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Movie ideas
  • pikopikopikopiko
    Posts: 7
    I am going to be making a movie of me using the helix. Please post some ideas of things you would like to see in it.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    It would be very nice to see the anal contractions at the moment of orgasm + seeing the penis reactions at the same time. Sort of a combination of the two excellent aneros videos at (one of both is on a separate link which really should be on the main video page since it really shows how the aneros really works, the naming is hanging.wmv or something like that).
    No hands is essential too.
  • utubeplayutubeplay
    Posts: 40
    (this post was edited 2006-03-09 17:13:53)

    The HANGING.avi file you refer to on the other site does not work for me. It is just a blank screen after uploading. Have you viewed this file recently? If so how did you get it to run.....Sounds HOT to me!
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    The hanging.avi appears to be a DivX so you will need the DivX plugin for your Media Player. You can download it for free from The video is indeed very hot because you can very well see how the aneros is pulled inside by the contractions and how it consequently presses onto the perineum. It ends with what definitely appears to be an orgasm but unfortunately the penis is out of sight. It would have been even better if the penile reactions had been visible.
    One comment on the aneros though. From the videos it appears that it doesn't always stay in place very well. The guys often have to reposition it. I have a 'competing' product which doesn't seem to have that problem, but maybe it's just me ;-). I just came across it in a sex shop and wanted to give it a try. Only learned about the aneros later on.
    Cheers and good luck.