits, about half an inch "forward," if you will. So, I pulled the abutment gently forward until it pressed on the spot I found, & presto! the result was like night & day. Immediately I got the best sensations I've ever had: the twitchings, little involuntary spasms & contractions... I think I might have even reached the first wave that people describe.

    So, maybe my experience will help somebody else: use your finger to find your "sweet spot" & then make sure the Aneros presses *right there.* It does make a world of difference.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    I have tried this, but, i am not feeling much tingling. I might be feeling some in my frenelum.

    How hard do you press? How deep do you press?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I have found that using the tip my forefinger or index finger is sufficient so long as keep my pressure focused from the tip (not from the pad of the finger). Again , I believe that the area is easier to find when you have some engorgement of your penis to begin with. Just follow the shaft of your penis down to about one inch from your anus making certain to find the center. Try yielding a moderate pressure in a massaging downward stroke. Hold it over the area for 30 seconds or so to see if sensations arise. If you feel nothing move slowly upward along the shaft in half inch increments. Another method is to start an inch from your anus and press downward and curl your finger back and forth (with moderate pressure) along the center of the shaft (as if you were gesturing "come here" with your finger). This second way is less precise but it enables you to cover more ground quicker. If you experience any of the tingling at all, revert to the first method to locate the spot more specifically. Remember the abutment tab offers much more focused stimulation, (a harder smaller point) than a finger. So if a finger doesn't work you may have to consider using something that more closely resembles the abutment tab.

    B Mayfield
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    This is a pretty old thread, but one that I think is pretty descriptive in this quest. I bring it up because I think that after 3+ years of Aneros use, that I have finally found my Sweet Spot! In the book I am reading (The Multi-Orgasmic Male), they referred to the Million Dollar spot which is the same spot. One of the ways that they say this spot is used is if you press on this spot, you can delay ejaculation when it is inevitable. With a bit more exploration, it was right there! And, it does the trick. I think that when I had tried to find it before, I was not aroused enough. With me, simply having an erection was not enough to find it. I believe that this spot will be comparable to the nipples in needing to "wake it up" to the potential sensations. I am looking forward to exploring this more.

    It's all good.
  • i thought i knew everything there was to know about dicks (at least my own penis) i've been intimately involved with it for years - 49 to be precise at least 38 of those actively seeking arousal and pleasure for both myself and my partner of 30 years ...

    but discussions on the aneros forum including this one - well they expand horizons

    ... i've had plenty of perineal experience but the sweet spot definitely is a playground with enough potential so as not to easily become boring - i've learned to profitably concentrate more effort there lately.

    when i clean and relax myself (after a shit and a hot shower) in a warm bidet, sweet spot play helps enable easy progasm insertion and enhances the arousal and pleasure of the whole experience - as well as stimulating my pre to almost gush

    ... what is the relationship of "the sweet spot" to the "boyspot?"

    - rip
  • B Mayfield;

    Excellent tutorial! That said, I'm not sure how much precise location of the Sweet Spot matters. For example, goldenboyuk's self-produced Super-O video starring himself clearly shows the P-Tab in any old place. I seem to remember that he responded to a question about it saying that he didn't think it mattered much. It could be that he, like me, gets enough Sweet Spot effect even when the thing is off-center, and/or high or low. Like everything else about the Aneros experience, mens' interactions with the device vary a lot.


  • MaldareMaldare
    Posts: 4
    Hi all!

    I'm a beginner here to Aneros and the prostate/anal masturbation scene. Just ordered my Helix about two days ago, (so excited!) and figured I might as well get an early start.

    I've been having some difficulty finding the sweet spot, reading on the forum I know it takes time, though I was wondering if I there were any pointers that could help find it. Such as, how long does it normally take to get a response from applying the pressure? Applying pressure in one area I seem to get a totally different reaction (instant erection + some seminal fluid released). And also, how much pressure exactly? I found the guide's description somewhat vague.

  • hotsundvlhotsundvl
    Posts: 1

    Read the threads on here and you will find some great tips. Everyone is different, but after some time you will find the right combo. For the first couple weeks you just want it to happen and try to force things to happen. For me it's all about that half contraction, getting control of it and just "scratching" the p-gland and building it up.The key is just staying with it and not giving will cum.  

  • MaldareMaldare
    Posts: 4
    thanks for the encouragement, I find myself wondering though, does it necessarily have to be a 'tingling' feeling? I sometimes get a odd numb (electric sometimes?) feeling around the tip of the penis, nowhere near the anus though.

  • MaldareMaldare
    Posts: 4
    or prostate for that matter