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Add a p-tab to Peridise
  • bill3763bill3763
    Posts: 24
    I have long enjoyed the Helix, but recently I have been using the peridise with a modification that adds a p-tab. The addition is an easy one: straighten a heavy duty paper clip until there is a "U Shape" at only one end. Wrap the paperclip around the stem and loop the straight end over one part of base. Bend the "U" upward until it is the approximates the Helix p-tab. Use rubber bands to fasten the clip to the base, and to fasten a piece of foam to the "U" so that you have a soft tab. You can easily bend the clip to the sweetest of the sweet spots! I found mine to be a bit closer than the Helix. Wow! I have no doubt that others have discovered this option. If you have an alternative modification that achieves the same thing please post. After two years of super orgasmic pleasure I did not really think there was "more" to be had ... it just keeps getting better.
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    Was just thinking about this bill. How has the p-tab changed your peridise sessions?
  • first69first69
    Posts: 12
    Are you able to please post a photo on your profile to show how you achieved it exactly? I have an idea from your description but not sure on the attaching with rubberband? what I'm picturing in my mind would probably be quite a loose flexible solution, that I cannot imaging would transfer much pressure?
    Also interested in you comments as per above post, what was the effect vs normal peridise to add this?

  • bill3763bill3763
    Posts: 24
    I had previously found the peridise to be stimulating ... but not nearly so much so as the Helix ... a matter of degree I suppose. The addition of feedback from the perineum takes the peridise to a new level for me ... I am 5'7", small frame ... so I find the peridise to be much more mobile than the Helix ... the full contractions of the orgasm seem to have more scope for movement along the full length of the device. The sense of "fullness" isn't there ... but one can use the Helix for that!
  • Hello bill3763
    I agree with first69 that a picture would help. I can't quite get it from your description. Which size Peridise? I have all 4.
  • ImapooheadImapoohead
    Posts: 24
    I believe he means like this:
  • That's very helpful, poohead. I'm going to try it.
    Another poohead
  • PareidoliaPareidolia
    Posts: 90
    Mmm due to its flat nature, the base of the Peridise would allow something to be easily and nondestructively be clamped on. Anyone with a 3D printer here? Since it's not going to going inside, the feedstock need not be Acetal :P
  • bill3763bill3763
    Posts: 24
    The drawing is correct -- extend the "right side" as you look at it over the "ear" and then bend it down ... multiple turns of the rubber band. The Peridise that I use is the smaller of the two in the "beginner set".