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Silicone-Based Wet Platinum
  • Valhalla41
    Posts: 39
    Sorry guys just a quick question. I wanted to try out Wet Platinum and was wondering if it's safe to use with my Helix and Progasm (meaning it won't cause damage). Thanks.
  • bsmith14
    Posts: 28
    Silicone based lube is fine, I have used several brands without issue
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,672
    Just don't use Silicone based lubes with any silicone toys, as it will damage them. So for the Aneros prostate massager's, that would be the Vice and Helix Syn.
  • I really like wet platinum. You don't need much at all, butt the progasm needs a little more because it's so big. Butt man does the platinum make an incredible difference in my progasm. I wasn't getting anything out of it at all. Butt once I inserted it with the platinum I had non-stop o's for about 20 minutes starting immediately. It was AWESOME!!!!! And you know how the progasm makes your ass feel so full, that's how the orgasms felt the whole time. I definitely recommend it. Butt I would wait a long time after using the silicon lube before I would use the vice or any other silicon toy of any kind. It can destroy the toy, butt more importantly it can hurt you and the effects can take months to show themselves. I had just bought a silicon vibe prostate massager called the Duke. I decided I liked the platinum lube much better than the Duke, so I put it into retirement. Not worth the risk because there may be even a little residual lube left and I don't want to take the chance. I also like the fact that silicon isn't absorbed into your body at all unless you have open bloody areas in the anus like hemorroids, tears or ulcers. Long winded I know, butt I like it a lot.
  • What brand of silicone lube, and where get it? Amazon has a number of brands, all pretty pricey. My fear is that the postage can cost more than the product as happened with me with shea butter.
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 397
    I use Astroglide X. About $10 a bottle, but it lasts a loooooooooooong time. And it's available at many pharmacies. I get mine at the local grocery store pharmacy. It's found by the condoms, as a rule.

    Good luck.