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How about some scheduled, targeted chat sessions?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, all.

    Now that chat is working again and open all the time, perhaps we could make better use of it by having specific subjects to talk about on certain days. For example:

    Sunday - New users issues and assistance
    Monday - Progasm and Vice discussion
    Tuesday - Helix, Syn, Eupho and Peridise
    Wednesday - Complimentary sexual practices such as KSMO, Tantric Yoga, etc.
    Thursday - Other anal sex practices like, dildos, pegging, intercourse, rimming, etc.
    Friday - Partnered sex with Aneros discussion
    Saturday - Open to any topics

    What do you guys think?


  • bsmith14bsmith14
    Posts: 35
    I think we would need times (by timezone) and a commitment by our "experts" or experienced users on each topic to commit to a time they will be on chat so users that are interested would at least know somebody would be in the chat to discuss

  • mikejensenmikejensen
    Posts: 35
    It could be interesting. I generally just pop in from time to time just to say hi. Perhaps Sunday (assuming this schedule is followed or even slightly implemented) should also include new users and willing coaches?

    Otherwise, I like the idea of just coming to chat about just aneros experience in general
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks tens for raising this idea!

    At KSMO we have the Talking Stick practice for giving each person a chance for (mostly ;) ) uninterrupted discussion of their questions or topic. Even there, others often have comments that apply, even tangentially, and still take the topic off in another direction. We still can relax there and follow the flow as it naturally develops. I look forward to more thoughts of others, since there might be a danger that this will cause others to avoid the chat when the topic is not their interest, or they are not able to be online on the day their topic is up for discussion.

    Wouldn't having multiple group chat rooms, where any member here can set up a temporary group room for that day with its declared topic, be a more flexible approach that can accommodate as many topics as needed for all on any day, while allowing the wide open Main Chat Room to continue and always reveal new ideas and opportunities for topic specific groups be the best solution?

    all the very best communications and community building supporting Aneros practice in all dimensions always all

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    ten_s_nut, imperium, mikejensen and I happened to be in Chat last evening (6/10/12) and gave this a try. I think we proved out the worth of ten's suggested approach to Chat.

    ten proposed a discussion of the role of vibration in p-spot stim and we exchanged ideas in a co-operative mode (as opposed to using a talking stick).

    I think we were effective in reviewing the classical opinions on p-spot vibe and identifying some of the better and less than optimal gear and toys that are in the marketplace. We breezed through use of Vaginal toys and talked about a few ways to direct vibe energy to the perineum. ten then gave us brief orientation on how to insert the Duke; and, the locations of it's focus.

    I had thought i was the only guy who was syncing breathing rates to the waveforms of the Vice. turned out Imperium had also adopted this technique. We both felt that a slower waveform overlying the base vibration frequency might better meet our desires.

    I think this rather ad-hoc group succeeded since four of us were located in the Western United States. twlltin dropped out "early" when his clock reached 01:30 a.m., UK time. Perhaps we could "stretch" the number of time zones with some scheduling techniques and use of Chat History to "cascade" the discussion across two or three time zones.

    A good schedule to include Western Europe might have us kicking off the topic quite early or perhaps dividing the discussion into an early and a late session. Some days of the week it might eventually work well to attempt some "nite-owl" and "early-bird" discussions.

    As the group sizes grow, it might be well for artform to give us some tips to formalize the talking-stick approach to moderation.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    As regards "sub-chats", the "other place" is still available for that if you want to experiment.

    I left at 1.30am last night because I was starting to feel tired. I was right. A few minutes later I'd fallen asleep in the chair (again.. sigh).