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Does anyone look at porn while using the aneros?
  • wontquitwontquit
    Posts: 43
    I know its common to look at porn before you start your session, just to get you aroused. But what about during? and what kind of porn exactly? Is this bad practice?
  • Personally I don't, and don't need it. I am horny 24/7. I used to watch it sometimes before a session, but I have admitted to an addiction to internet gay porn and chatting. I have just started going to Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings. It is going to be a long hard (whoops!) road for me, and as 12 step philosophy has it, one doesn't recover. Hopefully one gets into recovery, but one day at a time, and for me it sometimes is one moment at a time. I have barely begun to get into it. I can't even say I want to get over watching and chatting, but I sort of want to want to. At least I have started going to support group meetings. Have met some wonderful men, as I have in this club. By wonderful I mean wholesome, healthy men (as well as some very sexually attractive men.) Sometimes I feel I am in a candy factory, but I am diabetic and can't eat any as much as I would want to. I admit I have chatted sexually with a couple I know from this site whom I have also encountered on, where the chatting took place. I can't speak for anybody else re: danger and addiction, and I don't judge anyone else.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    [QUOTE=wontquit;47905]I know its common to look at porn before you start your session, just to get you aroused. But what about during? and what kind of porn exactly? Is this bad practice?

    I actually rarely use porn...I keep reading it's a key to success. However I prefer to try to drum up memories from past fulfilled fantasies. Mostly with my wife...since we've been together since high school (21yrs) that's almost all of my basis for sex.

    This part is for another time and thread, however our sex life has been on the fritz lately. Not because of our relationship...but she has some depression issues she's trying to work through. However I've been getting some resistance from her to help me enhance my sessions lately...but we're working through it.
  • forum_jediforum_jedi
    Posts: 80
    I usually look at porn during most of my sessions. Otherwise, I will listen to isochronic tones, aural porn, hypnoaneros, or try to sleep. Each technique seems to bring different sensations.
  • One of B's Keys to the Backdoor is starting sessions aroused. That's one of the keys I'd ignored until recently when I started using porn to get me going. I now get somewhat aroused before starting a session and continue to look at it sporadically throughout. I'm now finding my prostate on fire within about five minutes of inserting the toy, just deep breathing and even before starting contractions.
    Posts: 39
    I don't look at porn. It does nothing for me. It creates a fantasy that is false and not complimentary to my mindset for having an aneros session. Personally, I think being mentally aroused is more important (initially and throughout) than being physically aroused. For me, just thinking about the moments leading to my aneros session is enough arousal for me. I get a full erection once the progasm is inserted and that's all the stimulation I need. I do like new age, nature, or relaxation music with my sessions. It allows my mind to determine the "trip" that is wants to go on and that feeds the drive of the aneros in keeping me mentally "locked in" and aroused.
  • bsmith14bsmith14
    Posts: 35
    I almost always have some porn videos streaming during my sessions. Its 90% amateur/user submitted porn. Its on my laptop next to me in bed. A lot of times during the session my eyes are closed anyways, but the sounds from the videos can really get me going. Without porn, my mind wanders to non sexual stuff like work/life issues and that is not very arousing.

    Unfortunately, I don't have much real world material to fantasize with since my wife is pretty boring sexually.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Porn tends to be distracting. I've always thought of sex, more as a contact sport rather than a spectator affair.
  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    I always have porn going during my sessions - a laptop next to me on the bed as I'm wearing headphones. I set up a playlist of a few favorite scenes so generally I don't have to mess with it once the session's going.

    It's a huge arousal amplifier for me, and I've found I even responded physically at times to things I'm seeing onscreen, like my body is taking the visuals there as a cue. Watching women having real orgasms has caused me to have strong involuntaries, for instance.

    I have found however at a certain point when things are really starting to build, and I just want to get lost in my own senses, that porn can become distracting, especially if you hit upon a section where the physical acts being depicted don't really appeal to you.

    Reading erotic fiction instead is pretty interesting, I've been trying to do more of this lately rather than watching stuff. But it's hard to get completely carried away when you're reading and scrolling down a page as well. I think at some point it's probably a good idea to put aside whatever material you're reading/viewing and just let your mind take over.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    yeah, gotta agree with tairy. A good book can do it for me. Will always remember, "...we stood there caressing one another, a foamy stream of fluid the consistency of eggwhite was running down her leg...." Not too difficult to rewrite that and make it two guys if preferred....
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    I don't do porn, for personal and religious reasons, but would think for the most part that traditionally sexually arousing stimulation of any nature would distract from the mental relaxation and focus on internal sensations that build into super-O's for me. Like stumpy though, having some fun thoughts about things I'd enjoy in sex with my wife do cross my mind.
  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    slimjim, it's a good point. Especially male-female porn, our tendency as spectators is to identify with one or the other gender, usually our own. And this can be a real violation of the whole "penis, not" principle. Scenes of just women, or one woman alone, are a lot better in this way. Although now I've gotten to the point where I can watch hetero couples and not overly identify with the male/penile aspect of it - it's more about (hopefully genuine) arousal being depicted by both partners.
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 251
    I...yeah, I do. Now I feel stupid after seeing all those responses. :P

    Focusing on erotic material (not always porn) is what got my rewiring going, really - so logically I continue to follow that route.
    My sessions are often just doing nothing and focusing on said material, and often sensations in the abdomen build and build. The more I focus and do not draw attention away, the more they build.

    I do try it pornless, with traditional contraction and breathing - but I've still yet to get anywhere with it. And annoyingly when I do, at some point the PC muscles kick in, kidnap the sensations and botch it all up. Besides that, 'doing nothing' brings out the most of the Aneros, which is somewhat ironic in that the anus/Aneros doesn't make at all.