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Detailed post - 1st use, no sensation, very disappointed, please help!!!!!
  • First, a bit of background on me coz it may, or may not, be relevant.

    I have suffered for a number of years with chronic depression, suicidal ideation, etc. As a result, i have taken numerous anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. At present, I'm probably as well as I've ever been, but am still on a cocktail of Citalopram and Quietiapine. As a diabetic, I am also taking Pioglitazone and Gliclazide. All this medication has a dramatic effect on my ability to get an erection, let alone maintain one, whilst ejaculation is now a thing of the past. However, I can get close to an ejaculation whilst limp, so I know there is at least something to work with. I have heard in the past about the benefits of prostate massage/milking and thought I should give it consideration. After reading many reviews on the Aneros, I decided that, if through prostate massage I could achieve the sensation of orgasm without penile stimulation, then I wouldn't have to be too concerned about my current sexual dysfunction. On this basis, I decided an Aneros product was the way to go. As an utter novice to all things anal-play related, I chose the Helix Syn due to it being marketed as being very comfortable to use due to the silicone touch, and that the P-tab is more comfortable on this model than perceived with others. I had read many reviews an various Aneros models, and it interested me that some said they felt instant, orgasmic sensations on 1st use, whilst others said they felt some tingling from the prostate. I kept my expectations low, as not to be too disappointed. Last night was my 1st try...

    Using a well-reviewed water-based lube, with prior anal-douching, inserting the Helix was extremely easy with no discomfort whatsoever. I'd even had it soaking in warm water for 30 mins prior as I'd read this was also beneficial to the whole experience. I let the Helix rest in position for around 15-20 mins. I did notice that the P-tab would only rest on its edge. Am I wrong in thinking that it should be resting flat on the perenium? The tab simply cannot be maneouvered by twisting and bending for it to remain flat, it just 'springs back' to its default setting of resting on its edge. After this initial 15-20 mins of relaxation, I began to breather more deeply, contracting my sphincter in time with inhaling / exhaling. I did this for a further 45 mins. I remained very patient and very calm throughout. However, during the entire time of around an hour, I did not feel a single tingle or pleasurable sensation of any sort. I may just as well have had a piece of deadwood in my rectum! I'm pretty sure like 98% of most males, my prostate is in the normal position. I'm 5ft 7in, 13 stone. Very average dimensions.

    Is it possible the Helix Syn was NOT making contact with my prostate? Should I have chosen a different model? I certainly had it inserted correctly and it was as far in as it would go. Is it possible that my medication has de-sensitised my prostate? Or, is it simply normal not to have any sensation whatsoever during 1st use. Or, worse, after the 1st week of use? Was I breathing incorrectly? Was I contracting my sphincter incorrectly? I simply haven't a clue?

    I really do need some re-assurance as its possible that, if I dont get even the slightest tingle, I will just give up too early and, by doing so, deprive myself of some great, orgasmic sensations...something of which I am desperate to experience again.

    I do so hope some of you experienced users can help me, or direct someone who might to this post.

    Thanking you in advance,
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi allanlesser,

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums, here are a couple of resources I can direct you to help you get started here. First, have you read through the New to the Aneros Forum? Start Here! thread? Second, have you read through the Aneros WIKI? Thirdly, you need to be aware that it may take an indefinite period of time to experience your prostate awakening. Fourth, you may wish to check out my Rumel's Ruminations - Part III Blog entry for a few tips to newbies.

    There are no guarantees (other than the one listed on the Aneros Web Home Page) any model is going to give you orgasms but even with your regime of medications I believe you have an opportunity to experience extraordinary sensations. IMHO, the Aneros experience is more than 90% about your mental approach, attitude, awareness and atunement. Your Aneros provides the other last percentage to complete the necessary "rewiring'!
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Don't worry.

    For most of us here nothing at all happened on the first attempt. (Or even the following few attempts.)

    Do keep with it: it's well worth the effort.

    Have a good read of the Wiki. There's a lot of good information in there. Read the forums and the blogs, too.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    It was months before I could actually feel the tickling sensation that the Aneros produced contacting my prostate and almost a year before my first orgasm with it. Your experience on your first try is identical to mine and I think most others who've eventually had success.

    I wouldn't worry at all if it takes several months of practice before you start identifying even the first sensations. And in fact, that's exactly how it should be if you stop and think about the fact that this is a process of identifying subtle new sexual sensations and sensitivities within your body that most men totally overlook when they're only accustomed to a stroke-and-orgasm penis stimulated centered approach only.
  • Thanks Rumel, I'll have a read of all of that.
  • Slimjim - I appreciate what you say, but it is confusing when you consider that any contact made with the prostate is surely a physical thing. You shouldn't have to 'mentally' feel the contact being made or build-up to the sensation of something making contact with the prostate. If I take, say, an apple and rub it on your forearm, and this is the first time you've ever had an apple rub on your forearm, you're still going to feel it even though this is the first time you've experienced it. Why is the same not true of the Aneros on the prostate?
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    Alan - you've asked a good quetion about physical vs. mental. The mental asspects are discussed often in the forums. Many experianced members are able to attain Super-O's without the massager. As you progress, you may be amazed at the sensations you can cause, just by thinking about it.

    Good luck, relax, be patient.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Allan - Of course, contact with the prostate is physical, but the gland is not innervated, that is to say, supplied with sensory nerves, like skin or other sensory parts of our body we typically feel with are. And you are correct, it's not a "mental" thing to feel contact with it; it is physical, but unlike how we feel with other parts of our bodies and has to be identified with time.

    Continue your sessions and in time you'll identify it as well.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Hi Allenlesser,
    I am a junior member and still on the start up trail. I have been using aneros for 5 months. It was a quite sometime before I was really aware of my prostate touching the aneros. I still kept going because of the encouragement from this forum. I always said I keep my expectations low. But low to a male is 'like 10 minutes' max! We are instant gratification creatures no matter what we declare!
    I am plodding along but have just enough sensations to see an enormous 'pot of gold'. I often will go to sleep after a while (so I heat modified the tails so they curl above the stem). Safer than a sleeping pill!
    The P Tab is not meant to lie flat along the perineum. On the Helix Syn it is springy on others it is immovable. The p-Tab is designed to touch a specific spot but not being adjustable it is a bit hit or miss. It also annoyingly slips to one side or the other . The H-S is meant for a gentler approach.
    As other (those on the higher plains!) have said the whole experience takes time. Most of us take months to get somewhere - but the journey feels good and encouraging. Some will get there quickly which may or may not be a good thing.
    With those with BHP and ED and on a drug regime it is very good to know that good prostate experiences are possible -"There is life in the old dog yet" For older men who thought the sun was setting a new dawn is "like wow" - no more 'mens' shed' for me!
    So perservere. Insert and relax, try everything except contracting to force an issue. Read the posts, but focus on those on the journey, who have not reached the dizzy heights, as the others will distract you and frustrate you.
    I know at sometime something will connect or trigger the elusive involuntary response, that time for me is not yet.
    After 4 months during many of my sessions I will feel the pressure of the aneros on my prostate, sometimes I will have awareness that it will go somewhere exceedingly nice - but not yet it seems - okay. My P is calling the tune. For my part I just try to keep out of the way and resist taking over. This is very hard. It is the journey that is fun - enjoy it with baby steps, and smell the roses on the way.

    FYI, I do not do an internal clean out, just an external wash. Oh, for a bidet (I thought they were for women!). I also do not use water based lubes except for normal sex. I find Vaseline is good on the aneros (but I am using a SGX with is acetal not silicone). Instead of Vaseline I make up a mix of beeswax and a carrier oil (above see various posts "Natural Jelly"). I also insert about 2-3 ml of either Walnut oil, Castor Oil or Sweet Almond Oil. I find changing then round from time to time works best. Shea butter is also on the rotation. All of the above are cheap, reasonably stainless and better still have a reasonable after-smell and leave the area silky soft. (I think Olive oil will stain if it leaks).
  • Another concern I have is the following...

    Is the Helix Syn ACTUALLY making contact with my prostate? In other words...

    Is the reason I'm not feeling any sensation whatsoever because A) The Helix IS making contact with my prostate, but as my prostate has not yet been 'awakened', I'm not feeling any sensation and have to wait 'x' amount of time for it to do so, or, B) The Helix actually is NOT making any contact with my prostate, and as a result, it wont matter how long I wait for it to be 'awakened', I'm never gonna feel anything coz it's not making any contact in the first place.

    Is it physically and anatomically possible that the Helix Syn is NOT making contact with my prostate?
  • Allan
    Although your meds for depression could cause ED; your doctor could tell you. As for Diabetes, I have had it for 49 years now, and I can't even tell when I started to suffer from ED, a number of years now, which I'm quite sure is the cause of my ED. Luckily I have not suffered any apparent other side effects because I keep tight control. The Aneros has been a blessing to me, as I have found a whole new way to experience pleasure. I used to use a medically prescribed pump to get erections. I don't even use it anymore since I get so much pleasure from Aneros without erections, although I manage to get one without the pump now, and can hold it and even increase it if I quickly slip on a cock ring. Two additions as of late have boosted progress: nipple stimulation and mangina. If you never heard of that, as I hadn't, you can put the word in search above and get a string of threads relating to it. An example is: "In Through the Front Door" or "The Mangina Monoblogs" Even when I first tried it and immediately got pleasure, I could not have imagined to what realms it could take me. Try it, you might like it! The most important thing about Aneros success however is patience. It took me months to get anywhere, but I kept reading about it on this site, and it is so worth the patience. Again, I could never have imagined such pleasure. So welcome to an exciting journey. I find the guys on here like a club I have been allowed to join, and am so grateful to their wisdom and helpfulness.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    The answer to your question at this point, Allan, is "A".
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I agree with 'slimjm', the odds are 99% in favor of "A) The Helix IS making contact with my prostate, but as my prostate has not yet been 'awakened', I'm not feeling any sensation and have to wait 'x' amount of time for it to do so,"

    You might benefit by reading this thread and this thread for a little more perspective into this new 'Wonderland' you've followed the White Rabbit into.
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 252
    It will no doubt make contact, and pretty much what everyone else has said.
    If you want extra confirmation that it does make contact, try jacking off during a session. When doing so, you should feel the Aneros start to move by itself and just when you're about to ejaculate, the Aneros often pushes out fluid ahead of it.

    I started off like you however. Bought the Aneros and given how much buzz it gets from users and the site, I expected an awesome time with it. Nope, just felt like something stuck up there and uncomfortable. Most 'progress' was made outside of sessions with practice in contracting all kinds of muscles, and focusing on any sensations they provide. Ultimately though, just spending an hour every few days when going to bed and seeing what could happen pushed along the development.
  • Allan
    darkengine's post reminds me about kegels. I had been doing them for years before introduced to Aneros, as well as some use of dildos, so I think i already had quite a bit of prostate sensitivity. I had massage my prostate with my finger before as well. I imagine any guy who has had experience with a dick up his ass would have been helped along, too. I wish I had that experience LOL.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Allan...There's plenty of great advice above. Whatever you do don't get discouraged. What you're embarking on is a Journey to the top of a Mountain that few have ventured, not a drive to the convenience store. For most the Anero's isn't a quick fix to any solution...however it is by far the most satisfying and worth the time spent.
  • Stumpy is so correct, the results in time so worth the patience. Nothing like it in sexual pleasure I have ever experienced before, but maybe I lack lots of other experience. LOL
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Allan...I was thinking further about this and I think the best way to explain the Anero's journey is not only the sensational intimate feeling you'll experience as long as you're willing to be patient, but a mental and spiritual journey. There are sensations that you'll experience far beyond the sexual nature of the device that you won't understand and you may never comprehend fully, but you'll want to experience them over and over again...I think it's these experiences that make it so worth the journey.

    I know this isn't why you purchased the Anero's, but you got a lot more then you paid for, trust me on this.
  • mikejensenmikejensen
    Posts: 35
    hey allan,

    As a user of only about 5 months or so, I can tell you, my first time wasn't amazing either. As a matter of fact, the only sensation I can really remember is "Jesus, I feel full". Things didn't really get interesting until maybe 2 even 3 months in. Even though I knew where my prostate was, I'd never had anything make internal contact with it so I had no way of knowing whether it was touching or not (which it was). Any "awakening" they make talk about may be easier to digest if you look at it simply from the perspective that even though your prostate may know what's happening to it, your mind may not. It simply hasn't made that mental connection yet.

    Just stick with it. Keep an open mind (it's a repetitive and annoying piece of advice that is also the most important) and you'll get yourself there one day.