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when doctor checks for microscopic blood
  • NewU7NewU7
    Posts: 8
    Another question. My annual physical is coming up and the doctor usually puts his finger up there for a test to check for microscopic blood.

    Is my doctor going to be able to tell that something is being inserted down there? I may not be so comfortable explaining.

    Am I going to have a stimulating response to this test. Don't want to hear my doctor say " like this huh."

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums, your best source of information for learning about the multiple benefits and joys of using the Aneros prostate massagers.[list=1][*]Most likely your doctor will perform a DRE (Digital Rectal Exam) but it will not be to check for "...microscopic blood...". You need a microscope to do that and he won't be shoving a microscope up your rectum ! image
    [*]Don't worry, Aneros usage does not stretch your anus so that your doctor would be able tell you have engaged in any kind of anal play!image[*]I think doctors perform this exam with a great deal of personal detachment and objective professionalism. They aren't going to be "turned on" by feeling your inner organs, if you get "excited" it will be because YOU are liking it, not your doctor ! image
    [*]Re: the condom method, just roll out the condom a little further, pull the rolled end slightly past the bottom Tee junction and tie off with a piece of string. That way when you pull out your Aneros the condom will come along with it. image[/list]
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Some docs still combine an Occult Blood Test with the DRE. -- --
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I told my Urologist about it. I've had prostate concerns in the past and wanted to safe. He was pretty interested and was familiar with the product. The size of my prostate decreased a significant amount and he was all for it!

    I like the Aneros better than the medications for BPH, but it does have significant side effects...

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Your doctor will feel your prostate gland with his gloved lubricated finger to see if it feels healthy and, though not many doctors always do this as part of the evaluation, he may put a sample of soft stool, if he recovers any on the glove, on a Hemoccult card to check for hidden blood coming from your GI tract. He will likely also perform a urinalysis on some of your voided urine to check for hidden blood there.

    He will not be able to feel anything different with regard to your rectum or anus relative to your using the Aneros massagers. You should not feel anything different either from your previous digital rectal examinations.
  • NewU7NewU7
    Posts: 8
    thanks everyone for the reply