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loose bowels problem
  • NewU7NewU7
    Posts: 8
    I got my helix on Saturday and started having loose bowels ever since. After taking yesterday off, it got a little better but not back to normal. Then after today's session, it got worse again.

    I started using water based ID glide and switched to KY jelly today.

    Could this be a problem with the lube I am using or is the aneros somehow dangerous and can cause permanent GI problems?
  • ImapooheadImapoohead
    Posts: 24
    Water-based lubes like KY often contain glycerin, which can cause bowel discomfort. Perhaps this is your issue?
  • Could be a problem with insufficient fiber in diet. Glycerin is definitely a laxative, witness glycerin suppositories for that very purpose.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    NewU7, [center]image[/center][quote=Aneros WIKI]The disadvantages of water based lubricants: More volume is needed for adequate lubrication, material tends to dry out more readily with exposure to air, requiring reapplication, glycerin may have a purgative effect with some individuals inducing peristalsis and cramping and with other individuals a burning sensation. Note : Burning sensations may also be caused by a diet or meal containing strong spices such as pepper or curry.
    Many users have found the glycerin component (both ID Glide & KY Jelly have glycerin) to be problematic. Some users may even have allergic reactions to some of these compounds. I suspect your are sensitive to the glycerin so I would suggest you try another personal lubricant which does not contain glycerin. image

    It is highly unlikely that the device itself poses any danger, however, use of these types of massagers can induce peristalsis in the lower intestinal track, hence the "loose bowels" feeling. As 'paulsp...' intimated, a change in diet to include greater fiber intake may solve this problem for your future Anerosessions. image
  • NewU7NewU7
    Posts: 8
    thanks guys,

    It definitely is not my diet since my diet has not changed. Only thing that changed is my first use of the aneros. It's not that bad, just not what is normal for me. I'm a little reluctant to try silicone based lube as I read it may not be good for you, but don't know if that is true or not. I just want to make sure that the use of the device won't cause any permanent damage to one's GI tract. I've heard it said that anal play leads to wearing diapers.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    As a guy who is very sensitive to Glycerin based lubes I can vouch for this thread's suggestions that you find an alternative lube or combination of lubes.

    I've personally known two anal affectionados who wound up in diapers. Both of those people were involved in fisting.

    Stick with objects that you accommodate with comfort and pleasure. A good gage is to choose toys that approximate the size of stools you comfortably pass. enjoy... rook
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    NewU7,[QUOTE=NewU7;47698]I've heard it said that anal play leads to wearing diapers.
    [center] image[/center]
    Can we please, squash this myth that anal play leads to fecal incontinence! It is only IF you traumatize your anus or rectum by employing over-sized objects that you run the risk of tearing/stretching the sphincter muscles beyond their elastic capabilities. Aneros models are well within the normal elastic size capability of the anus, so you can use them (following the manufacturer's instructions) without fear of ever damaging yourself.

    As an alternate to silicone based lubrications you may wish to consider some other natural oil based lubes as mentioned in the Aneros WIKI image

    No product is foolproof and anytime someone injures himself with a product or practice it just proves he is a fool! image If one engages in extreme thrill seeking activities, they must be willing to face the consequences of damaging their body beyond its ability to repair itself.

    [center]PLAY SMART ! image PLAY SAFE ![/center]
  • NewU7NewU7
    Posts: 8
    Thanks guys, your posts as well as the wiki pages are helping educate me.

    Actually, I've gotten a little better after trying the thicker KY jelly as opposed to ID glide. I know they both contain Glycerin so maybe it is a coincidence or maybe the consistency is a factor. Maybe by body is becoming accustomed to it after 1 week. I'll see how it goes.

    thanks again
  • torontoladtorontolad
    Posts: 1
    I find that every brand/type of lube has different benefits & side effects. I'm still testing all the different ones (it's nice when they sell a small bottle or even a single-use sive to try).

    As others have posted, glycerin gives me the same problem as you had, and different brands effect me to different extents. Glycerin-free is better for me, but I am still looking for one that is gel-like and long lasting for anal use. Picked up a couple to try yesterday, and if anyone's interested I'll post my thoughts...

  • AztecAztec
    Posts: 47
    When I need to use water based lubes, like when I'm using a silicone toy, I prefer (Astroglide Natural) because it is all natural. No awful feelings with this stuff, and it lasts pretty long.

    If I'm not needing water based, I'm always into the Shea Butter, Coconut recipe found on here. All natural and works very well for me.

    Good luck finding your happy combination.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Hey, torontolad;

    Try Slippery Stuff Gel; it's super thick, super slippery, and super long-lasting (at least, while it's inside you). It has no glycerin, and is not very expensive, and to top it off, it's considered quite anal-safe.