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Anyone ever give up Aneros use despite great success?
  • BillW5200BillW5200
    Posts: 2
    I have developed great success with the Aneros.
    But I am concerned with addictive and compulsive tendencies.
    I only do 15 minute sessions but may have them 2-3 times a day.
    And I think about Aneros use as often as I think about sex, which is a lot.
  • PareidoliaPareidolia
    Posts: 78
    Dude, I spend more time reading newsfeeds. Enjoy life, noone else will do it for you!
  • Bobby OBobby O
    Posts: 20
    Most everything in life is about balance. So long as you can keep your Aneros use within the balance of your life, relax and enjoy. 45 minutes a day in my estimation is no big deal and certainly not out-of-balance.
  • Bill
    I consider myself a sex addict and am looking into SA (Sexaholics Anonymous.) Here is a test you can take to help assess addiction:
    I don't consider Aneros so much an addiction to me. My issue is gay porn. I can hardly stay away from it on the computer. I have some understanding that it is because a don't have a sex life other than with myself. I'm not in much of a position to do much about that right now. I am a retired Psychiatric Social Worker, and have treated sex addicts. I can't say with how much success because sobriety is a day-at-a-time, and I have no follow up. If I can work with others on their addictions, why can't I do it with myself? I can't answer that other than that I have not been successful. If you care to email or private message me you can see that my handle is my email address. That happened by accident, and I haven't bothered to do anything about it. I appreciate your honesty. Humility=truth, and the truth will make you free. True clliches.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Good luck, Paul. I too feel that porn can be scary because it becomes so impulsive that the pleasure ebbs away. I wish you good luck in conquering your problem.
  • Thank you, hula. The worst part for me is the time it consumes that could be better used. Of course, the feeling of helplessness to control it is humiliating. Humiliate is not equal to humble. Maybe I can get the motivation to help me lessen it at least. Anything pleasurable can be addictive, even Aneros. Somehow I control my use of Aneros. I'm an old fart, so I don't have the drive of the young. I envy them and feel sorry for them at the same time.