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Aneros sliping out near Super-O
  • -=Sidus=--=Sidus=-
    Posts: 4
    Hi guys, It has been a long time since I posted here about my sucess in achieving the Super-O , maybe 2 years. It was a really good experience all this time, but things started to get strange recently and I'm afraid I have being cultivating a bad habit since the begining.

    Since the day I learned how to get a Super-O I had problems with the aneros sliping out when I near the the Super-O, but I would put it in again and after some time could get the orgasm, but time has passed and I formed a habit to hold the aneros in place with my hand and do push out contraction against it to get a Super-O. If I don't do that now, the massager just slip out and I miss the Super-O and If I do a strong contraction to hold it place, I'm able to hold the massager in but I can't get the Super-O. Other strange but pleasurable thing happening now is when I do this push out contraction against the massager and holding it in with my hand when I'm near the Super-O, I get a ejaculation and the Super-O. I think it is a ejaculation cause is completely white and smell like semen, but the curious thing is that I don't get a refractory period after it! I only get more aroused and sensitive.

    It feels good and all but I'm afraid if keeping that habit is bad for me in some way, I just need to know from someone here.

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Try wearing your briefs during you sessions, hung a little loosely.